從 Office 365 E3 遷移至 Microsoft 365 商務進階版Migrating from Office 365 E3 to Microsoft 365 Business Premium

Microsoft 365 商務進階版具有您的小型企業所需的一切,結合了最佳的雲端架構應用程式與簡單的裝置管理和安全性。Microsoft 365 Business Premium has everything you need for your small business, combining the best-in-class cloud-based productivity apps with simple device management and security. 如果您目前已有 Office 365 E3 訂閱,但沒有超過300名員工,請考慮切換至 Microsoft 365 商務進階版以新增安全性功能。If you currently have an Office 365 E3 subscription, but don't have more than 300 employees, consider switching to Microsoft 365 Business Premium for added security features.

遷移非常簡單:先切換授權,您的目前訂閱中的所有資料和使用者資訊仍會維護。Migrating is easy: First you switch licenses and all your data and user information in your current subscription is maintained. 遷移之後,您必須設定 Microsoft 365 商務進階版中新增的功能。After the migration, you'll need to set up the features that are added in Microsoft 365 Business Premium.

Office 365 E3 和 Microsoft 365 商務進階版之間的差異Differences between Office 365 E3 and Microsoft 365 Business Premium

下表顯示 Microsoft 365 商務進階版和 Office 365 E3 之間的差異。This table shows the differences between Microsoft 365 Business Premium and Office 365 E3.

功能Feature Microsoft 365 商務進階版中的支援Support in Microsoft 365 Business Premium Office 365 E3 中的支援Support in Office 365 E3
Office 應用程式1Office apps1 Microsoft 365 Apps 商務版Microsoft 365 Apps for business Microsoft 365 Apps 企業版Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise
雲端生產力應用程式Cloud productivity apps
Exchange Online 和 OutlookExchange Online and Outlook 每個信箱 50 GB 儲存量限制,而不限 Exchange Online 封存50 GB storage limit per mailbox and unlimited Exchange Online Archiving 每個信箱 100 GB 儲存量限制,而不限 Exchange Online 封存100 GB storage limit per mailbox and unlimited Exchange Online Archiving
TeamsTeams 包含 Microsoft 365 商務進階版 包含 Office 365 E3
商務用 OneDriveOneDrive for Business 每個使用者 1 TB 的儲存空間限制1 TB storage limit per user 無限制Unlimited
Yammer、SharePoint Online、Planner、StreamYammer, SharePoint Online, Planner, Stream 包含 Microsoft 365 商務進階版 包含 Office 365 E3
StaffHubStaffHub 包含 Microsoft 365 商務進階版 包含 Office 365 E3
威脅防護Threat Protection
適用於 Office 365 的 Defender 方案 1Defender for Office 365 Plan 1 包含 Microsoft 365 商務進階版 不包含,但可以新增于Not included, but can be added on
身分識別管理Identity management
混合式 Azure Active Directory 的自助密碼重設 (Azure ad) 帳戶,azure ad 多重要素驗證 (MFA) ,條件式存取,針對內部部署身分識別的密碼回寫。Self-service password reset for hybrid Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) accounts, Azure AD multi-factor authentication (MFA), Conditional Access, password writeback for on-premises identities 包含 Microsoft 365 商務進階版
裝置和應用程式管理Device and app management
Microsoft Intune,Windows AutoPilotMicrosoft Intune, Windows AutoPilot 包含 Microsoft 365 商務進階版
共用電腦啟用Shared computer activation 包含 Microsoft 365 商務進階版 包含 Office 365 E3
從 Win 7/8.1 Pro 授權 Windows 10 專業版的升級許可權Upgrade rights to Windows 10 Pro from Win 7/8.1 Pro licenses 包含 Microsoft 365 商務進階版
資訊保護Information protection
Office 365 資料外洩防護Office 365 Data Loss Prevention 包含 Microsoft 365 商務進階版 包含 Office 365 E3
Azure 資訊保護方案1,BitLocker 強制執行Azure Information Protection Plan 1, BitLocker enforcement 包含 Microsoft 365 商務進階版
Azure 資訊保護方案1,敏感度標籤Azure Information Protection Plan 1, Sensitivity labels 包含 Microsoft 365 商務進階版
用戶端存取許可證 (CAL 許可權)Client Access License (CAL rights)
EnterpriseCAL 套件 (Exchange、SharePoint、Skype) Enterprise CAL Suite (Exchange, SharePoint, Skype) 包含 Office 365 E3

1 Office 應用程式的 Microsoft 365 商務進階版版本不包括透過群組原則、應用程式遙測、更新控制項、試算表比較和查詢或商務智慧的大量啟用。1 The Microsoft 365 Business Premium version of the Office apps doesn't include volume activation through Group Policy, app telemetry, update controls, spreadsheet compare and inquire, or business Intelligence.


若要 Microsoft 365 商務進階版將您的訂閱遷移,請參閱手動變更計畫,以取得相關指示。To migrate your subscription, see Change plans manually for instructions if you want to move just a few people to Microsoft 365 Business Premium. 您也可以自動升級所有人,或與合作夥伴合作,將 E3 訂閱和授權移至 Microsoft 365 商務進階版訂閱。You can also upgrade everyone automatically, or work with a partner to move your E3 subscription and licenses to a Microsoft 365 Business Premium subscription. 下列各節說明您需要做的變更(若有的話),以及遷移後可以執行的動作。The following sections describe the changes you need to make, if any, and what you can do after the migration.

