Azure Active Directory Connect (AAD Connect) 和 Azure Directory Federated Services (ADFS)Azure Active Directory Connect (AAD Connect) and Azure Directory Federated Services (ADFS)


如果您想要整合您的內部部署 active directory 與 O365,然後繼續執行此步驟。If you intend to integrate your on-premise active directory with O365, then proceed with this step. 如果您不需要整合內部部署 active directory,並想要佈建僅限雲端身分識別,請繼續進行「 學校資料同步處理您的 SIS。If you don’t need to integrate on-premise active directory, and intend to provision cloud-only identities, proceed to Sync your SIS with School Data Sync.

從內部部署 Active Directory移到 Microsoft 教育版最有效率路徑使用AAD Connect 密碼同步處理Express 組態The most efficient path to Moving to Microsoft Education from on-Premise Active Directory is using AAD Connect with Password Sync and the Express Configuration. 如果您需要從您自己的內部部署 Active Directory 管理密碼驗證要求,可使用[Passthrough 驗證] 選項]( 連線。If you need to manage password authentication requests from your own on premise Active Directory, use the Passthrough Authentication Option with AAD Connect. 最後,如果您需要內部 managed 多重要素驗證 (MFA)、 Active Directory 同盟服務 (ADFS)將會需要。Finally, if you need on-premise managed Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS) will be required.