如何使用 Configuration Manager 主控台How to use the Configuration Manager console

適用於: Configuration Manager (最新分支)Applies to: Configuration Manager (current branch)

系統管理員會使用 Configuration Manager 主控台來管理 Configuration Manager 環境。Administrators use the Configuration Manager console to manage the Configuration Manager environment. 本文涵蓋巡覽主控台的基本概念。This article covers the fundamentals of navigating the console.

開啟主控台Open the console

Configuration Manager 主控台一律會安裝在所有站台伺服器上。The Configuration Manager console is always installed on every site server. 您也可以將其安裝在其他電腦上。You can also install it on other computers. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱安裝 Configuration Manager 主控台For more information, see Install the Configuration Manager console.

在 Windows 10 電腦上啟動主控台的最簡單方法就是按 [開始] ,然後開始鍵入 Configuration Manager consoleThe simplest method to open the console on a Windows 10 computer, press Start and start typing Configuration Manager console. 您不一定需要鍵入完整字串,Windows 就能找到最符合的結果。You may not need to type the entire string for Windows to find the best match.

如果您瀏覽 [開始] 功能表,請在 [Microsoft 端點管理員] 群組中尋找 Configuration Manager 主控台圖示。If you browse the Start menu, look for the Configuration Manager console icon in the Microsoft Endpoint Manager group.

Microsoft 端點管理員 [開始] 功能表圖示


1910 版的 [開始] 功能表路徑已變更。The Start menu path changed in version 1910. 在 1906 版和更早版本中,資料夾名稱是 System CenterIn version 1906 and earlier, the folder name is System Center. 在將 Configuration Manager 更新為 1910 版或更新版本時,請務必更新您維護的所有內部文件,以納入這些新的位置。When you update Configuration Manager to version 1910 or later, make sure to update any internal documentation that you maintain to include this new location.

連線至站台伺服器Connect to a site server

主控台會連線至管理中心網站伺服器或主要站台伺服器。The console connects to your central administration site server or to your primary site servers. 不過,您無法將 Configuration Manager 主控台連線至次要站台。You can't connect a Configuration Manager console to a secondary site. 在安裝期間,您已指定主控台所連線之站台伺服器的完整網域名稱 (FQDN)。During installation, you specified the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the site server to which the console connects.

若要連線至不同的站台伺服器,請使用下列步驟:To connect to a different site server, use the following steps:

  1. 選取功能區頂端的箭號,然後選擇 [連線至新站台] 。Select the arrow at the top of the ribbon, and choose Connect to a New Site.


  2. 輸入站台伺服器的 FQDN。Type in the FQDN of the site server. 如果您先前已連線至站台伺服器,則請從下拉式清單中選取伺服器。If you've previously connected to site server, select the server from the drop-down list.

    在 [站台連線] 視窗中,輸入站台伺服器的 FQDN

  3. 選取 [連線] 。Select Connect.

從 1810 版開始,您可以指定系統管理員存取 Configuration Manager 站台的最低驗證層級。Starting in version 1810, you can specify the minimum authentication level for administrators to access Configuration Manager sites. 這項功能會強制系統管理員以必要層級登入 Windows。This feature enforces administrators to sign in to Windows with the required level. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱規劃 SMS 提供者For more information, see Plan for the SMS Provider.

根據您的已指派安全性角色,可能無法顯示主控台的某些區域。Some areas of the console may not be visible depending on your assigned security role. 如需角色的詳細資訊,請參閱以角色為基礎的系統管理基本概念For more information about roles, see Fundamentals of role-based administration.


Configuration Manager 主控台有四個工作區The Configuration Manager console has four workspaces:

  • 資產和合規性Assets and Compliance

  • 軟體程式庫Software Library

  • 監視Monitoring

  • 系統管理Administration

包含操作功能表的 Configuration Manager 工作區

選取向下鍵,然後選擇 [瀏覽窗格選項] ,以重新排序工作區按鈕。Reorder workspace buttons by selecting the down arrow and choosing Navigation Pane Options. 選取要 [上移] 或 [下移] 的項目。Select an item to Move Up or Move Down. 選取 [重設] 還原預設按鈕順序。Select Reset to restore the default button order.

重新排序工作區的 [瀏覽窗格選項] 視窗

選取 [顯示較少按鈕] ,以將工作區按鈕最小化。Minimize a workspace button by selecting Show Fewer Buttons. 會先將清單中的最後一個工作區最小化。The last workspace in the list is minimized first. 選取最小化按鈕,然後選擇 [顯示更多按鈕] 將按鈕還原回其原始大小。Select a minimized button and choose Show More Buttons to restore the button to its original size.

Configuration Manager 主控台中最小化的工作區


工作區是節點的集合。Workspaces are a collection of nodes. 其中一個節點範例是 [軟體程式庫] 工作區中的 [軟體更新群組] 節點。One example of a node is the Software Update Groups node in the Software Library workspace.

當您在節點中時,可以選取箭號以將瀏覽窗格最小化。Once you are in the node, you can select the arrow to minimize the navigation pane.


