Microsoft 365 的基本行動及安全性概述Overview of Basic Mobility and Security for Microsoft 365

您可以使用基本行動性和安全性,在行動裝置連線至 Microsoft 365 組織時,管理並保護行動裝置。You can manage and secure mobile devices when they're connected to your Microsoft 365 organization by using Basic Mobility and Security. 行動裝置(例如 smartphone 和平板電腦),用來存取工作電子郵件、行事曆、連絡人及檔,可確保員工隨時隨地從任何地方完成工作。Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets that are used to access work email, calendar, contacts, and documents play a big part in making sure that employees get their work done anytime, from anywhere. 所以很重要的一點是,當使用者使用裝置時,您可以協助保護組織的資訊。So it’s critical that you help protect your organization's information when people use devices. 您可以使用基本行動及安全性,設定裝置安全性原則和存取規則,以及在行動裝置遺失或遭盜時加以清除。You can use Basic Mobility and Security to set device security policies and access rules, and to wipe mobile devices if they’re lost or stolen.


您可以管理哪些類型的裝置?What types of devices can you manage?

您可以使用基本行動性和安全性來管理許多類型的行動裝置,例如 Windows Phone、Android、iPhone 和 iPad。You can use Basic Mobility and Security to manage many types of mobile devices like Windows Phone, Android, iPhone, and iPad. 若要管理組織中人員所使用的行動裝置,每個人都必須有適用的 Microsoft 365 授權,而且其裝置必須以基本行動性和安全性進行註冊。To manage mobile devices used by people in your organization, each person must have an applicable Microsoft 365 license and their device must be enrolled in Basic Mobility and Security.

若要查看每種裝置類型所支援的基本行動性和安全性,請參閱 基本行動性和安全性的功能To see what Basic Mobility and Security supports for each type of device, see Capabilities of Basic Mobility and Security.

基本行動性和安全性的設定步驟Setup steps for Basic Mobility and Security

Microsoft 365 全域管理員必須完成下列步驟,才能啟動和設定基本行動性和安全性。A Microsoft 365 global admin must complete the following steps to activate and set up Basic Mobility and Security. 如需詳細步驟,請遵循 設定基本行動性和安全性中的指導方針。For detailed steps, follow the guidance in Set up Basic Mobility and Security.

以下是步驟的摘要:Here's a summary of the steps:

步驟1: 依照 設定基本行動性和安全性中的步驟,啟用基本行動性和安全性。Step 1: Activate Basic Mobility and Security by following steps in the Set up Basic Mobility and Security.

步驟2: 例如,建立 APNs 憑證以管理 iOS 裝置,並新增網域名稱系統 (DNS) 的網域名稱系統來支援 Windows phone,以設定基本行動性及安全性。Step 2: Set up Basic Mobility and Security by, for example, creating an APNs certificate to manage iOS devices and adding a Domain Name System (DNS) record for your domain to support Windows phones.

步驟3: 建立裝置原則,並將其套用至使用者群組。Step 3: Create device policies and apply them to groups of users. 當您執行此動作時,您的使用者會在其裝置上取得註冊訊息,當他們完成註冊時,其裝置會受到您為其所設定的原則所限制。When you do this, your users get an enrollment message on their device, and when they've completed enrollment, their devices are restricted by the policies you've set up for them. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 使用基本行動性和安全性註冊行動裝置For more info, see Enroll your mobile device using Basic Mobility and Security.


裝置管理工作Device management tasks

當您已設定基本行動性和安全性,且使用者已註冊其裝置後,您就可以管理裝置、封鎖存取或擦除裝置(如有必要)。After you've got Basic Mobility and Security set up and your users have enrolled their devices, you can manage the devices, block access, or wipe a device, if necessary. 若要深入瞭解一些常見的裝置管理工作(包括完成工作的位置),請參閱 Manage device In Mobile Device management For Microsoft 365To learn more about some common device management tasks, including where to complete the tasks, see Manage devices enrolled in Mobile Device Management for Microsoft 365.

其他管理裝置和應用程式的方法Other ways to manage devices and apps

如果您只需要行動電話應用程式管理 (MAM) (可能是因為人員在自己的裝置上更新工作專案),則 Intune 除了註冊及管理裝置之外,還提供另一個選項。If you just need mobile app management (MAM), perhaps for people updating work projects on their own devices, Intune provides another option besides enrolling and managing devices. Intune 訂閱可讓您使用 Azure 入口網站來設定 MAM 原則,即使人員的裝置並未在 Intune 中註冊也是一樣。An Intune subscription allows you to set up MAM policies by using the Azure portal, even if people's devices aren't enrolled in Intune. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 App protection 原則一覽For more info, see App protection policies overview.

設定基本行動與安全性Set up Basic Mobility and Security

使用基本行動性和安全性註冊行動裝置Enroll your mobile device using Basic Mobility and Security

管理登記于 Microsoft 365 行動裝置管理的裝置Manage devices enrolled in Mobile Device Management for Microsoft 365

取得基本行動性和安全性所管理之裝置的詳細資料Get details about devices managed by Basic Mobility and Security