Microsoft 365 network connectivity test 工具 (預覽) Microsoft 365 network connectivity test tool (preview)

Microsoft 365 network connectivity test 工具位於 Microsoft 365 network connectivity test tool is located at 其為輔助工具,可在 Microsoft 365 系統管理中心的 [ 健康情況 |] 底下使用網路評估和網路洞察力資訊。連接 功能表。It is an adjunct tool to the network assessment and network insights information available in the Microsoft 365 admin center under the Health | Connectivity menu.


請務必登入您的 Microsoft 365 租使用者,因為在您登入時,所有的測試報告都會與您的系統管理員共用,並上傳至租使用者。It is important to sign in to your Microsoft 365 tenant as all test reports are shared with your administrator and uploaded to the tenant while you are signed in.

Connectivity test 工具


Network connectivity test 工具支援位於 WW 和德國的承租人,但不支援 GCC 適中、GCC 高、DoD 或中國。The network connectivity test tool supports tenants in WW Commercial and Germany but not GCC Moderate, GCC High, DoD or China.

Microsoft 365 系統管理中心的網路洞察力是以週期性產品測量值為基礎,針對每日進行匯總的 Microsoft 365 租使用者。The network insights in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center are based on regular in-product measurements for your Microsoft 365 tenant which are aggregated each day. 相比之下,來自 Microsoft 365 網路連線測試的網路洞察力會在本機執行,並在工具中執行一次。In comparison, the network insights from the Microsoft 365 network connectivity test are run locally and one time in the tool. 您可以在產品中執行的測試是有限的,而且在使用者可以收集更多資料的地方執行測試時,可能會產生更深入的洞察力。Testing that can be done in-product is limited and by running tests local to the user more data can be gathered resulting in deeper insights. 請考慮,Microsoft 365 系統管理中心的網路洞察力會顯示在特定辦公室位置使用 Microsoft 365 的網路問題。Consider then that the network insights in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center will show that there is a networking problem for use of Microsoft 365 at a specific office location. Microsoft 365 連線測試可協助識別導致網路效能改進動作的問題根源。The Microsoft 365 connectivity test can help to identify the root cause of that problem leading to a recommended network performance improvement action.

建議您將這些功能搭配使用,讓您可以在 Microsoft 365 系統管理中心中評估每個辦公室位置的網路品質狀態,並且在部署以 Microsoft 365 連線測試為基礎的測試之後找到更多細節。We recommend that these be used together where networking quality status can be assessed for each office location in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center and more specifics can be found after deployment of testing based on the Microsoft 365 connectivity test.


Microsoft 365 系統管理中心的網路洞察力、效能建議和評估目前處於預覽狀態,只適用于已在功能預覽計畫中註冊的 Microsoft 365 承租人。Network insights, performance recommendations and assessments in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center is currently in preview status, and is only available for Microsoft 365 tenants that have been enrolled in the feature preview program.

每個測試步驟會發生什麼事What happens at each test step

辦公室位置識別Office location identification

當您按一下 [執行測試] 按鈕時,會顯示 [正在執行的測試] 頁面,並識別辦公室位置。When you click the run test button we show the running test page and identify the office location. 您可以使用城市、州和國家輸入您的位置,也可以從網頁瀏覽器中偵測到該位置。You can type in your location by city, state, and country or you can have it detected from the web browser. 如果您偵測到這種情況,我們會從網頁瀏覽器要求緯度和經度,並在使用之前限制 300m 300m 的精確度。If you detect it then we request the latitude and longitude from the web browser and limit the accuracy to 300m by 300m before use. 之所以這麼做,是因為不需要更正確地識別位置,而不是網路效能的大樓。We do this because it is not necessary to identify the location more accurately than the building for network performance.

JavaScript 測試JavaScript tests

在 office 位置識別後,我們會在 JavaScript 中執行 TCP 延遲測試,我們會向服務要求有關使用中及建議的 Office 365 服務前端伺服器的資料。After office location identification we run a TCP latency test in JavaScript and we request data from the service about in-use and recommended Office 365 service front door servers. 完成這些工作之後,我們會在地圖和 [詳細資料] 索引標籤中顯示它們,以在下一個步驟之前查看。When these are completed we show them on the map and in the details tab where they can be viewed prior to the next step.

下載高級測試用戶端應用程式Download the advanced tests client application

接下來,我們將開始下載高級測試用戶端應用程式。Next we start the download of the advanced tests client application. 我們依靠使用者來啟動用戶端應用程式,而且也必須已安裝 .NET Core。We rely on the user to launch the client application and they must also have .NET Core installed.

