針對應用程式安裝問題進行疑難排解Troubleshoot app installation issues

在受 Microsoft Intune MDM 管理的裝置上,應用程式安裝有時可能會失敗。On Microsoft Intune MDM-managed devices, sometimes app installations can fail. 當這些應用程式安裝失敗時,使用者可能無法輕易地了解失敗的原因,或是對問題進行疑難排解。When these app installs fail, it can be challenging to understand the failure reason or troubleshoot the issue. Microsoft Intune 提供應用程式安裝失敗詳細資料,可讓技術支援人員和 Intune 系統管理員檢視應用程式資訊,以處理使用者的協助要求。Microsoft Intune provides app installation failure details that allow help desk operators and Intune administrators to view app information to address user help requests. Intune 中的 [疑難排解] 窗格會提供失敗的詳細資訊,包括使用者裝置上的受控應用程式相關詳細資料。The troubleshooting pane within Intune provides failure details, including details about managed apps on a user's device. 有關應用程式完整生命週期的詳細資訊,會在 [受控應用程式] 窗格中的每個個別裝置下提供。Details about the end-to-end lifecycle of an app are provided under each individual device in the Managed Apps pane. 您可以檢視安裝問題,例如當應用程式建立、修改、設定目標,以及傳遞至裝置時的問題。You can view installation issues, such as when the app was created, modified, targeted, and delivered to a device.


如需特定應用程式安裝錯誤碼的資訊,請參閱 Intune 應用程式安裝錯誤參考For specific app installation error code information, see Intune app installation error reference.

應用程式疑難排解詳細資料App troubleshooting details

Intune 會根據特定使用者裝置上安裝的應用程式,提供應用程式疑難排解的詳細資料。Intune provides app troubleshooting details based on the apps installed on a specific user's device.

  1. 登入 Microsoft Endpoint Manager 系統管理中心Sign in to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center.

  2. 選取 [疑難排解 + 支援]。Select Troubleshoot + support.

  3. 按一下 [選取使用者] 來選取使用者以進行疑難排解。Click Select user to select a user to troubleshoot. [選取使用者] 窗格隨即顯示。The Select users pane will be displayed.

  4. 鍵入名稱或電子郵件地址來選取使用者。Select a user by typing the name or email address. 按一下窗格底部的 [選取]。Click Select at the bottom of the pane. 在 [疑難排解] 窗格中,會顯示使用者的疑難排解資訊。The troubleshooting information for the user is displayed in the Troubleshoot pane.

  5. 從 [裝置] 清單中選取要進行疑難排解的裝置。Select the device that you want to troubleshoot from the Devices list. [Intune 疑難排解] 窗格。The Intune Troubleshooting pane.

  6. 從 [選取的裝置] 窗格中選取 [受控應用程式]。Select Managed Apps from selected device pane. 受控應用程式清單隨即出現。A list of managed apps is displayed. 由 Intune 所管理特定裝置的詳細資料。Details of a specific device managed by Intune.

  7. 從 [安裝狀態] 指示失敗的清單中選取應用程式。Select an app from the list where Installation Status indicates a failure. 顯示安裝失敗詳細資料的已選取應用程式。A selected app that shows installation failure details.


    可以將相同的應用程式指派給多個群組,但對於該應用程式有不同的預期動作 (用途)。The same app could be assigned to multiple groups but with different intended actions (intents) for the app. 例如,如果在應用程式指派期間針對某個使用者排除了該應用程式,則應用程式已解決的用途會顯示 [已排除]。For instance, a resolved intent for an app will show excluded if the app is excluded for a user during app assignment. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱如何解決應用程式用途之間的衝突For more information, see How conflicts between app intents are resolved.

    如果必要的應用程式安裝失敗,您或您的技術服務人員將能夠同步裝置並重試應用程式安裝。If an installation failure occurs for a required app, either you or your helpdesk will be able to sync the device and retry the app install.

應用程式安裝錯誤詳細資料會指出此問題。The app installation error details will indicate the problem. 您可以使用這些詳細資料,以決定解決問題所要採取的最佳動作。You can use these details to determine the best action to take to resolve the problem. 如需有關針對應用程式安裝問題進行疑難排解的詳細資訊,請參閱 Android 應用程式安裝錯誤iOS 應用程式安裝錯誤For more information about troubleshooting app installation issues, see Android app installation errors and iOS app installation errors.


