Office 365 GCC High 的 DNS 記錄DNS records for Office 365 GCC High

本文適用于 Office 365 GCC 高和 Microsoft 365 GCC 高This article applies to Office 365 GCC High and Microsoft 365 GCC High

當您加入 Office 365 GCC 高的一部分時,您必須將您的 SMTP 和 SIP 網域新增至您的線上服務租使用者。As part of onboarding to Office 365 GCC High, you will need to add your SMTP and SIP domains to your Online Services tenant. 您將使用 Azure AD PowerShell 中的 MsolDomain Cmdlet 來執行這項作業,或使用 Azure 政府入口網站 來開始新增網域及證明擁有權的程式。You’ll do this using the New-MsolDomain cmdlet in Azure AD PowerShell or use the Azure Government Portal to start the process of adding the domain and proving ownership.

當您將網域新增至租使用者並加以驗證之後,請使用下列指引為下列服務新增適當的 DNS 記錄。Once you have your domains added to your tenant and validated, use the following guidance to add the appropriate DNS records for the services below. 您可能需要修改下表,以符合組織對輸入 MX 記錄 () s 的需求,以及您已具備的任何現有 Exchange 自動探索記錄 () 。You may need to modify the below table to fit your organization’s needs with respect to the inbound MX record(s) and any existing Exchange Autodiscover record(s) you have in place. 強烈建議您將這些 DNS 記錄與您的郵件小組協調,以避免任何中斷或錯誤傳送電子郵件。We strongly recommend coordinating these DNS records with your messaging team to avoid any outages or mis-delivery of email.

Exchange OnlineExchange Online

Type (類型)Type Priority (優先順序)Priority 主機名稱Host name 指向 [位址] 或 [值]Points to address or value TTLTTL
MXMX 00 @ * * (請參閱下方的其他詳細資料) (see below for additional details) 1 Hour1 Hour
TXTTXT - @ v = spf1 包含: office365。美國所有v=spf1 -all 1 小時1 Hour
CNAMECNAME - autodiscoverautodiscover 1 Hour1 Hour

Exchange 自動探索記錄Exchange Autodiscover record

如果您有 Exchange Server 內部部署,建議您在遷移至 Exchange Online 時保留現有的記錄,並在完成遷移時更新該記錄。If you have Exchange Server on-premises, we recommend leaving your existing record in place while you migrate to Exchange Online, and update that record once you have completed your migration.

Exchange Online MX 記錄Exchange Online MX Record

公認的網域的 MX 記錄值遵循如上所述的標準 格式:,以您的預設租使用者名稱的第一個部分取代 承租人The MX record value for your accepted domains follows a standard format as noted above:, replacing tenant with the first part of your default tenant name.

例如,如果您的租使用者名稱是,您可以使用 做為 MX 記錄的值。For example, if your tenant name is, you’d use as the value for your MX record.

商務用 Skype OnlineSkype for Business Online

CNAME 記錄CNAME records

類型Type 主機名稱Host name 指向 [位址] 或 [值]Points to address or value TTLTTL
CNAMECNAME sipsip 1 小時1 Hour
CNAMECNAME lyncdiscoverlyncdiscover 1 Hour1 Hour

SRV 記錄SRV records

Type (類型)Type Service (服務)Service Protocol (通訊協定)Protocol Port (連接埠)Port 字體粗細Weight 優先順序Priority 名稱Name Target (目標)Target TTLTTL
SRVSRV _sip_sip _Tls_tls 443443 11 100100 @ 1 Hour (1 小時)1 Hour
SRVSRV _sipfederationtls_sipfederationtls _Tcp_tcp 50615061 11 100100 @ 1 Hour1 Hour

其他 DNS 記錄Additional DNS records


如果您的 DNS 區域中有現有的 msoid CNAME 記錄,您必須在這段時間內從 DNS 移除 記錄。If you have an existing msoid CNAME record in your DNS zone, you must remove the record from DNS at this time. Msoid 記錄與 Microsoft 365 企業版應用程式不相容 * (以前的 Office 365 ProPlus) * 而且會使啟用不再成功。The msoid record is incompatible with Microsoft 365 Enterprise Apps (formerly Office 365 ProPlus) and will prevent activation from succeeding.