Microsoft 365 網路連線測試有兩個部分; 可執行高級網路連線測試的網站和可下載的 Windows 用戶端應用程式。There are two parts to the Microsoft 365 network connectivity test; the web site and a downloadable Windows client application that runs advanced network connectivity tests. 大部分的測試都需要執行應用程式。Most of the tests require the application to be run. 它會在執行時,將結果填回網頁。It will populate results back into the web page as it runs.

網頁瀏覽器測試完成後,系統會提示您從網站下載高級用戶端測試應用程式。You will be prompted to download the advanced client test application from the web site after the web browser tests have completed. 出現提示時,開啟並執行檔。Open and run the file when prompted.


啟動 [高級測試] 用戶端應用程式Start the advanced tests client application

一旦用戶端應用程式啟動網頁,便會更新以顯示這種情況,而且測試資料將會開始接收到網頁。Once the client application starts the web page will update to show this and test data will start to be received to the web page. 它會在每次接收新資料時更新,您可以在資料到達時查看資料。It updates each time new data is received and you can review the data as it arrives.

已完成的高級測試及測試報表上載Advanced tests completed and test report upload

測試完成後,網頁和高級測試用戶端會同時指出這一點,而且如果使用者已登入測試報告,就會將其上傳至客戶租使用者。Once the tests are completed the web page and the advanced tests client will both indicate this and if the user is signed in the test report will be uploaded to the customers tenant.

共用您的測試報告Sharing your test report

測試報表需要登入您的 Office 365 帳戶。The test report requires sign-in to your Office 365 account. 您的系統管理員會選取如何共用您的測試報告。Your administrator selects how you can share your test report.

與系統管理員共用您的報表Sharing your report with your administrator

登入時的所有測試報告都會與您的系統管理員共用。All test reports while you are signed in are shared with your administrator.

與您的 Microsoft 帳戶小組、支援或其他人員共用Sharing with your Microsoft account team, support or other personnel

不含任何個人身分識別的測試報告會與 Microsoft 員工共用。Test reports excluding any personal identification are shared with Microsoft employees. 預設為啟用,您的系統管理員可以在 健康情況 | 中停用此項。 Microsoft 365 系統管理中心的 [網路連接] 頁面。This is enabled by default and can be disabled by your administrator in the Health | Network Connectivity page in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center.

與登入相同 Office 365 租使用者的其他使用者共用Sharing with other users who sign in to the same Office 365 tenant

您可以選擇要與其共用報告的使用者,且預設為啟用。You can choose users to share your report with and this is enabled by default. 您的系統管理員也可以停用此功能。It can also be disabled by your administrator.


您可以透過提供 ReportID 連結的存取權,與任何人共用您的測試報告。You can share your test report with anyone by providing access to a ReportID link. 這會產生 URL 供您傳送給某人,讓他們可以在未登入的情況下,顯示測試報表。This generates a URL that you can send to someone so that they can bring up the test report without signing in. 預設會停用此功能,必須由您的系統管理員加以啟用。This is disabled by default and must be enabled by your administrator.


網路連線測試結果Network Connectivity Test Results

結果會顯示在 [ 摘要 ] 和 [ 詳細資料 ] 索引標籤中。The results are shown in the Summary and Details tabs. [摘要] 索引標籤會顯示偵測到之網路周邊的對應,以及網路評估與附近其他 Office 365 客戶的比較。The summary tab shows a map of the detected network perimeter and a comparison of the network assessment to other Office 365 customers nearby. 它也允許共用測試報告。It also allows for sharing of the test report. [摘要結果] 視圖的外觀如下。Here's what the summary results view looks like.


以下是該工具顯示之詳細資料] 索引標籤輸出的範例。Here is an example of the details tab output that the tool shows. 在 [詳細資料] 索引標籤上,如果結果比對臨界值比較,我們會顯示綠色圓圈核取記號。On the details tab we show a green circle check mark if the result was compared favorably to a threshold. 如果結果超過表示網路洞察力的臨界值,我們就會顯示紅色三角形驚嘆號。We show a red triangle exclamation point if the result exceeded a threshold indicating a network insight. 下列各節說明每一個詳細資料索引標籤的結果列,並說明用於網路洞察力的門限。The following sections describe each of the details tab results rows and explains the thresholds used for network insights.

Network connectivity test 工具範例測試結果

您的位置資訊Your location information

本節顯示與您的位置相關的測試結果。This section shows test results related to your location.

您的位置Your location

使用者位置是從使用者網頁瀏覽器中偵測到,也可以在使用者選擇中輸入。The user location is detected from the users web browser, or it can be typed in at the users choice. 用來識別商業網路周邊特定部分的網路距離。It is used to identify network distances to specific parts of the enterprise network perimeter. 只有來自此位置偵測的城市和其他網路點的距離會儲存于報告中。Only the city from this location detection and the distance to other network points are saved in the report.