您也可以將瀏覽器指向 https://aka.ms/intunetroubleshooting來存取 [疑難排解] 窗格。You can also access the troubleshooting pane by pointing your browser to: https://aka.ms/intunetroubleshooting.

以使用者群組為目標的應用程式安裝無法連線到裝置User Group targeted app installation does not reach device

如果您在安裝應用程式時發生問題,應該考量下列動作:The following actions should be considered when you have problems installing apps:

  • 如果應用程式未顯示在公司入口網站中,請確定已使用可用的意圖部署應用程式,且使用者使用應用程式支援的裝置類型來存取公司入口網站。If the app does not display in the Company Portal, ensure the app is deployed with Available intent and that the user is accessing the Company Portal with the device type supported by the app.
  • 針對 Windows BYOD 裝置,使用者必須將公司帳戶新增至裝置。For Windows BYOD devices, the user needs to add a Work account to the device.
  • 檢查使用者是否超過 AAD 裝置限制:Check if the user is over the AAD device limit:
    1. 瀏覽至 Azure Active Directory 裝置設定Navigate to Azure Active Directory Device Settings.
    2. 請記下針對 [每位使用者的裝置數目上限] 設定的值。Make note of the value set for Maximum devices per user.
    3. 瀏覽至 Azure Active Directory 使用者Navigate to Azure Active Directory Users.
    4. 選取受影響的使用者,然後按一下 [裝置]。Select the affected user and click Devices.
    5. 如果使用者超過設定的限制,則會刪除不再需要的任何過時記錄。If user is over the set limit then delete any stale records that are no longer needed.
  • 針對 iOS/iPadOS DEP 裝置,請確定使用者已在 [Intune 裝置概觀] 窗格中列為 [由使用者註冊]。For iOS/iPadOS DEP devices, ensure that the user is listed as Enrolled by User in Intune Device Overview pane. 如果顯示的是 NA,則為 Intune 公司入口網站部署設定原則。If it shows NA, then deploy a config policy for the Intune Company Portal. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱設定公司入口網站應用程式For more information, see Configure the Company Portal app.

針對 Win32 應用程式安裝進行疑難排解Win32 app installation troubleshooting

選取使用 Intune 管理延伸模組部署的 Win32 應用程式。Select the Win32 app that was deployed using the Intune management extension. 您可以在 Win32 應用程式安裝失敗時選取 [收集記錄] 選項。You can select the Collect logs option when your Win32 app installation fails.


[收集記錄] 選項在成功於裝置上安裝 Win32 應用程式時將不會啟用。The Collect logs option will not be enabled when the Win32 app has been successfully installed on the device.

您必須先在 Windows 用戶端上安裝 Intune 管理延伸模組,才能收集 Win32 應用程式記錄資訊。Before you can collect Win32 app log information, the Intune management extension must be installed on the Windows client. 將 PowerShell 指令碼或 Win32 應用程式部署至使用者或裝置安全性群組時,將安裝 Intune 管理延伸模組。The Intune management extension is installed when a PowerShell script or a Win32 app is deployed to a user or device security group. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 Intune 管理延伸模組 - 必要條件For more information, see Intune Management extension - Prerequisites.

收集記錄檔Collect log file

若要收集您的 Win32 應用程式安裝記錄,請先遵循應用程式疑難排解詳細資料一節中提供的步驟。To collect your Win32 app installation logs, first follow the steps provided in the section App troubleshooting details. 接著,請繼續進行下列步驟:Then, continue with the following steps:

  1. 按一下 [安裝詳細資料] 窗格上的 [收集記錄] 選項。Click the Collect logs option on the Installation details pane.

    Win32 app installation details - Collect log option
  2. 提供檔案路徑,其中包括記錄檔的名稱,來啟動收集記錄檔的程序,並按一下 [確定]。Provide file paths with log file names to begin the log file collection process and click OK.


    收集記錄會在兩個小時內完成。Log collection will take less than two hours. 支援的檔案類型: .log、.txt、.dmp、.cab、.zip、.xml、.evtx 及 .evtlSupported file types: .log,.txt,.dmp,.cab,.zip,.xml,.evtx, and.evtl. 最多允許 25 個檔案路徑。A maximum of 25 file paths are allowed.

