Intune 傳送至 Apple 的資料Data Intune sends to Apple

在裝置上啟用下列任何 Apple 服務時,Microsoft Intune 會建立與 Apple 的連線並與 Apple 共用使用者和裝置資訊:When any of the following Apple services are enabled on a device, Microsoft Intune establishes a connection with Apple and shares user and device information with Apple:

您必須先為每個 Apple 服務建立 Apple 帳戶,Microsoft Intune 才能建立連線。Before Microsoft Intune can establish a connection, you must create an Apple account for each of the Apple services.

下表列出 Microsoft Intune 從裝置傳送給已啟用 Apple 服務的資料。The following table lists the data that Microsoft Intune sends from a device to the enabled Apple services.

ServiceService 傳送至 Apple 的資料Data sent to Apple 用途Used for
APNSAPNS 權杖, PushMagicToken, PushMagic 如果伺服器接受裝置,裝置會提供其推播通知裝置權杖給伺服器。If the server accepts the device, the device provides its push notification device token to the server. 伺服器應該使用這個權杖來傳送推播訊息至裝置。The server should use this token to send push messages to the device. 此簽入訊息也包含 PushMagic 字串。This check-in message also contains a PushMagic string. 伺服器必須記住這個字串,並將它包含在它傳送至裝置的任何推播訊息中。The server must remember this string and include it in any push messages it sends to the device.
ASM/DEPASM/DEP 伺服器權杖Server token 用來向 Apple 服務進行驗證的推播通知裝置權杖。Push notification device token used to authenticate to Apple service.
ASM/DEPASM/DEP server_nameserver_name MDM 伺服器的可識別名稱。An identifiable name for the MDM server.
ASM/DEPASM/DEP server_uuidserver_uuid 由系統產生的伺服器識別碼。A system-generated server identifier.
ASM/DEPASM/DEP admin_idadmin_id 產生目前正在使用的權杖之人員的 Apple 識別碼。Apple ID of the person who generated the current tokens that are in use.
ASM/DEPASM/DEP org_nameorg_name 組織的名稱。The organization's name.
ASM/DEPASM/DEP org_emailorg_email 組織的電子郵件地址。The organization's email address.
ASM/DEPASM/DEP org_phoneorg_phone 組織的電話。The organization's phone.
ASM/DEPASM/DEP org_addressorg_address 組織的地址。The organization's address.
ASM/DEPASM/DEP org_idorg_id DEP 客戶識別碼。DEP customer ID. 此索引鍵僅適用於通訊協定第 3 版和更新版本。This key is available only in protocol version 3 and later.
ASM/DEPASM/DEP serial_numberserial_number 裝置的序號 (字串)。The device's serial number (string).
ASM/DEPASM/DEP 模型model 模型名稱 (字串)。The model name (string).
ASM/DEPASM/DEP descriptiondescription 裝置的描述 (字串)。A description of the device (string).
ASM/DEPASM/DEP asset_tagasset_tag 裝置的資產標籤 (字串)。The device's asset tag (string).
ASM/DEPASM/DEP profile_statusprofile_status 設定檔安裝的狀態。The status of profile installation. 可能的值:空白已指派已推送已移除Possible values: empty, assigned, pushed, or removed.
ASM/DEPASM/DEP profile_uuidprofile_uuid 指派之設定檔的唯一識別碼。The unique ID of the assigned profile.
ASM/DEPASM/DEP device_assigned_bydevice_assigned_by 指派裝置之人員的電子郵件。The email of the person who assigned the device.
ASM/DEPASM/DEP osos 裝置作業系統:iOS/iPadOS、OSX 或 tvOS。The device's operating system: iOS/iPadOS, OSX, or tvOS. 此索引鍵在 X-Server 通訊協定第 2 版和更新版本中有效。This key is valid in X-Server-Protocol-Version 2 and later.
ASM/DEPASM/DEP device_familydevice_family 裝置的 Apple 產品系列:iPad、iPhone、iPod、Mac 或 AppleTV。The device's Apple product family: iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mac, or AppleTV. 此索引鍵在 X-Server 通訊協定第 2 版和更新版本中有效。This key is valid in X-Server-Protocol-Version 2 and later.
ASM/DEPASM/DEP profile_nameprofile_name 字串。String. 人類看得懂的設定檔名稱。A human-readable name for the profile.
ASM/DEPASM/DEP support_phone_numbersupport_phone_number 選擇性。Optional. 字串。String. 組織的支援電話號碼。A support phone number for the organization.
ASM/DEPASM/DEP support_email_addresssupport_email_address 選擇性。Optional. 字串。String. 組織的支援電子郵件地址。A support email address for the organization. 此索引鍵在 X-Server 通訊協定第 2 版和更新版本中有效。This key is valid in X-Server-Protocol-Version 2 and later.
ASM/DEPASM/DEP departmentdepartment 選擇性。Optional. 字串。String. 使用者定義的部門或位置名稱。The user-defined department or location name.
ASM/DEPASM/DEP devicesdevices 包含裝置序號的字串陣列。Array of strings containing device serial numbers. (可能是空的。)(May be empty.)
VPPVPP Intune 使用者識別碼 GUIDIntune UserId guid Intune 所產生的 GUID。GUID generated by Intune.
VPPVPP 受控的 AppleId UPNManaged AppleId UPN 設定與 Apple 的 VPP 權杖連線時,由系統管理員所指定的 AppleID。AppleID that was specified by Admin when configuring the VPP token connection with Apple.
VPPVPP 序號Serial Number 受控裝置的序號。Serial number of the managed device.

若要停止與 Apple 服務使用搭配 Microsoft Intune 並刪除資料,您必須同時停用 Microsoft Intune 的 Apple 權杖並刪除您的 Apple 帳戶。To stop using Apple services with Microsoft Intune and delete the data, you must both disable the Microsoft Intune Apple token and also delete your Apple account. 關於如何執行帳戶管理請參閱 Apple 帳戶。Refer to Apple account how to perform account management.