Microsoft Intune 的中國端點China endpoints for Microsoft Intune

此頁面會列出您 Intune 部署中 Proxy 設定所需要的中國端點。This page lists the China endpoints needed for proxy settings in your Intune deployments.

若要管理位於防火牆和 Proxy 伺服器後方的裝置,您必須啟用 Intune 的通訊功能。To manage devices behind firewalls and proxy servers, you must enable communication for Intune.

  • Proxy 伺服器必須同時支援 HTTP (80)HTTPS (443) ,因為 Intune 用戶端會使用這兩種通訊協定The proxy server must support both HTTP (80) and HTTPS (443) because Intune clients use both protocols
  • 針對某些工作 (例如下載軟體更新),Intune 會需要未驗證的 Proxy 伺服器存取 some tasks (like downloading software updates), Intune requires unauthenticated proxy server access to

您可以修改個別用戶端電腦上的 Proxy 伺服器設定。You can modify proxy server settings on individual client computers. 也可以使用群組原則設定,針對位於指定 Proxy 伺服器後方的所有用戶端電腦變更設定。You can also use Group Policy settings to change settings for all client computers located behind a specified proxy server.

受管理裝置需要進行可讓 [所有使用者] 穿過防火牆存取服務的設定。Managed devices require configurations that let All Users access services through firewalls.

如需適用於中國客戶的 Windows 10 自動註冊和裝置註冊的詳細資訊,請參閱設定 Windows 裝置的註冊For more information about Windows 10 auto-enrollment and device registration for China customers, see Set up enrollment for Windows devices.

下表列出 Intune 用戶端存取的連接埠和服務:The following tables list the ports and services that the Intune client accesses:

端點Endpoint IP 位址IP address

中國 Intune 客戶指定端點Intune customer designated endpoints in China

  • Azure 入口網站: portal:
  • Microsoft 365: 365:
  • Intune 公司入口網站: Company Portal:
  • Microsoft 端點管理員系統管理中心: Endpoint Manager admin center:

合作夥伴服務端點Partner service endpoints

由 21Vianet 營運的 Intune 相依於下列合作夥伴服務端點:Intune operated by 21Vianet depends on the following partner service endpoints:

  • Azure AD 同步服務: AD Sync service:
  • Evo STS: STS:
  • Azure AD Graph:https://graph.chinacloudapi.usAzure AD Graph:
  • MS Graph:https://microsoftgraph.chinacloudapi.cnMS Graph:
  • ADRS:https://enterpriseregistration.partner.microsoftonline.cnADRS:

Windows 推播通知服務Windows Push Notification Services

在使用行動裝置管理 (MDM) 所管理的 Intune 受控裝置上,需要有 Windows 推播通知服務 (WNS) 才能執行裝置動作與其他立即活動。On Intune-managed devices managed by using Mobile Device Management (MDM), Windows Push Notification Services (WNS) is required for device actions and other immediate activities. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱支援 WNS 流量的企業防火牆和 Proxy 設定 ()For more information, see Enterprise Firewall and Proxy Configurations to Support WNS Traffic

Apple 裝置網路資訊Apple device network information

使用對象Used for 主機名稱 (IP 位址/子網路)Hostname (IP address/subnet) 通訊協定Protocol 連接埠Port
擷取並顯示來自 Apple 伺服器的內容Retrieving and displaying content from Apple servers
與 APNS 伺服器通訊Communication with APNS servers
'#' 是從 0 至 50 的隨機數字。'#' is a random number from 0 to 50.
TCPTCP 5223 和 4435223 and 443
各種功能,包括存取網際網路、iTunes store、macOS App Store、iCloud、傳訊等。Various functions including accessing the internet, iTunes store, macOS app store, iCloud, messaging, etc.
HTTP/HTTPSHTTP/HTTPS 80 或 44380 or 443

如需詳細資訊,請參閱:For more information, see:

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深入了解在中國由 21Vianet 營運的 IntuneLearn more about Intune operated by 21Vianet in China