Microsoft 365 的身分識別藍圖Identity roadmap for Microsoft 365

在適用于企業的 Microsoft 365 中,已規劃好且執行的身分識別基礎結構會 paves 更高的安全性,包括限制生產力工作負載的存取,以及將其資料限制為僅限已驗證的使用者和裝置。In Microsoft 365 for enterprise, a well-planned and executed identity infrastructure paves the way for stronger security, including restricting access to your productivity workloads and their data to only authenticated users and devices.

如需適用于企業的 Microsoft 365 身分識別模型及驗證,請觀看這段影片。For an overview of identity models and authentication for Microsoft 365 for enterprise, watch this video.

如需每個 Microsoft 365 for enterprise plan 的身分識別功能的相關資訊,Azure Active Directory 的角色、內部部署和雲端式元件,以及最常見的驗證設定,請參閱 Identity 基礎結構海報For information about the identity features of each Microsoft 365 for enterprise plan, the role of Azure Active Directory, both the on-premises and cloud-based components, and the most common authentication configurations, see the Identity Infrastructure poster.

身分識別基礎結構海報The Identity Infrastructure poster

請複習這兩頁海報,以快速提升 Microsoft 365 for enterprise 的身分識別概念和設定。Review this two-page poster to quickly ramp up on identity concepts and configurations for Microsoft 365 for enterprise.

您也可以 下載此標牌 ,並以 letter、法律或卡片 (11 x 17) 格式來列印。You can also download this poster and can print it in letter, legal, or tabloid (11 x 17) format.


若要規劃您的身分識別實現:To plan for your identity implementation:


若要部署您的身分識別實現:To deploy your identity implementation:

身分識別與裝置存取建議Identity and device access recommendations

為了協助確保安全且有效的工作力,Microsoft 會為身分 識別與裝置存取提供一組建議。To help ensure a secure and productive workforce, Microsoft provides a set of recommendations for identity and device access. 若為身分識別,請使用下列文章中的建議與設定:For identity, use the recommendations and settings in these articles:


若要管理您的 Microsoft 365 身分識別部署,請參閱:To manage your Microsoft 365 identity deployment, see:

Microsoft 對 Microsoft 365 的身分識別方式How Microsoft does identity for Microsoft 365

了解 Microsoft 的 IT 專家如何使用管理身分識別和保護存取Learn how IT experts at Microsoft manage identities and secure access.


這項 IT 展示只有英文版的資源。This IT Showcase resource is available only in English.

Contoso 對 Microsoft 365 的身分識別方式How Contoso did identity for Microsoft 365

如需虛構但具有代表性的跨國組織如何部署 Microsoft 365 雲端服務的混合式身分識別基礎結構的範例,請參閱 Contoso Corporation的身分識別。For an example of how a fictional but representative multinational organization has deployed a hybrid identity infrastructure for Microsoft 365 cloud services, see Identity for the Contoso Corporation.

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以身分 識別模型開始您的身分識別規劃。Start your identity planning with Identity models.