將您的瀏覽窗格最小化時,使用瀏覽列來移動主控台。Use the navigation bar to move around the console when you minimize the navigation pane.

Configuration Manager 最小化瀏覽窗格

在主控台中,節點有時會組織成資料夾。In the console, nodes are sometimes organized into folders. 當您選取資料夾時,通常會顯示瀏覽索引儀表板When you select the folder, it usually displays a navigation index or a dashboard.

Configuration Manager 軟體更新瀏覽索引


功能區位於 Configuration Manager 主控台頂端。The ribbon is at the top of the Configuration Manager console. 功能區可以有多個索引標籤,而且可以使用右側的箭號最小化。The ribbon can have more than one tab and can be minimized using the arrow on the right. 根據節點,功能區上的按鈕會變更。The buttons on the ribbon change based on the node. 操作功能表也會提供功能區中的大部分按鈕。Most of the buttons in the ribbon are also available on context menus.


[詳細資料] 窗格Details pane

您可以檢閱 [詳細資料] 窗格,以取得項目的其他資訊。You can get additional information about items by reviewing the details pane. [詳細資料] 窗格可以有一或多個索引標籤。The details pane can have one or more tabs. 這些索引標籤會根據節點而不同。The tabs vary depending on the node.

Configuration Manager 範例詳細資料窗格


您可以新增、移除、重新排列以及調整資料行大小。You can add, remove, reorder, and resize columns. 這些動作可讓您顯示偏好的資料。These actions allow you to display the data you prefer. 可用的資料行會根據節點而不同。Available columns vary depending on the node. 若要在檢視中新增或移除資料行,請以滑鼠右鍵按一下現有資料行標題並選取項目。To add or remove a column from your view, right-click on an existing column heading and select an item. 拖曳您要放置資料行的資料行標題,以重新排序資料行。Reorder columns by dragging the column heading where you would like it to be.

Configuration Manager 新增資料行

在資料行操作功能表底端,您可以依資料行排序或群組。At the bottom of the column context menu, you can sort or group by a column. 此外,您可以選取資料行的標頭,以依資料行排序。Additionally, you can sort by a column by selecting its header.

Configuration Manager 依資料行群組

回收編輯物件的鎖定Reclaim lock for editing objects

如果 Configuration Manager 主控台停止回應,您可能遭到鎖定,而必須等候 30 分鐘鎖定逾時,才能做進一步變更。If the Configuration Manager console stops responding, you can be locked out of making further changes until the lock expires after 30 minutes. 此鎖定是 Configuration Manager SEDO (分散式物件序列化編輯) 系統的一部分。This lock is part of the Configuration Manager SEDO (Serialized Editing of Distributed Objects) system. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 Configuration Manager SEDOFor more information, see Configuration Manager SEDO.

最新分支 1906 版開始,您可以清除工作順序上的鎖定。Starting in current branch version 1906, you could clear your lock on a task sequence. 從 1910 版開始,您現在可以在 Configuration Manager 主控台中清除任何物件上的鎖定。Starting in version 1910, you can clear your lock on any object in the Configuration Manager console.

此動作僅適用於擁有鎖定的使用者帳戶,且必須在站台授與鎖定的相同來源裝置上進行。This action only applies to your user account that has the lock, and on the same device from which the site granted the lock. 當您嘗試存取鎖定的物件時,您現在可以捨棄變更,並繼續編輯物件。When you attempt to access a locked object, you can now Discard Changes, and continue editing the object. 反正這些變更在鎖定逾時後也會遺失。These changes would be lost anyway when the lock expired.

檢視最近連線的主控台View recently connected consoles

從 1902 版開始,您可以檢視 Configuration Manager 主控台的最近連線。Starting in version 1902, you can view the most recent connections for the Configuration Manager console. 此檢視包含使用中的連線,以及最近進行的連線。The view includes active connections and those connections that recently connected. 您一律會在清單中看到目前的主控台連線,且您只會看到 Configuration Manager 主控台的連線。You'll always see your current console connection in the list and you only see connections from the Configuration Manager console. 您不會看到對 SMS 提供者的 PowerShell 或其他 SDK 型連線。You won't see PowerShell or other SDK-based connections to the SMS Provider. 此站台會從清單中移除舊於 30 天的執行個體。The site removes instances from the list that are older than 30 days.

檢視連線主控台的必要條件Prerequisites to view connected consoles

檢視連線的主控台View connected consoles

  1. 在 Configuration Manager 主控台中,移至 [系統管理] 工作區。In the Configuration Manager console, go to the Administration workspace.

  2. 展開 [安全性] 然後選取 [主控台連線] 節點。Expand Security and select the Console Connections node.

