Windows 和 Office 部署實驗室套件Windows and Office deployment lab kit

Windows 和 Office 部署實驗室套件的設計目的是協助您規劃、測試及驗證執行 Windows 10 企業版和 Microsoft 365 應用程式企業版的桌面機部署和管理。The Windows and Office deployment lab kit is designed to help you plan, test, and validate your deployment and management of desktops running Windows 10 Enterprise and Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise. 套件封面中的實驗室使用 Microsoft 端點設定管理員、桌面分析、Office 自訂工具、OneDrive、Windows Autopilot 等等。The labs in the kit cover using Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager, Desktop Analytics, the Office Customization Tool, OneDrive, Windows Autopilot, and more.

強烈建議使用此套件做為 Windows 8.1 升級至 Windows 10 的組織。This kit is highly recommended for organizations preparing for Windows 8.1 upgrades to Windows 10. 如果您目前使用 Windows 10、Microsoft 365 應用程式的 enterprise (以前版本的 Office 365 ProPlus) 或 Office 2019 也是如此。It also applies if you're currently using Windows 10, Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise (formerly Office 365 ProPlus), or Office 2019. 在隔離環境中,產生的實驗室非常適合用來探索部署工具的更新,並測試部署相關的自動化。As an isolated environment, the resulting lab is ideal for exploring deployment tool updates and testing your deployment-related automation.

下載 Windows 和 Office 部署的 Lab KitDownload the Windows and Office Deployment Lab Kit.

完整的實驗室環境A complete lab environment

套件為您提供自動布建的虛擬實驗室環境(包括已加入網域的桌面用戶端、網域控制站、Internet 閘道和完全設定的 Configuration Manager 實例)。The kit provides you with an automatically provisioned virtual lab environment, including domain-joined desktop clients, a domain controller, an Internet gateway, and a fully configured Configuration Manager instance. 套件包含下列產品的最新評估版本:The kit contains the latest evaluation versions of the following products:

  • 新增!NEW! Windows 10 企業版,版本20H2Windows 10 Enterprise, Version 20H2
  • Windows 7 企業版Windows 7 Enterprise
  • Microsoft 端點 Configuration Manager,版本 2010 *Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager, Version 2010*
  • Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit for Windows 10Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit for Windows 10
  • Microsoft Deployment ToolkitMicrosoft Deployment Toolkit
  • Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V)Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V)
  • Microsoft BitLocker Administration and MonitoringMicrosoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring
  • Windows ServerWindows Server
  • Microsoft SQL ServerMicrosoft SQL Server

產生的實驗設計為連線到的實驗:The resulting lab is designed to be connected to trials for:

  • Microsoft 365 E5Microsoft 365 E5
  • Office 365 E5 搭配 Enterprise 可移動性 + Security (EMS) Office 365 E5 with Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)

逐步實驗室Step-by-step labs

詳細的實驗室指南可透過多個部署和管理案例來引導您。Detailed lab guides take you through multiple deployment and management scenarios. 我們已為最新版本的 Intune 和 Configuration Manager 更新實驗室。The labs have been updated for the latest versions of Intune and Configuration Manager.

規劃及準備基礎結構Plan and prepare infrastructure

  • 電腦分析Desktop Analytics
  • 雲端管理閘道 & 雲端發佈點Cloud Management Gateway & Cloud Distribution Point
  • 租使用者附加、共同管理及切換工作負載Tenant attach, co-management, and switching workloads
  • (VPN) 的遠端存取Remote access (VPN)

準備設定Prepare configuration

  • 優化 Windows 10 更新傳遞Optimize Windows 10 update delivery
  • 使用群組原則維護 Windows 10Servicing Windows 10 using Group Policy
  • 使用 Microsoft Intune 服務 Windows 10Servicing Windows 10 using Microsoft Intune
  • 使用 Configuration Manager 維護 Windows 10Servicing Windows 10 with Configuration Manager
  • 使用 Configuration Manager 服務企業的 Microsoft 365 應用程式Servicing Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise using Configuration Manager
  • 使用 Intune 服務 Microsoft 365 應用程式 enterpriseServicing Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise using Intune
  • 安全性與合規性Security and compliance

準備應用程式Prepare applications

  • 適用于 Office 的準備工作工具Readiness Toolkit for Office
  • MSIX Win32 應用程式的打包及轉換MSIX Packaging and Conversion of Win32 applications

部署 Windows 10Deploy Windows 10

  • Configuration Manager 中的作業系統部署工作順序OS Deployment task sequences in Configuration Manager
  • Microsoft 部署工具組中的作業系統部署工作順序 (MDT) OS Deployment task sequences in the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT)
  • Windows AutopilotWindows Autopilot
  • 部署及管理新的 Microsoft EdgeDeploy and manage the new Microsoft Edge

部署 Microsoft 365 Apps 企業版Deploy Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise

  • 雲端管理部署Cloud managed deployment
  • 本機管理的部署Locally managed deployment
  • 在非 AD 上加入裝置上進行企業部署的 Microsoft 365 應用程式Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise Deployment on Non-AD Joined Devices
  • 使用 Configuration Manager 的企業管理部署Enterprise managed deployment using Configuration Manager
  • 使用 Microsoft Intune 進行企業管理的部署Enterprise managed deployment using Microsoft Intune
  • 使用 Microsoft Intune 進行 LOB 部署和管理LOB Deployment and Management with Microsoft Intune
  • 部署 Microsoft 團隊Deploy Microsoft Teams

部署 Windows 虛擬桌面Deploy Windows Virtual Desktop

  • Prepare、deploy、optimizePrepare, deploy, optimize

哪裡可以找到 Windows 和 Office 部署實驗室工具組Where to find the Windows and Office Deployment Lab Kit

下載 Windows 和 Office 部署的 Lab KitDownload the Windows and Office Deployment Lab Kit.

  • 已安裝的基準版本2002可使用和內部主控台更新更新成版本2010。The installed baseline version 2002 can be updated to Version 2010 using and in-console update. 請使用廣泛的網際網路連線來下載此內容,並允許自動布建的30-45 分鐘。Please use a broad bandwidth Internet connection to download this content and allow 30-45 minutes for automatic provisioning. 實驗室環境至少需要 16 GB 的可用記憶體和 150 GB 可用磁碟空間。The lab environment requires a minimum of 16 GB of available memory and 150 GB of free disk space. 為了達到最佳效能,建議使用 32 GB 的可用記憶體和 300 GB 的可用空間。For optimal performance, 32 GB of available memory and 300 GB of free space is recommended. 套件會到期,2021年5月2日。The kit expires May 2, 2021. 在到期之前會發佈新的版本。A new version will be published prior to expiration.

其他指引Additional guidance