Microsoft 365 使用情況分析Microsoft 365 usage analytics

Microsoft 365 使用情況分析概觀Overview of Microsoft 365 usage analytics

使用 Power BI 中的 Microsoft 365 流量分析,深入瞭解貴組織如何採用 Microsoft 365 中的各種服務。Use Microsoft 365 usage analytics within Power BI to gain insights on how your organization is adopting the various services within Microsoft 365. 您可以視覺化和分析 Microsoft 365 使用狀況資料、建立自訂報告,以及分享組織內的洞察力。You can visualize and analyze Microsoft 365 usage data, create custom reports and share the insights within your organization. 您也可以深入瞭解特定地區或部門如何使用 Microsoft 365。You can also gain insights into how specific regions or departments are using Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 流量分析可讓您存取預先構建的儀表板,該儀表板提供最近12個月的叉積視圖,並包含許多預先建立的報告。Microsoft 365 usage analytics gives you access to a pre-built dashboard that provides a cross-product view of the last 12 months and contains a number of pre-built reports. 每個報告都可提供特定的使用情況深入解析。Each report provides you with specific usage insights. 使用者特有的資訊可用於最近的完整行事曆月份。User-specific information is available for the last full calendar month.

為範本應用程式供電的 資料模型 包含 Active Directory 中的使用者屬性,可讓您在特定報告中進行 pivot 的功能。The data model that powers the template app includes user attributes from Active Directory, enabling the ability to pivot in certain reports. 包含下列 Active Directory 屬性:位置、部門和組織。The following Active Directory attributes are included: location, department, and organization.

請參閱啟用 Microsoft 365 使用情況分析 (機器翻譯) 以開始收集資料。See Enable Microsoft 365 usage analytics to start collecting data.

Microsoft 365 流量分析包含下列各節所詳述的報表數目。Microsoft 365 usage analytics contains a number of reports detailed in the following sections.

您可以選取資料表格,以存取每個區域的詳細報告。You can access detailed reports for each area by selecting the data tables. 您可以選取網站底部的索引標籤,以查看所有預先建立的報告。You can view all pre-built reports by selecting the tabs at the bottom of the site. 如需詳細指示,請參閱 流覽並使用報表自訂報告For more detailed instructions, read Navigating and utilizing the reports and Customizing the reports.

摘要Executive summary

「執行摘要」是針對商務採用、使用狀況、行動性、通訊、共同作業和儲存報告而使用的 Microsoft 365 的高層級一覽式視圖,其適用于業務決策者。The executive summary is a high-level, at-a-glance view of Microsoft 365 for Business adoption, usage, mobility, communication, collaboration, and storage reports, and is meant for business decision makers. 它會根據已啟用的所有使用者和使用中的使用者,提供某些個別服務的使用方式。It provides a view into how some individual services are being used, based on all the users who have been enabled and those who are active. 報告上顯示的月份所有值都是指最近的完整月份。All values of the month shown on the report refer to the latest complete month.

這項摘要可讓您快速瞭解 Office 的使用模式,以及員工的合作方式和位置。This summary lets you quickly understand usage patterns in Office and how and where your employees are collaborating.

Microsoft 365 使用狀況摘要的圖像。


Microsoft 365 綜述報告包含下列報告。The Microsoft 365 overview report contains the following reports. 您可以選擇報表頁面上方的索引標籤來進行查看。You can view them by choosing the tab on top of the report page. 顯示在報表上方區段中的月份所有值,都是最新的完整月份。All values of the month shown on the top section of the report refer to the latest complete month.

  • 採用 – 提供採用趨勢的完整摘要。Adoption – Offers an all-up summary of adoption trends. 使用本節中的報告,瞭解您的使用者採用 Microsoft 365 的方式,以及個別服務的整體使用量如何隨月份變更。Use the reports in this section to learn how your users have adopted Microsoft 365, as well as how overall usage of the individual services has changed month over month. 您可以瞭解如何啟用使用者、組織中的多少人積極使用 Microsoft 365、傳回使用者的數量,以及第一次使用該產品的數目。You can see how may users are enabled, how many people in your organization are actively using Microsoft 365, how many are returning users, and how many are using the product for the first time.

