MDM 和 MAM 之間的差異Difference between MDM and MAM

Microsoft 365 商務版特優為您提供許多方式來保護您的商務資料。Microsoft 365 Business Premium offers a number of ways for you to protect your business data. 如需自動設定的各種保護,以及您可以自行設定以進一步保護您的業務,請參閱Microsoft 365 商務版 Premium 的概述See Overview of Microsoft 365 Business Premium for more about the various protections that are automatically set up, and what you can set up yourself to further protect your business. 您也可以設定原則,以保護您的 Windows 10 裝置和行動裝置中的資料。You can also set up policies that protect your Windows 10 devices and the data in your mobile devices. 設定 Windows 10 裝置的應用程式保護設定Set application protection settings for Windows 10 devices.

行動裝置管理或 MDMMobile device management or MDM

Microsoft 365 商務版功能可讓您設定保護 Windows 10 裝置資料的原則。Microsoft 365 Business Premium lets you set up policies that protect data on your Windows 10 devices. 當裝置處於行動裝置管理下時,您可以控制整個裝置,並且可以從該裝置中清除資料,也可以將其重設為出廠設定。When a device is under mobile device management, you control the entire device, and can wipe data from it, and also reset it to factory settings. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱設定 Windows 10 電腦的裝置保護設定For more information, see Set device protection settings for Windows 10 PCs.

行動應用程式管理或 MAMMobile application management or MAM

行動應用程式管理可讓您控制使用者個人裝置中的商務資料,例如 Iphone 和 Androids,以及其個人勝10部電腦。Mobile application management lets you control your business data in your users' personal devices, such as iPhones and Androids, and their personal Win 10 computers. 您可以使用應用程式管理原則,以防止使用者將商務資料從 Office 應用程式複製到其個人應用程式。You can use application management policies to prevent your users from copying business data from Office apps to their personal apps. 您也可以移除其個人裝置上 Office 應用程式中的所有資料。You can also remove all data from the Office apps on their personal devices. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱設定適用于 Android 或 iOS 裝置的 app 保護設定,以及設定 Windows 10 裝置的應用程式保護設定For more information, see Set app protection settings for Android or iOS devices and Set application protection settings for Windows 10 devices.