使用者辦公室位置會顯示在地圖視圖上。The user office location is shown on the map view.

網路出局位置 (網路連接至 ISP 的位置) Network egress location (the location where your network connects to your ISP)

我們會在伺服器端識別網路出局 IP 位址。We identify the network egress IP address on the server side. 位置資料庫是用來查詢網路出口的大致位置。Location databases are used to look up the approximate location for the network egress. 這些資料庫一般會有大約90% 的 IP 位址準確度。These databases typically have an accuracy of about 90% of IP addresses. 如果從網路出局 IP 位址查看的位置不正確,則此測試會導致錯誤結果。If the location looked up from the network egress IP address is not accurate then this would lead to a false result from this test. 若要驗證特定 IP 位址是否發生此錯誤,您可以使用可公開存取的網路 IP 位址位置網站,以與您的實際位置進行比較。To validate if this error is occurring for a specific IP address you can use publicly accessible network IP address location web sites to compare to your actual location.

網路出局位置的距離Your distance from the network egress location

我們決定從該位置到辦公室地點的距離。We determine the distance from that location to the office location. 這會顯示為網路洞察力,如果距離大於 500 英里 (800 公里) 因為這可能會使 TCP 延遲超過25ms,而且可能會影響使用者經驗。This is shown as a network insight if the distance is greater than 500 miles (800 kilometers) since that is likely to increase the TCP latency by more than 25ms and may affect user experience.

網路出局位置會顯示在地圖視圖上,並聯機至使用者辦公室位置,表示企業 WAN 內部的網路 backhaul。The network egress location is shown on the map view and connected to the user office location indicating the network backhaul inside of the enterprise WAN.

建議使用 Microsoft 365 網路連線,將使用者辦公室位置的本機和直接網路輸出實施至網際網路。Implementing local and direct network egress from user office locations to the Internet is recommended for Microsoft 365 network connectivity. 對本機和直接出口的增強功能是解決這種網路洞察力的最佳方式。Improvements to local and direct egress are the best way to address this network insight.

Proxy 伺服器資訊Proxy server information

我們識別在本機電腦上設定的 proxy 伺服器 (s) 。We identify proxy server(s) configured on the local machine. 我們會識別是否有任何在網路路徑中設定,以優化類別 Microsoft 365 網路流量。We identify if any of these are configured in the network path for optimize category Microsoft 365 network traffic. 我們識別從使用者辦公室位置到 proxy 伺服器的距離。We identify the distance from the user office location to the proxy servers. 會先透過 ICMP ping 測試距離,如果失敗,我們會使用 TCP ping 進行測試,最後如果失敗,我們會在 IP 位址位置資料庫中查詢 proxy 伺服器的 IP 位址。The distance is tested first by ICMP ping and if that fails we test with TCP ping and finally if that fails we look up the proxy server IP Address in an IP Address location database. 如果 proxy 伺服器的 500 英里後超過英里 (800 公里) 離開使用者辦公室位置,我們就會顯示網路洞察力。We show a network insight if the proxy server is further than 500 miles (800 kilometers) away from the user office location.

虛擬私人網路 (用來連接組織的 VPN) Virtual private network (VPN) you use to connect to your organization

這會偵測您是否使用 VPN 連線到 Office 365。This detects if you are using a VPN to connect to Office 365. 如果您沒有 VPN,或者您有 VPN 搭配 Office 365 的建議分割隧道設定,則會顯示傳遞結果。A passing result will show if you have no VPN, or if you have a VPN with recommended split tunnel configuration for Office 365.

VPN 分割隧道VPN Split Tunnel

Exchange Online 的每個最優化類別路由、SharePoint 線上,以及 Microsoft 團隊會進行測試,以查看其是否為 VPN 上的隧道功能。Each optimize category route for Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Microsoft Teams is tested to see if it is tunneled on the VPN or not. 分割的工作負載可以完全避免 VPN。A split out workload avoids the VPN entirely. 隧道工作負載全部透過 VPN 傳送。A tunneled workload is all sent over the VPN. 選擇性隧道工作負載會透過 VPN 傳送某些路由,並進行一些分割。如果所有工作負載都已分割或選擇性隧道,將會顯示傳遞結果。A selective tunneled workload has some routes sent over the VPN and some split out. A passing result will show if all workloads are split out or selective tunneled.