  • 使用 – 可深入查看使用中使用者的數量,以及最近12個月的每一種產品的主要活動。Usage – Offers a drill-down view into the volume of active users and the key activities for each product for the last 12 months. 使用本節中的報告,瞭解貴組織中的人員如何使用 Microsoft 365。Use the reports in this section to learn how people in your organization are using Microsoft 365.

  • 通訊 – 您可以立即查看組織中的人員是否喜歡使用團隊、Yammer、電子郵件或 Skype 通話保持聯繫。Communication – You can see at a glance whether people in your organization prefer to stay in touch by using Teams, Yammer, email, or Skype calls. 您可以觀察您的員工在使用通訊工具時,是否有變化的模式。You can observe if there are shifts in patterns in the use of communication tools among your employees.

  • 共同作業 –請參閱貴組織中的人員如何使用 OneDrive 和 SharePoint 來儲存檔,以及彼此共同作業,以及這些趨勢如何隨月演變。Collaboration – See how people in your organization use OneDrive and SharePoint to store documents and collaborate with each other, and how these trends evolve month over month. 您也可以查看內部或外部共用的檔數量,以及正在使用的 SharePoint 網站或 OneDrive 帳戶數目,由擁有者及其他合作者分割。You can also see how many documents are shared internally or externally and how many SharePoint sites or OneDrive accounts are actively being used, broken out by owners and other collaborators.

  • 儲存空間 – 使用此報告可追蹤信箱、OneDrive 和 SharePoint 網站的雲端儲存空間。Storage – Use this report to track cloud storage for mailboxes, OneDrive, and SharePoint sites.

  • 行動性 – 追蹤人員和裝置用來連線至電子郵件、小組、Skype 或 Yammer 的用戶端和裝置。Mobility – Track which clients and devices people use to connect to email, Teams, Skype, or Yammer.

啟用和授權Activation and licensing

「啟用與授權」頁面提供有關 Microsoft 365 啟用的報告;也就是說,有多少使用者已下載和啟用 Office 應用程式,以及您的組織已指派多少個授權。The activation and license page offers reports on Microsoft 365 activation; that is, how many users have downloaded and activated Office apps and how many licenses have been assigned by your organization. 朝上的月值指的是目前的月,而度量值會反映從當月開始到目前日期的匯總值。The month value towards the top refers to the current month, and the metrics reflect values aggregated from the beginning of the month to the current date.

  • 啟用 – 追蹤服務方案 (例如,適用于企業的 Microsoft 365 應用程式、Project 和 Visio) 在您的組織中啟動。Activation – Track service plan (for example, Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise, Project, and Visio) activations in your organization. 擁有 Office 授權的每個人員都能在多達五部裝置上安裝產品。Each person with an Office license can install products on up to five devices. 您也可以使用本節中的報告,查看人員已安裝 Office 應用程式的裝置。You can also use reports in this section to see the devices on which people have installed Office apps. 請注意,若要啟動計畫,使用者必須安裝應用程式,並以其帳戶登入。Note that to activate a plan, a user must install the app and sign in with their account.

  • 授權 – 此報告包含授權類型、指派每個授權類型的使用者計數,以及每個月的授權指派發佈的概述。Licensing – This report contains an overview of license types, the count of users who were assigned each license type, and the license assignment distribution for each month. 朝上的月值指的是目前的月,而度量值會反映從當月開始到目前日期的匯總值。The month value towards the top refers to the current month, and the metrics reflect values aggregated from the beginning of the month to the current date.

產品使用Product usage

此報告包含每個 Microsoft 365 服務的個別報告,包括 Exchange、Microsoft 365 群組、OneDrive、SharePoint、Skype、小組和 Yammer。This report contains a separate report for each Microsoft 365 service, including Exchange, Microsoft 365 groups, OneDrive, SharePoint, Skype, Teams, and Yammer. 每個報告都包含 [啟用總數] 和 [總使用中使用者] 報告、實體的計數、網站、群組和帳戶,以及活動類型報告(適當位置)。Each report contains total enabled vs. total active user reports, counts of entities such as mailboxes, sites, groups, and accounts, as well as activity type reports where appropriate. 顯示在報表上方區段中的月份所有值,都是最新的完整月份。All values of the month shown on the top section of the report refer to the latest complete month.

