Configuration Manager 主控台通知Configuration Manager console notifications

適用於:Configuration Manager (最新分支)Applies to: Configuration Manager (current branch)

從 Configuration Manager 1902 版開始,Configuration Manager 主控台會針對發生的特定事件通知您。Starting in Configuration Manager version 1902, the Configuration Manager console notifies you for specific events that occur. 您可以針對您的 Configuration Manager 站台設定某些事件通知。You can configure some of the event notifications for your Configuration Manager sites.

這個通知列位於功能區下方的主控台視窗頂端。This notification is a bar at the top of the console window below the ribbon. 它會取代先前提供 Configuration Manager 更新的體驗。It replaces the previous experience when Configuration Manager updates are available. 這些主控台內通知仍會顯示重大資訊,但不會影響您在主控台中的工作。These in-console notifications still display critical information, but don't interfere with your work in the console. 您無法關閉重大通知。You can't dismiss critical notifications. 主控台會在標題列的新通知區域中顯示所有通知。The console displays all notifications in a new notification area of the title bar.


將站台設定為顯示非重大通知Configure a site to show non-critical notifications

您可以將每個站台設定為在站台的屬性中顯示非重大通知。You can configure each site to show non-critical notifications in the properties of the site.

  1. 在 [系統管理] 工作區中,展開 [站台設定] ,然後選取 [站台] 節點。In the Administration workspace, expand Site Configuration, then select the Sites node.
  2. 選取您想要設定非重大通知的站台。Select the site you want to configure for non-critical notifications.
  3. 在功能區中,選取 [內容] 。In the ribbon, select Properties.
  4. 在 [警示] 索引標籤上,選取 [允許主控台通知非重大的站台健全狀況變更] 選項。On the Alerts tab, select the option to Enable console notifications for non-critical site health changes.
    • 如果您啟用此設定,則所有主控台使用者都會看到重大、警告和資訊通知。If you enable this setting, all console users see critical, warning, and information notifications. 預設會啟用此設定。This setting is enabled by default.
    • 如果您停用此設定,主控台使用者就只會看到重大通知。If you disable this setting, console users only see critical notifications.

大部分的主控台通知都是按照每個工作階段區分。Most console notifications are per session. 當使用者啟動主控台時,主控台就會評估查詢。The console evaluates queries when a user launches it. 若要查看通知中的變更,請重新啟動主控台。To see changes in the notifications, restart the console. 如果使用者關閉非重大通知,則在主控台重新啟動時仍會再次通知 (若仍適用的話)。If a user dismisses a non-critical notification, it notifies again when the console restarts if it's still applicable.

下列通知會每隔五分鐘重新評估一次:The following notifications reevaluate every five minutes:

  • 站台處於維護模式Site is in maintenance mode
  • 站台處於修復模式Site is in recovery mode
  • 站台處於升級模式Site is in upgrade mode

通知會遵循以角色為基礎的系統管理權限。Notifications follow the permissions of role-based administration. 舉例來說,如果使用者不具查看 Configuration Manager 更新的權限,他們就看不到這些通知。For example, if a user doesn't have permissions to see Configuration Manager updates, they won't see those notifications.

有些通知會有相關動作。Some notifications have a related action. 舉例來說,如果主控台版本與站台版本不符,請選取 [安裝新的主控台版本] 。For example, if the console version doesn't match the site version, select Install the new console version. 這個動作會啟動主控台安裝程式。This action launches the console installer.

從 2006 版開始,如果您設定 Azure 服務以將站台連結至雲端,您將會看見具有更新祕密金鑰動作的通知。Starting in version 2006, if you configure Azure services to cloud-attach your site, you'll see notifications with an action to renew the secret key. 站台每小時會評估下列警示的狀態一次:The site evaluates the state of the following alerts once per hour:

  • 有一或多個 Azure AD 應用程式的祕密金鑰即將過期One or more Azure AD app secret keys will expire soon
  • 有一或多個 Azure AD 應用程式的祕密金鑰已過期One or more Azure AD app secret keys have expired

下列通知最適用於 Technical Preview 分支:The following notifications are most applicable to the technical preview branch:

  • 評估版將於 30 天內到期 (警告):目前日期仍在評估版的 30 天到期日內Evaluation version is within 30 days of expiration (Warning): the current date is within 30 days of the expiration date of the evaluation version
  • 評估版已過期 (重大):目前日期已逾評估版的到期日Evaluation version is expired (Critical): the current date is past the expiration date of the evaluation version
  • 主控台版本不符 (重大):主控台版本與站台的版本不符Console version mismatch (Critical): the console version doesn't match the site version
  • 站台升級可供使用 (警告):有新的更新套件可供使用Site upgrade is available (Warning): there's a new update package available

如需詳細資訊和疑難排解協助,請參閱主控台電腦上的 SmsAdminUI.log 檔案。For more information and troubleshooting assistance, see the SmsAdminUI.log file on the console computer. 根據預設,這個記錄檔位於下列路徑:C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Endpoint Manager\AdminConsole\AdminUILog\SmsAdminUI.logBy default, this log file is at the following path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Endpoint Manager\AdminConsole\AdminUILog\SmsAdminUI.log.

設定站台以接收來自 Microsoft 的訊息Configure a site to receive messages from Microsoft

從 2006 版開始,您可以選擇在 Configuration Manager 主控台中接收來自 Microsoft 的通知。Starting in version 2006, you can choose to receive notifications from Microsoft in the Configuration Manager console. 這些通知可協助您隨時了解新功能或更新功能、Configuration Manager 與附加服務的變更,以及需要採取行動進行補救的問題。These notifications help you stay informed about new or updated features, changes to Configuration Manager and attached services, and issues that require action to remediate.

設定 Microsoft 訊息的通知設定Configure notification settings for Microsoft messages

  1. 瀏覽至 [系統管理] > [站台設定] > [站台] 。Navigate to Administration > Site Configuration > Sites.
  2. 以滑鼠右鍵按一下站台,並選取 [屬性] 。Right-click on a site and select Properties.
  3. 在 [警示] 索引標籤中,透過選取 [接收來自 Microsoft 的訊息] 以啟用通知。In the Alerts tab, enable the notifications by selecting Receive messages from Microsoft. 如果您不想收到下列任何一個通知,可以將其取消選取:You can deselect any of the following notifications if you prefer not to receive them:
    • 預防/修正:影響組織且可能需要您採取行動的已知問題。Prevent/fix: Known issues affecting your organization that may require you to take action.

    • 變更的計劃:可能需要您採取行動的 Configuration Manager 變更。Plan for change: Changes to Configuration Manager that may require you to take action.

    • 持續掌握最新資訊:告知您已推出的新增或更新功能。Stay informed: Informs you of new or updated features that are available.

      站台屬性中的 [來自 Microsoft 的通知] 選項 Notification from Microsoft options in site properties

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