具有較佳效能的大都市區域中的客戶Customers in your metropolitan area with better performance

Exchange Online 服務前端的使用者辦公室位置的網路 TCP 延遲會與其他 Microsoft 365 客戶在相同大都市區域中進行比較。The network TCP latency of the user office location to the Exchange Online service front door is compared to other Microsoft 365 customers in the same metro area. 如果相同地鐵區域中10% 以上的客戶都具有較佳的效能,就會顯示網路洞察力。A network insight is shown if 10% or more of customers in the same metro area have better performance. 這表示在 Microsoft 365 使用者介面中,使用者的效能會比較好。This means their users will have better performance in the Microsoft 365 user interface.

在城市中的所有使用者都可以存取相同的電信基礎結構,以及對網際網路電路和 Microsoft 網路的接近程度,就會產生網路洞察力。This network insight is generated on the basis that all users in a city have access to the same telecommunications infrastructure and the same proximity to Internet circuits and Microsoft's network.

在您的網路上進行 DNS 要求的時間Time to make a DNS request on your network

這會顯示在執行測試的用戶端電腦上設定的 DNS 伺服器。This shows the DNS server configured on the client machine that ran the tests. 它可能是 DNS 遞迴解析器伺服器,但這不常見。It might be a DNS Recursive Resolver server however this is uncommon. 這很可能是 DNS 轉寄站伺服器,可快取 DNS 結果並將任何未緩存的 DNS 要求轉送至另一部 DNS 伺服器。It is more likely to be a DNS forwarder server which caches DNS results and forwards any uncached DNS requests to another DNS server.

這只是為了提供資訊,不會參與任何網路洞察力。This is provided for information only and does not contribute to any network insight.

連接至 DNS 遞迴解析程式的距離和/或時間Your distance from and/or time to connect to a DNS recursive resolver

在 [使用中的 DNS 遞迴解析程式] 中,進行特定的 DNS 要求,然後要求 DNS 名稱伺服器接收相同的要求時,便會加以識別。The in-use DNS Recursive Resolver is identified by making a specific DNS request and then asking the DNS Name Server for the IP Address that it received the same request from. 此 IP 位址是 DNS 遞迴解析程式,它會在 IP 位址位置資料庫中查閱,以尋找位置。This IP Address is the DNS Recursive Resolver and it will be looked up in IP Address location databases to find the location. 然後計算從使用者辦公室位置到 DNS 遞迴解析伺服器位置的距離。The distance from the user office location to the DNS Recursive Resolver server location is then calculated. 如果距離大於 500 英里 (800 公里) 會顯示為網路洞察力。This is shown as a network insight if the distance is greater than 500 miles (800 kilometers).

從網路出局 IP 位址查看的位置可能不正確,這會導致此測試的錯誤結果。The location looked up from the network egress IP Address may not be accurate and this would lead to a false result from this test. 若要驗證特定 IP 位址是否發生此錯誤,您可以使用可公開存取的網路 IP 位址位置網站。To validate if this error is occurring for a specific IP Address you can use publicly accessible network IP Address location web sites.

這項網路洞察力特別會影響 Exchange Online 服務前端的選取範圍。This network insight will specifically impact the selection of the Exchange Online service front door. 若要解決此深入瞭解,本機和 direct 網路出局應該是必要條件,而且 DNS 遞迴解析器應該位於該網路出口之外。To address this insight local and direct network egress should be a pre-requisite and then DNS Recursive Resolver should be located close to that network egress.

Exchange OnlineExchange Online

本節顯示與 Exchange Online 相關的測試結果。This section shows test results related to Exchange Online.

Exchange 服務的前門位置Exchange service front door location

「使用中 Exchange 服務前門」是以 Outlook 這麼做的相同方式來識別,我們會從使用者位置測量網路的 TCP 延遲。The in-use Exchange service front door is identified in the same way that Outlook does this and we measure the network TCP latency from the user location to it. 會顯示 TCP 延遲,並將使用中 Exchange 服務的前蓋與目前位置的最佳服務前門清單進行比較。The TCP latency is shown and the in-use Exchange service front door is compared to the list of best service front doors for the current location. 如果其中一個最佳 Exchange 服務前門 (s) 並未使用中,這會顯示為網路洞察力。This is shown as a network insight if one of the best Exchange service front door(s) is not in use.

[!附注] 在公司網路出口之前,不使用其中一個最佳 Exchange 服務前門 (s) 可能是由網路 backhaul 造成的,我們建議您在本機和直接的網路出口。Not using one of the best Exchange service front door(s) could be caused by network backhaul before the corporate network egress in which case we recommend local and direct network egress. 這種情況也可能是使用遠端 DNS 遞迴解析伺服器所造成,在此情況下,我們建議您將 DNS 遞迴解析程式伺服器與網路出局對齊。It could also be caused by use of a remote DNS recursive resolver server in which case we recommend aligning the DNS recursive resolver server with the network egress.