使用者活動User activity

使用者活動報告可用於特定的個別服務。User activity reports are available for certain individual services. 這些報告提供使用 Active Directory 屬性加入的使用者層級詳細資料使用方式資料。These reports provide user-level detail usage data joined with Active Directory attributes. 此外,「部門採用」報告可讓您透過 Active Directory 屬性進行切分,這樣您就可以在所有個別服務上看到作用中的使用者。In addition, the Department Adoption report lets you slice by Active Directory attributes so that you can see active users across all individual services. 所有度量都是以最新的完整月份為匯總。All metrics are aggregated for the latest complete month.


這個範本應用程式是否可透過購買取得,或是是免費的?Is this template app going to be available through purchase or will it be free?

這不是免費的,您將需要 Power BI Pro 授權。It is not free, you will need a Power BI Pro license. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱安裝、自訂及發佈範本應用程式的 必要條件For details see prerequisites for installing, customizing, and distributing a template app.

若要與其他人共用儀表板,請參閱 共用儀表板和報告To share the dashboards with others, please see more at Share dashboards and reports.

誰可以連線到 Microsoft 365 使用情況分析?Who can connect to Microsoft 365 usage analytics?

您必須是 全域系統管理員、Exchange 系統 管理員商務用 Skype 系統管理員、 SharePoint 系統管理員全域讀取器報告讀取器 ,才能建立與範本應用程式的連線。You have to be either a Global admin, Exchange admin, Skype for Business admin, SharePoint admin, Global reader or Report reader in order to establish the connection to the template app. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 關於系統管理員角色See About admin roles for more information.

誰可以自訂使用方式分析報告?Who can customize the usage analytics reports?

只有初次連接至範本應用程式的使用者,才可以自訂報表或在 Power BI web 介面中建立新的報表。Only the user who made the initial connection to the template app can customize the reports or create new reports in the Power BI web interface. 如需指示,請參閱 自訂 Microsoft 365 使用方式分析中的報告See Customizing the reports in Microsoft 365 usage analytics for instructions.

我是否可以只從 Power BI web 介面自訂報告?Can I only customize the reports from the Power BI web interface?

除了自訂 Power BI web 介面報告之外,使用者也可以使用 Power BI Desktop 直接連線至 Microsoft 365 報表服務,以建立自己的報告。In addition to customizing the reports from the Power BI web interface, users can also use Power BI Desktop to connect directly to the Microsoft 365 reporting service to build their own reports.

如何取得此儀表板相關聯的 pbit 檔案?How can I get the pbit file that this dashboard is associated with?

您可以從 Microsoft 下載中心存取 pbit 檔案。You can access to the pbit file from the Microsoft Download center.

誰可以查看儀表板和報告?Who can view the dashboards and reports?

如果您已連線至範本應用程式,您可以使用 共用功能與任何人共用。If you connected to the template app, you can share it with anybody by using the sharing functionality. Power BI 授權要求共用儀表板的使用者共用和使用者皆具有 Power BI Pro 或 Power BI Premium。Power BI licensing requires that both the user sharing and the user with whom a dashboard is shared have Power BI Pro or Power BI Premium.

是否任何人都可以共用儀表板,或者必須是已連線到儀表板的人員?Can anyone share the dashboard, or does it have to be the person who connected to the dashboard?

共用儀表板時,您可以允許使用者重新與其他人共用儀表板。When sharing the dashboard, you can either allow users to re-share the dashboard with others or not. 您可以在共用時設定此選項。You can set this option at the time of sharing.

是否可以使用和自訂使用者群組的相同範本應用程式?Is it possible to work on and customize the same template app with a group of people?

是。Yes. 若要讓系統管理員群組能夠在相同的範本應用程式上共同作業,您可以利用 Power BI 的應用程式工作區功能,如需詳細資訊,請參閱 我應該如何共同作業及共用儀表板和報告?To enable a group of admins to work together on the same template app, you can leverage the app workspace functionality of Power BI, for more information, see How should I collaborate and share dashboards and reports?

可提供哪個時間範圍內的資料?For which timeframe is data available?

大部分報告會顯示前12個月的資料。The majority of the reports display data for the previous 12 months. 不過,部分圖表可能會顯示較少的史,因為不同產品和報告的資料收集會在不同的時間啟動,因此可能無法使用完整12個月的資料。However, some of the charts may show less history since the data collection for different products and reports were started at different times and thus data for the full 12 months might not be available. 所有報告最後會建立最多12個月的歷程記錄。All the reports will eventually build up to 12 months of history. 顯示使用者層級詳細資料的報告會顯示前一個完整月份的資料。Reports that show user level details show data for the previous complete month.

