Windows Autopilot 設定需求Windows Autopilot configuration requirements

適用于: Windows 10Applies to: Windows 10

在使用 Windows Autopilot 之前,必須先進行一些設定工作,才能支援常見的 Autopilot 案例。Before Windows Autopilot can be used, some configuration tasks are required to support the common Autopilot scenarios.

  • 設定 Azure Active Directory 自動註冊。Configure Azure Active Directory automatic enrollment. 如 Microsoft Intune,請參閱 啟用 Windows 10 自動註冊 以取得詳細資料。For Microsoft Intune, see Enable Windows 10 automatic enrollment for details. 如果使用不同的 MDM 服務,請洽詢廠商,以瞭解這些服務所需的特定 Url 或設定。If using a different MDM service, contact the vendor for the specific URLs or configuration needed for those services.
  • 設定 Azure Active Directory 自訂商標。Configure Azure Active Directory custom branding. 若要顯示組織特定的登入頁面,您必須使用您想要顯示的影像和文字來設定 Azure Active Directory。To display an organization-specific logon page, you must configure Azure Active Directory with the images and text that you want to be displayed. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 快速入門:在 Azure AD 中將公司商標新增至登入頁面For more information, see Quickstart: Add company branding to your sign-in page in Azure AD. Autopilot 的重要元素包括「正方形標誌」、「登入頁面文字」和 Azure Active Directory 租使用者名稱。Key elements for Autopilot include the "square logo", "sign-in page text", and Azure Active Directory tenant name. 租使用者名稱會在 Azure AD 租使用者屬性中個別設定。The tenant name is configured separately in the Azure AD tenant properties.
  • 選擇性:若要自動從 Windows 10 專業版啟動 Windows 10 企業版,請啟用 Windows 訂閱啟用。Optional: To automatically step up from Windows 10 Pro to Windows 10 Enterprise, enable Windows Subscription Activation.

然後,特定案例會有其他需求。Specific scenarios will then have additional requirements. 一般來說,有兩個特定的工作:Generally, there are two specific tasks:

如需詳細資訊,請參閱 Windows Autopilot 案例For more information, see Windows Autopilot Scenarios.

如需其中一些和相關步驟的逐步解說,請參閱這段影片:For a walkthrough for some of these and related steps, see this video:

使用 Windows 10 Autopilot 時,除了執行 Windows 10 的需求之外,沒有其他硬體需求。There are no additional hardware requirements to use Windows 10 Autopilot, beyond the requirements to run Windows 10.

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