  3. 收集完記錄檔後,您可以選取 [記錄] 連結來下載記錄檔。Once the log files have been collected, you can select the logs link to download the log files.

    Win32 app log details - Download logs


    隨即會顯示通知,指出應用程式記錄收集已成功。A notification will be displayed indicating the success of the app log collection.

Win32 記錄收集需求Win32 log collection requirements

收集記錄檔必須遵循特定的需求:There are specific requirements that must be followed to collect log files:

  • 您必須指定完整的記錄檔路徑。You must specify the complete log file path.
  • 您可以為記錄收集指定環境變數,如下所示:You can specify environment variables for log collection, such as the following:
  • 只允許明確的副檔名,例如:Only exact file extensions are allowed, such as:
  • 能夠上傳的記錄檔上限為 60 MB 或 25 個檔案,視先到達的限制而定。The maximum log file to upload is 60 MB or 25 files, whichever occurs first.
  • Win32 應用程式記錄收集會為符合必要、可用及解除安裝應用程式指派意圖的應用程式啟用。Win32 app install log collection is enabled for apps that meet the required, available, and uninstall app assignment intent.
  • 儲存的記錄會經過加密,以保護記錄檔中包含的任何個人識別資訊。Stored logs are encrypted to protect any personal identifiable information contained in the logs.
  • 當開啟 Win32 應用程式失敗的支援票證時,請使用以上提供的步驟附加相關失敗記錄。While opening support tickets for Win32 app failures, attach the related failure logs using the steps provided above.

ARM64 裝置上支援的應用程式類型App types supported on ARM64 devices

ARM64 裝置上支援的應用程式類型包括下列各項:App types that are supported on ARM64 devices include the following:

  • 不需要受控瀏覽器就能開啟的 Web 應用程式。Web apps that do not require a managed browser to open.
  • 具有下列 TargetDeviceFamilyProcessorArchitectures 元素任意組合的商務用 Microsoft Store 應用程式或 Windows Universal LOB 應用程式 (.appx):Microsoft Store for Business apps or Windows Universal LOB apps (.appx) with any of the following combination of TargetDeviceFamily and ProcessorArchitectures elements:
    • TargetDeviceFamily 包括傳統型應用程式、通用應用程式與 Windows8x 應用程式。TargetDeviceFamily includes Desktop apps, Universal apps and Windows8x apps. Windows8x 應用程式僅套用為線上商務用 Microsoft Store 應用程式。Windows8x apps apply only as Online Microsoft Store for Business apps.
    • ProcessorArchitecture 包括 x86 應用程式、ARM 應用程式、ARM64 應用程式與中性應用程式。ProcessorArchitecture includes x86 apps, ARM apps, ARM64 apps, and neutral apps.
  • Windows 市集應用程式Windows Store apps
  • 行動 MSI LOB 應用程式Mobile MSI LOB apps
  • 具有 32 位元需求規則的 Win32 應用程式。Win32 apps with the requirement rule of 32-bit.
  • Windows Office 隨選即用應用程式 (如果已選取 32 位元或 x86 架構)。Windows Office click-to-run apps if 32-bit or x86 architecture is selected.


若要更有效地辨識公司入口網站中的 ARM64 應用程式,請考慮將 ARM64 新增至 ARM64 應用程式的名稱。To better recognize ARM64 apps in the Company Portal, consider adding ARM64 to the name of your ARM64 apps.

針對來自 Microsoft 網上商店的應用程式進行疑難排解Troubleshooting apps from the Microsoft Store

Troubleshooting packaging, deployment, and query of Microsoft Store apps (針對封裝、部署及查詢 Microsoft 網上商店應用程式進行疑難排解) 主題中的資訊可協助您使用 Intune 或任何其他方法,為從 Microsoft 網上商店安裝應用程式時可能發生的常見問題進行疑難排解。The information in the topic Troubleshooting packaging, deployment, and query of Microsoft Store apps helps you troubleshoot common problems you might encounter when installing apps from the Microsoft Store, whether by using Intune, or by any other means.

應用程式疑難排解資源App troubleshooting resources

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