範本應用程式中所包含的資料為何?What data is included in the template app?

範本應用程式中的資料目前涵蓋 活動報告中所提供的相同一組活動計量。The data in the template app currently covers the same set of activity metrics available in the Activity Reports. 當報告新增至活動報告時,將在未來的版本中新增至範本應用程式。As reports are added to the activity reports, they will be added to the template app in a future release.

範本應用程式中的資料與使用狀況報告中的資料有何差異?How does the data in the template app differ from the data in the usage reports?

您在範本應用程式中所看到的基礎資料,會比對 Microsoft 365 系統管理中心的活動報告中所看到的資料。The underlying data you see in the template app matches the data you see in the activity reports in the Microsoft 365 admin center. 主要差異在於,在「系統管理中心」資料中的「系統管理中心」資料可用於過去的7/30/90/180 天,而範本應用程式每月顯示最多12個月的資料。The key differences are that in the admin center data is available for the last 7/30/90/180 days while the template app presents data on a monthly basis for up to 12 months.

此外,範本應用程式中的使用者層級詳細資料只適用于已獲指派產品授權並執行活動的使用者的最後一個完整月份。In addition, user level details in the template app are only available for the last complete month for users who were assigned a product license and performed an activity.

何時應該使用範本應用程式以及使用方式報告?When should I use the template app and when the usage reports?

活動報告 」是瞭解 Microsoft 365 使用狀況和採用方式的良好起點。The Activity Reports are a good starting point to understand usage and adoption of Microsoft 365. 範本應用程式結合了 Microsoft 365 使用狀況資料和組織的 Active Directory 資訊,讓系統管理員可以使用 Power BI 的視覺分析功能來分析資料集。The template app combines the Microsoft 365 usage data and your organization’s Active Directory information and enables admins to analyze the data set using the visual analytics capabilities of Power BI. 這可讓系統管理員不要只顯示及分析 Microsoft 365 使用狀況資料,也可以透過 Active Directory 屬性(例如部門、位置等)加以切分。他們也可以建立自訂報告,並在其組織中共用洞察力。This enables admins to not just visualize and analyze Microsoft 365 usage data, but also slice it by Active Directory properties such as departments, location etc. They can also create custom reports and share the insights within their organization.

資料重新整理的頻率為何?How often is the data refreshed?

當您第一次連線至範本應用程式時,它會自動填入前12個月的資料。When you connect to the template app for the first time, it will automatically populate with your data for the previous 12 months. 之後,範本應用程式資料將會重新整理一周。After that, the template app data will refresh weekly. 客戶可以選擇修改重新整理排程,如果其使用此資料要求不同的更新 rhythm。Customers can choose to modify the refresh schedule if their use of this data demands a different update rhythm.

後端 Microsoft 365 服務會每天重新整理資料,並提供從目前日期的5-8 天內的資料。The back-end Microsoft 365 service will refresh data on a daily basis and provides data that is between 5-8 days latent from the current date.

每個資料集中的 [ 內容日期 ] 欄代表範本應用程式中資料的新鮮度日期。The Content date column in each dataset represents the freshness date of the data in the template app.

如何定義作用中使用者?How is an active user defined?

作用中使用者的定義與活動報告中的作用中 使用者 的定義相同。The definition of active user is the same as the definition of active user in the activity reports.

SharePoint 報告包含哪些 SharePoint 網站集合?What SharePoint site collections are included in the SharePoint reports?

目前的範本應用程式版本包括來自 SharePoint 小組網站的檔案活動,以及 SharePoint 群組網站。The current version of the template app includes file activity from SharePoint team sites and SharePoint group sites.

Microsoft 365 群組使用量報告中包含哪些群組?Which groups are included in the Microsoft 365 Groups usage report?

目前的範本應用程式版本包括 Outlook 群組、Yammer 群組和 SharePoint 群組的使用方式。The current version of the template app includes usage from Outlook groups, Yammer groups, and SharePoint groups. 不包括與 Microsoft 小組或 Planner 相關的群組。It does not include groups related to Microsoft Teams or Planner.

何時將範本應用程式的更新版本變為可用?When will an updated version of the template app become available?

