設定連接器以封存 .EML 資料Set up a connector to archive EML data

使用 Microsoft 365 規範中心內的 Globanet 連接器,將 .EML 資料匯入至您的 Microsoft 365 組織中的使用者信箱,並將其封存。Use a Globanet connector in the Microsoft 365 compliance center to import and archive EML data to user mailboxes in your Microsoft 365 organization. .EML 是儲存在檔案中的電子郵件的副檔名。EML is the file extension for an email message saved to a file. 連接器會將專案的內容從來源格式轉換為電子郵件訊息格式,然後將該專案匯入至使用者信箱。The connector converts the content of an item from the source format to an email message format and then imports the item to a user mailbox.

當 .EML 郵件儲存在使用者信箱之後,您可以套用 Microsoft 365 合規性功能,例如訴訟暫止、eDiscovery,以及保留原則和保留標籤。After EML messages are stored in user mailboxes, you can apply Microsoft 365 compliance features such as Litigation Hold, eDiscovery, and retention policies and retention labels. 在 Microsoft 365 中使用 .EML 連接器匯入和封存資料,可協助您的組織符合政府和法規原則。Using an EML connector to import and archive data in Microsoft 365 can help your organization stay compliant with government and regulatory policies.

封存 .EML 資料的概覽Overview of archiving EML data

下列概要說明如何使用連接器來封存 Microsoft 365 中的 .EML 資料。The following overview explains the process of using a connector to archive EML data in Microsoft 365.

用於 .EML 資料的封存工作流程

  1. 您的組織與 .EML 來源搭配使用,以設定和設定 .EML 網站。Your organization works with the EML source to set up and configure an EML site.

  2. 每隔24小時,來自 .EML 來源的內容專案會複製到 Globanet Merge1 網站。Once every 24 hours, content items from the EML source are copied to the Globanet Merge1 site. 在此程式中,已將 .EML 檔案的內容轉換成電子郵件格式。During this process, the content of an EML file is converted to an email message format.

  3. 您在 Microsoft 365 規範中心建立的 .EML 連接器會每天連線到 Globanet Merge1 網站,並將郵件傳輸至 Microsoft 雲端中的安全 Azure 存放位置。The EML connector that you create in the Microsoft 365 compliance center, connects to the Globanet Merge1 site every day and transfers the messages to a secure Azure Storage location in the Microsoft cloud.

  4. 連接器會使用 步驟 3中所述之自動使用者對應程式的 Email 屬性值,將已轉換的訊息項目匯入特定使用者的信箱。The connector imports the converted message items to the mailboxes of specific users using the value of the Email property of the automatic user mapping process that's described in Step 3. 在此程式中,會在使用者信箱中建立名為 .eml 之 [收件匣] 資料夾中的子資料夾,並且將 .eml 專案匯入該資料夾。During this process, a subfolder in the Inbox folder named EML is created in the user mailboxes, and the EML items are imported to that folder. 連接器會使用 Email 屬性的值來決定要匯入專案的信箱。The connector determines which mailbox to import items to by using the value of the Email property. 每封郵件都包含此內容,該屬性會填入內容專案每個參與者的電子郵件地址。Every message contains this property, which is populated with the email address of every participant of the content item.

開始之前Before you begin

  • 為 Microsoft connector 建立 Globanet Merge1 帳戶。Create a Globanet Merge1 account for Microsoft connectors. 若要建立帳戶,請與 Globanet 客戶支援人員聯繫。To create an account, contact Globanet Customer Support. 當您在步驟1中建立連接器時,您會登入此帳戶。You will sign into this account when you create the connector in Step 1.

  • 在步驟1中建立 .EML 連接器的使用者 (,並在步驟 3) 中完成,必須將其指派給 Exchange Online 中的信箱匯入匯出角色。The user who creates the EML connector in Step 1 (and completes it in Step 3) must be assigned to the Mailbox Import Export role in Exchange Online. 在 Microsoft 365 規範中心的 [ 資料連線器 ] 頁面上新增連接器時,此角色是必要的。This role is required to add connectors on the Data connectors page in the Microsoft 365 compliance center. 根據預設,此角色不會指派給 Exchange Online 中的角色群組。By default, this role is not assigned to a role group in Exchange Online. 您可以將信箱匯入匯出角色新增至 Exchange Online 中的「組織管理」角色群組。You can add the Mailbox Import Export role to the Organization Management role group in Exchange Online. 或者,您可以建立角色群組、指派信箱匯入匯出角色,然後將適當的使用者新增為成員。Or you can create a role group, assign the Mailbox Import Export role, and then add the appropriate users as members. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱「管理 Exchange Online 中的角色群組」一文中的 [ 建立角色群組修改角色群組 ] 區段。For more information, see the Create role groups or Modify role groups sections in the article "Manage role groups in Exchange Online".