Office 365E3 訂閱設定和資料Office 365 E3 subscription configuration and data

您不需要在遷移之前對目前的訂閱或資料做任何變更,包括:You don't need to do any changes to your current subscription or data before migrating, which includes:

  • 訂閱設定,例如 DNS 記錄和功能變數名稱。Subscription configuration, such as DNS records and domain names.
  • 使用者和群群組帳戶及驗證設定,例如多重因素驗證或條件式存取原則。User and group accounts and authentication settings, such as multi factor authentication or conditional access policies.
  • 生產力服務設定及其資料,例如 Teams、Exchange Online 信箱、SharePoint 線上網站、商務用 OneDrive 資料夾及 OneNote 筆記本。Productivity service configurations and their data, such as Teams, Exchange Online mailboxes, SharePoint Online sites, OneDrive for Business folders, and OneNote notebooks.
  • Office 應用程式會自動縮放。Office applications will scale automatically. Office 365 新式授權會每72小時檢查一次使用者的授權指派,並將 Office 應用程式轉換成符合使用者訂閱的版本。Office 365 modern licensing will check the user’s license assignment every 72 hours and will convert Office applications to the version that matches the user subscription.

Windows 10Windows 10

如果您的 Windows 尚未 Windows Pro 建立者更新,請將其升級為 Windows Pro 創意者更新If your Windows aren't already on Windows Pro Creator update, upgrade them to Windows Pro Creators Update.

設定保護使用者裝置及檔的原則Set up policies to protect user devices and files


如果您設定 Office 365 MDM 原則和裝置,這些裝置將會列在 Microsoft 365 系統管理中心的 [裝置] 頁面上。If you set up Office 365 MDM policies and devices, those devices will be listed on the Devices page in the Microsoft 365 admin center. 您設定的任何原則都會顯示在 Intune 入口網站的經典原則清單中。Any policies you set up will show up in the list of classic policies in the Intune portal.

指派授權給 Microsoft 365 商務進階版之後,您可以開始保護使用者的裝置和檔案。After you have assigned licenses to Microsoft 365 Business Premium, you can start protecting the users' devices and files.

如果您已將組織中的每個人升級為 Microsoft 365 商務進階版,您會在首頁上看到安裝精靈,並且可以遵循安裝精靈的設定 Microsoft 365 商務進階版中的步驟,以保護檔案和行動裝置。If you upgraded everyone in your organization to Microsoft 365 Business Premium, you'll see the setup wizard on the Home page, and can follow the Set up Microsoft 365 Business Premium in the setup wizard steps to protect files and mobile devices.

您也可以在 [裝置] 頁面上完成這些步驟:You can also complete these steps on the Devices page:

  1. 在系統管理中心的左側導覽中,移至 [ 裝置 > 原則]。In the admin center, in the left nav, go to Devices > Policies.

  2. 在 [ 裝置原則 ] 頁面上,選擇 [ 新增]。On the Device policies page, choose Add.

  3. 在 [ 新增原則 ] 窗格中,將原則命名為 [名稱],然後從下拉式清單中選擇 原則類型In the Add policy pane give the policy a name, and then choose a Policy type from the drop-down.

    您可以設定應用程式原則來保護 Android 和 iPhone 裝置上的檔案,以及 Windows 10,也可以為擁有 Windows 10 裝置的公司設定裝置配置原則。You can set up application policies for protecting files on Android and iPhone devices, as well as Windows 10, and you can set up device configuration policies for company owned Windows 10 devices. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱下列連結:See the following links for details:

  1. 一旦您設定原則,您和您的員工便可以設定裝置:Once you set up policies, you and your employees can set up devices:

信箱大小Mailbox Size

Microsoft 365 商務進階版在使用 Exchange Online 方案1時,其使用的儲存量限制為 50 GB。Microsoft 365 Business Premium has a 50 GB storage limit as it uses Exchange Online Plan 1. 在遷移至 Microsoft 365 商務進階版時,如果您的任何使用者超過 50 GB 的信箱儲存空間,建議您指派此使用者 Exchange Online 計畫2並移除 Exchange Online 方案1,因為這兩者都不可行。While migrating to Microsoft 365 Business Premium, if any of your users exceed 50 GB of mailbox storage, it is recommended that you assign this user an Exchange Online Plan 2 and remove the Exchange Online Plan 1 as it's not feasible to assign both.

威脅防護Threat protection

在遷移至 Microsoft 365 商務進階版後,您就能使用 Office 365 的 Defender。After migrating to Microsoft 365 Business Premium, you have Defender for Office 365. 如需概述,請參閱Microsoft Defender Office 365See Microsoft Defender for Office 365 for an overview. 若要設定,請參閱設定安全連結設定安全附件,並在 Office 365 中設定 Defender 中的反網路釣魚To set up, see set up Safe Links, set up Safe Attachments, and set up Anti-phishing in Defender for Office 365.

敏感度標籤Sensitivity labels

若要開始使用敏感度標籤,請參閱 敏感度標籤建立及管理敏感度標籤 影片。To start using sensitivity labels, see Overview of sensitivity labels and create and manage sensitivity labels video.

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設定或編輯 Windows 10 裝置的應用程式保護設定 (文章) Set or edit application protection settings for Windows 10 devices (article)