範本應用程式的主要變更會發佈兩年兩次(可能包含新的報表或新的資料)。Major changes to the template app will be released twice a year which may include new reports or new data. 報告的次要變更可能會在較頻繁的基礎上發佈。Minor changes to the reports may be released on a more frequent basis.

是否可以將範本應用程式中的資料整合到現有的解決方案中?Is it possible to integrate the data from the template app into existing solutions?

您可以透過 [預覽]) 中的 [Microsoft 365 APIs] (來檢索範本應用程式中的資料。The data in the template app can be retrieved through the Microsoft 365 APIs (in preview). 當其運送至實際生產環境時,將會在 Microsoft Graph 報告 APIs中合併。When they ship to production they will be merged within the Microsoft Graph reporting APIs.

是否有任何計畫展開範本應用程式來顯示其他 Microsoft 產品的使用方式資料?Are there plans to expand the template app to show usage data from other Microsoft products?

這會考慮未來的改進。This is considered for future improvements. 請參閱 Microsoft 365 藍圖 以取得更新。Check the Microsoft 365 Roadmap for updates.

如何使用 Active Directory 中的公司資訊進行樞紐分析?How can I pivot by company information in Active Directory?

「公司資訊」會包含在範本應用程式中的其中一個 Active Directory 欄位,您可以在 產品使用者活動 報告中將其看作預先建立的篩選器。Company information is included one of the Active Directory fields in the template app and you can see it as a pre-built filter in the Product User activity reports. 可在 UserState 表格中做為欄。It is available as column in the UserState table.

是否可以帶入來自 Active Directory 的其他欄位?Is it possible to bring in additional fields from Active Directory?

您可以連線至 Microsoft Graph 報告 APIs 以從 Azure Active Directory 提取其他欄位,並加入至 dataset,以進一步自訂此資料。Additional customization on this data is possible by connecting to the Microsoft Graph reporting APIs to pull additional fields from Azure Active Directory and join to the dataset.

是否可以在多個訂閱中匯總範本應用程式中的資訊?Is it possible to aggregate the information in the template app across multiple subscriptions?

此時,範本應用程式是針對單一訂閱,因為它與用來建立初始連線的認證相關聯。At this time, the template app is for a single subscription, as it is associated with the credentials that was used to initially connect to it.

使用 plan ((即 E1、E3) ,是否可以查看使用方式)?Is it possible to see usage by plan (i.e. E1, E3)?

在範本應用程式中,使用方式是以每個產品層級來表示。In the template app, usage is represented at the per product level. 會提供指派給使用者之各種訂閱的相關資料,但不可能將使用者活動與指派給使用者的訂閱建立關聯。Data about the various subscriptions that are assigned to users are provided, however it is not possible to correlate user activity to the subscription assigned to user.

是否可以將其他資料集整合至範本應用程式?Is it possible to integrate other data sets into the template app?

您可以使用 Power BI Desktop 連線至 [預覽]) 中的 [Microsoft 365 APIs] (,以將其他資料來源與範本應用程式資料合併。You can use Power BI Desktop to connect to the Microsoft 365 APIs (in preview) to bring additional data sources to combine with the template app data.

如需詳細資訊,請參閱 自訂檔For more information see the Customize document.

是否可以查看特定時間範圍的「主要使用者」報告?Is it possible to see the "Top Users" reports for a specific timeframe?

所有使用者層級報表都顯示上個月的匯總資料。All user level reports present aggregated data for the previous month.

範本應用程式是否會當地語系化?Will the template app be localized?

這目前不在藍圖上。This is currently not on the roadmap.

我對我的組織所看到的資料有特定問題。I have a specific question about the data I'm seeing for my organization. 誰可以聯繫?Who can I reach out to?

您可以使用系統管理中心的 [活動一覽表] 頁面上的 [回饋] 按鈕,也可以開啟 支援案例 以取得範本應用程式的說明。You can use the feedback button in the admin center activity overview page, or you can open a support case to get help with the template app.

合作夥伴如何存取資料?How can partners access the data?

如果合作夥伴已委派系統管理員許可權,則其可代表其客戶連線至範本應用程式。If a partner has delegated admin rights, he or she can connect to the template app on behalf of their customer.

是否可以隱藏報告中的使用者、群組和網站名稱等識別資訊?Can I hide identifiable information such as user, group, and site names in reports?

是,請參閱 使收集的資料成為匿名的Yes, see Make the collected data anonymous.