  3. 透過以下內容檢視最近的連線:View the recent connections, with the following properties:

    • 使用者名稱User name
    • 電腦名稱Machine name
    • 連線的站台碼Connected site code
    • 主控台版本Console version
    • 上次連線的時間:使用者最後開啟 主控台的時間Last connected time: When the user last opened the console
    • 從 1910 版開始,[上次主控台活動訊號] 欄已取代 [上次連線時間] 欄。Starting in version 1910, the Last Console Heartbeat column has replaced the Last Connected Time column.
      • 在前景中開啟的主控台每 10 分鐘會傳送一次活動訊號。An open console in the foreground sends a heartbeat every 10 minutes.

檢視 Configuration Manager 主控台連線

從主控台連線開始 Microsoft Teams 聊天Start Microsoft Teams Chat from Console Connections

(於 1910 版引進)(Introduced in version 1910)

從 1910 版開始,您可以使用 Microsoft Teams 從 [主控台連線] 節點傳送訊息給其他 Configuration Manager 系統管理員。Starting in version 1910, you can message other Configuration Manager administrators from the Console Connections node using Microsoft Teams. 當您選擇與系統管理員 [開始 Microsoft Teams 聊天] 時,系統即會啟動 Microsoft Teams,並針對該使用者開啟聊天。When you choose to Start Microsoft Teams Chat with an administrator, Microsoft Teams is launched and a chat is opened with the user.


開始 Microsoft Teams 聊天Start Microsoft Teams Chat

  1. 移至 [系統管理] > [安全性] > [主控台連線] 。Go to Administration > Security > Console Connections.
  2. 以滑鼠右鍵按一下使用者的主控台連線,然後選取 [開始 Microsoft Teams 聊天] 。Right-click on a user's console connection and select Start Microsoft Teams Chat.
    • 如果找不到所選系統管理員的使用者主體名稱,則 [開始 Microsoft Teams 聊天] 會呈現灰色。If the User Principal Name isn't found for the selected administrator, Start Microsoft Teams Chat is grayed out.
    • 如果 Microsoft Teams 未安裝在您執行主控台的裝置上,便會顯示包括下載連結的錯誤訊息。An error message, including a download link, appears if Microsoft Teams isn't installed on the device from which you run the console.
    • 如果 Microsoft Teams 已安裝在您執行主控台的裝置上,它將會開啟與該使用者的聊天。If Microsoft Teams is installed on the device from which you run the console, it will open a chat with the user.

已知問題Known issues

如果下列登錄機碼不存在,便不會顯示通知您 Microsoft Teams 尚未安裝的錯誤訊息:The error message notifying you that Microsoft Teams isn't installed won't be displayed if the following Registry key doesn't exist:


此問題的因應措施是手動建立該登錄機碼。To work around the issue, manually create the Registry key.

主控台內的文件儀表板In-console documentation dashboard

從 Configuration Manager 1902 版開始,新的 [社群] 工作區中會有一個 [文件] 節點。Starting in Configuration Manager version 1902, there's a Documentation node in the new Community workspace. 此節點包含 Configuration Manager 文件和支援文章的最新資訊。This node includes up-to-date information about Configuration Manager documentation and support articles. 它包含下列各節:It includes the following sections:

產品文件庫Product documentation library

  • 建議:手動策劃的重要文章清單。Recommended: a manually curated list of important articles.
  • 趨勢:過去一個月最受歡迎的文章。Trending: the most popular articles for the last month.
  • 最近更新:在上個月中修訂的文章。Recently updated: articles revised in the last month.

支援文章Support articles

  • 針對文章進行疑難排解:引導式逐步解說可協助針對 Configuration Manager 元件和功能進行疑難排解。Troubleshooting articles: guided walkthroughs to assist with troubleshooting Configuration Manager components and features.
  • 新增與更新的支援文章:過去兩個月中新增或更新的支援文章。New and updated support articles: articles that are new or updated in the last two months.

對連線錯誤進行疑難排解Troubleshooting connection errors

[文件] 節點沒有明確的 Proxy 設定。The Documentation node has no explicit proxy configuration. 它會使用 [網際網路選項] 控制台小程式中任何 OS 定義的 Proxy。It uses any OS-defined proxy in the Internet Options control panel applet. 若要在連線錯誤之後重試,請重新整理 [文件]Documentation 節點。To retry after a connection error, refresh the Documentation node.

命令列選項Command-line options

Configuration Manager 主控台有下列命令列選項:The Configuration Manager console has the following command-line options:

選項Option 說明Description
/sms:debugview=1 所有指定檢視的 ResultViews 中都包含 DebugView。A DebugView is included in all ResultViews that specify a view. DebugView 會顯示未經處理的屬性 (名稱和值)。DebugView shows raw properties (names and values).
/sms:NamespaceView=1 會在主控台中顯示命名空間檢視。Shows namespace view in the console.
/sms:ResetSettings 主控台會忽略使用者保存的連線和檢視狀態。The console ignores user-persisted connection and view states. 不會重設視窗大小。The window size isn't reset.
/sms:IgnoreExtensions 停用任何 Configuration Manager 延伸模組。Disables any Configuration Manager extensions.
/sms:NoRestore 主控台會忽略先前保存的節點瀏覽。The console ignores previous persisted node navigation.

後續步驟Next steps