步驟1:設定 .EML 連接器Step 1: Set up an EML Connector

第一步是存取 Microsoft 365 規範中心的 [ 資料連線器 ] 頁面,並建立用於 .eml 資料的連接器。The first step is to access to the Data Connectors page in the Microsoft 365 compliance center and create a connector for EML data.

  1. 移至 https://compliance.microsoft.com ,然後按一下 [資料連線器 > .eml]。Go to https://compliance.microsoft.com and then click Data connectors > EML.

  2. 在 [ .eml 產品描述] 頁面上,按一下 [ 新增連接器]。On the EML product description page, click Add connector.

  3. 在 [ 服務條款 ] 頁面上,按一下 [ 接受]。On the Terms of service page, click Accept.

  4. 輸入識別連接器的唯一名稱,然後按 [下一步]Enter a unique name that identifies the connector, and then click Next.

  5. 登入您的 Merge1 帳戶以設定連接器。Sign in to your Merge1 account to configure the connector.

步驟2:在 Globanet Merge1 網站上設定 .EML 連接器Step 2: Configure the EML connector on the Globanet Merge1 site

第二個步驟是在 Globanet Merge1 網站上設定 .EML 連接器。The second step is to configure the EML connector on the Globanet Merge1 site. 如需設定 .EML 連接器的詳細資訊,請參閱 Merge1 Third-Party Connector User GuideFor information about configuring the EML connector, see Merge1 Third-Party Connectors User Guide.

按一下 [儲存] & 完成 之後,就會顯示 Microsoft 365 規範中心內 [連接器] 嚮導中的 [ 使用者對應 ] 頁面。After you click Save & Finish, the User mapping page in the connector wizard in the Microsoft 365 compliance center is displayed.

步驟3:對應使用者並完成連接器設定Step 3: Map users and complete the connector setup

若要對應使用者,並完成 Microsoft 365 規範中心內的連接器設定,請遵循下列步驟:To map users and complete the connector setup in the Microsoft 365 compliance center, follow these steps:

  1. 在 [將 外部使用者對應至 Microsoft 365 使用者 ] 頁面上,啟用自動使用者對應。On the Map external users to Microsoft 365 users page, enable automatic user mapping. .EML 來源專案包括稱為「 電子郵件」的屬性,其中包含組織中使用者的電子郵件地址。The EML source items include a property called Email, which contains email addresses for users in your organization. 如果連接器可以將此位址與 Microsoft 365 使用者產生關聯,則將 .EML 專案匯入該使用者的信箱。If the connector can associate this address with a Microsoft 365 user, the EML items are imported to that user’s mailbox.

  2. [下一步],複查您的設定,然後移至 [ 資料連線器 ] 頁面,以查看新連接器的匯入程式的進度。Click Next, review your settings, and then go to the Data connectors page to see the progress of the import process for the new connector.

步驟4:監視 .EML 連接器Step 4: Monitor the EML connector

在您建立 .EML 連接器之後,您可以在 Microsoft 365 規範中心中查看連接器狀態。After you create the EML connector, you can view the connector status in the Microsoft 365 compliance center.

  1. 移至 https://compliance.microsoft.com 並按一下左側導覽中的 [ 資料連線器 ]。Go to https://compliance.microsoft.com and click Data connectors in the left nav.

  2. 按一下 [ 連接器 ] 索引標籤,然後選取 [ .eml 連接器] 以顯示飛出頁面。Click the Connectors tab and then select the EML connector to display the flyout page. 此頁面包含連接器的屬性和資訊。This page contains the properties and information about the connector.

  3. 在 [ 連接器狀態與來源] 底下,按一下 [ 下載記錄 ] 連結,以開啟連接器的狀態記錄 (或儲存) 。Under Connector status with source, click the Download log link to open (or save) the status log for the connector. 此記錄檔包含已匯入至 Microsoft 雲端之資料的相關資訊。This log contains information about the data that has been imported to the Microsoft cloud.

已知問題Known issues

  • 此時,我們不支援匯入大於 10 MB 的附件或專案。At this time, we don't support importing attachments or items that are larger than 10 MB. 稍後將提供對較大專案的支援。Support for larger items will be available at a later date.