Configuration Manager 的發行前版本功能Pre-release features in Configuration Manager

適用於: Configuration Manager (最新分支)Applies to: Configuration Manager (current branch)

發行前版本功能為最新分支中用來在生產環境中進行早期測試的功能。Pre-release features are features that are in the current branch for early testing in a production environment. 這些功能全部受到支援,但仍在開發中。These features are fully supported, but still in active development. 它們在移出發行前版本類別目錄之前可能會一直變更。They might receive changes until they move out of the pre-release category.

使用發行前版本功能之前,請同意使用發行前版本功能。Before using pre-release features, give consent to use pre-release features. 同意是每個階層的一次性動作,無法取消。Giving consent is a one-time action per hierarchy that you can't undo. 直到您同意之前,您無法啟用更新中包含的發行前版本功能。Until you give consent, you can't enable new pre-release features included with updates. 在您開啟發行前版本功能之後,即無法關閉它。After you turn on a pre-release feature, you can't turn it off.

  1. 在 Configuration Manager 主控台中,移至 [系統管理] 工作區,展開 [站台設定] ,然後選取 [站台] 節點。In the Configuration Manager console, go to the Administration workspace, expand Site Configuration, and select the Sites node.

  2. 按一下功能區的 [階層設定] 。Click Hierarchy Settings in the ribbon.

  3. 在 [階層設定內容] 的 [一般] 索引標籤上,啓用選項以 [Consent to use Pre-Release features] (同意使用發行前版本功能) 。On the General tab of Hierarchy Settings Properties, enable the option to Consent to use pre-release features. 按一下 [確定] 。Click OK.

啟用發行前版本功能Enable pre-release features

當您安裝包含發行前版本功能的更新時,[更新與服務精靈] 中會顯示這些功能和包含在更新中的一般功能。When you install an update that includes pre-release features, those features are visible in the Updates and Servicing Wizard with the regular features included in the update.

請在 [更新與服務精靈] 中,啟用發行前版本功能。In the Updates and Servicing Wizard, enable pre-release features. 選取發行前版本功能 (如同選取任何其他功能)。Select the pre-release features as you would any other feature.

或者,稍後從 [管理] 工作區 [更新與服務] 下的 [功能] 節點中,啟用發行前版本功能。Optionally, wait to enable pre-release features later from the Features node under Updates and Servicing in the Administration workspace. 選取一項功能,然後按一下功能區中的 [開啟] 。Select a feature, and then click Turn on in the ribbon. 在您同意前,此選項都不提供使用。Until you give consent, this option isn't available for use.

您可以在 [更新與服務精靈] 中看到發行前版本功能,但無法啟用。In the Updates and Servicing Wizard, pre-release features are visible but you can't enable them. 安裝更新之後,這些功能就會出現在 [功能] 節點中。After the update is installed, these features are visible in the Features node. 不過,在您同意前都無法啟用它們。However, you can't enable them until you give consent.


在多網站階層中,您只能從系統管理中心網站啟用選擇性或發行前版本的功能。In a multi-site hierarchy, you can only enable optional or pre-release features from the central administration site. 此行為可避免整個階層中不會發生衝突。This behavior ensures there are no conflicts across the hierarchy.

如果您已在獨立主要站台表示同意,然後藉由安裝新的管理中心網站來擴充階層,則必須於管理中心網站再授權一次。If you gave consent at a stand-alone primary site, and then expand the hierarchy by installing a new central administration site, you must give consent again at the central administration site.

當您啟用發行前功能時,Configuration Manager 階層管理員 (HMAN) 必須在該功能提供使用前,先處理變更。When you enable a pre-release feature, the Configuration Manager hierarchy manager (HMAN) must process the change before that feature becomes available. 變更通常要立即處理。Processing of the change is often immediate. 完成時間最多需要 30 分鐘,視 HMAN 處理週期而定。Depending on the HMAN processing cycle, it can take up to 30 minutes to complete. 處理完變更之後,請先重新啟動主控台,再使用功能。After the change is processed, restart the console before using the feature.

發行前版本功能清單List of pre-release features

功能Feature 已新增為發行前版本Added as pre-release 已新增為完整功能Added as a full feature
協調流程群組Orchestration groups 2002 版Version 2002 尚未提供此服務
工作順序部署類型Task sequence deployment type 2002 版Version 2002 尚未提供此服務
移除管理中心網站Remove the central administration site 2002 版Version 2002 尚未提供此服務
工作順序偵錯工具Task sequence debugger 1906 版Version 1906 尚未提供此服務
應用程式群組Application groups 1906 版Version 1906 尚未提供此服務
Azure Active Directory 使用者群組探索Azure Active Directory user group discovery 1906 版Version 1906 2002 版Version 2002
將集合成員資格結果同步至 Azure Active DirectorySynchronize collection membership results to Azure Active Directory 1906 版Version 1906 2002 版Version 2002
CMPivot 獨立CMPivot standalone 1906 版Version 1906 2002 版Version 2002
SMS 提供者管理服務SMS Provider administration service 1810 版Version 1810 1906 版Version 1906
增強的 HTTP 站台系統Enhanced HTTP site system 1806 版Version 1806 1810 版Version 1810
共同管理裝置的用戶端應用程式Client apps for co-managed devices
(之前稱為「用於共同受控裝置的行動應用程式」 )(previously known as Mobile apps for co-managed devices)
1806 版Version 1806 2002 版Version 2002
套件轉換管理員Package conversion manager 1806 版Version 1806 1810 版Version 1810
分階段部署Phased deployments 1802 版Version 1802 1806 版Version 1806
Windows Defender 應用程式控制管理Windows Defender Application Control management 版本 1702Version 1702 1906 版Version 1906
服務叢集感知集合 (伺服器群組)Servicing a cluster-aware collection (Server groups) 1602 版Version 1602 尚未提供此服務


如需您必須先啟用的非發行前版本功能的詳細資訊,請參閱從更新啟用選擇性功能For more information on non-pre-release features that you must enable first, see Enable optional features from updates.

如需僅在技術預覽分支提供之功能的詳細資訊,請參閱技術預覽For more information on features that are only available in the technical preview branch, see Technical Preview.