我們計算對 Exchange 服務前門 (ms) 的 TCP 延遲的潛在改進。We calculate a potential improvement in TCP latency (ms) to the Exchange service front door. 若要執行此動作,請查看已測試的使用者 office 位置網路延遲,並從目前的位置減去網路延遲,直到 closets Exchange 服務的前門。This is done by looking at the tested user office location network latency and subtracting the network latency from the current location to the closets Exchange service front door. 差異代表潛在的改進機會。The difference represents the potential opportunity for improvement.

您位置的最佳 Exchange 服務前門 (s) Best Exchange service front door(s) for your location

這會列出您所在地區的最佳 Exchange 服務前門位置(按城市)。This lists the best Exchange service front door locations by city for your location.

在用戶端 DNS 中記錄的服務前面門Service front door recorded in the client DNS

這會顯示您定向的 Exchange 服務前端伺服器的 DNS 名稱及 IP 位址。This shows the DNS name and IP Address of the Exchange service front door server that you were directed to. 只提供此資訊,而且沒有相關聯的網路洞察力。It is provided for information only and there is no associated network insight.

SharePoint OnlineSharePoint Online

本節顯示與 SharePoint 線上及 OneDrive 相關的測試結果。This section shows test results related to SharePoint Online and OneDrive.

服務的前門位置The service front door location

使用中 SharePoint 服務的前門是以 OneDrive 用戶端所用的相同方式來識別,而且我們會從使用者辦公室位置測量網路的 TCP 延遲。The in-use SharePoint service front door is identified in the same way that the OneDrive client does and we measure the network TCP latency from the user office location to it.

下載速度Download speed

我們從 SharePoint 服務的前門,測量15Mb 檔案的下載速度。We measure the download speed for a 15Mb file from the SharePoint service front door. 結果會以每秒 mb 為單位顯示,以指出可以從 SharePoint 或 OneDrive 中的 一秒 內的哪一個大小的檔案下載 mb。The result is shown in megabytes per second to indicate what size file in megabytes can be downloaded from SharePoint or OneDrive in one second. 此數目應類似于每秒百萬位元最小電路頻寬的十分之一。The number should be similar to one tenth of the minimum circuit bandwidth in megabits per second. 例如,如果您有100mbps 網際網路連線,可能會預期每秒 10 mb (10MBps) 。For example if you have a 100mbps internet connection, you may expect 10 megabytes per second (10MBps).

緩衝區膨脹Buffer bloat

在15Mb 下載期間,我們會測量 SharePoint 服務前門的 TCP 延遲。During the 15Mb download we measure the TCP latency to the SharePoint service front door. 這是負載下的延遲時間,在未負載下時比較為延遲時間。This is the latency under load and it is compared to the latency when not under load. 當負載不足時,延遲的增加通常是由 (或 bloated) 中載入的消費網路裝置緩衝區所造成。The increase in latency when under load is often attributable to consumer network device buffers being loaded (or bloated). 任何1000或更多的膨脹都會顯示網路洞察力。A network insight is shown for any bloat of 1,000 or more.

在用戶端 DNS 中記錄的服務前面門Service front door recorded in the client DNS

這會顯示您定向的 SharePoint 服務前門伺服器的 DNS 名稱和 IP 位址。This shows the DNS name and IP Address of the SharePoint service front door server that you were directed to. 只提供此資訊,而且沒有相關聯的網路洞察力。It is provided for information only and there is no associated network insight.

Microsoft TeamsMicrosoft Teams

本節顯示與 Microsoft 小組相關的測試結果。This section shows test results related to Microsoft Teams.

Media connectivity (音訊、影片和應用程式共用) Media connectivity (audio, video, and application sharing)

這會測試對 Microsoft 小組服務前門的 UDP 連線。This tests for UDP connectivity to the Microsoft Teams service front door. 如果遭到封鎖,則 Microsoft 小組可能仍然使用 TCP,但音訊和影片會受損。If this is blocked then Microsoft Teams may still work using TCP, but audio and video will be impaired. 閱讀更多有關這些 UDP 網路度量的資訊,這些是在商務用 Skype Online 中的媒體質量和網路連線效能上套用至 Microsoft 小組的。Read more about these UDP network measurements which also apply to Microsoft Teams at Media Quality and Network Connectivity Performance in Skype for Business Online

封包遺失Packet loss

顯示 UDP 封包遺失,以10秒的測試音訊撥號從用戶端到 Microsoft 小組服務的前門。Shows the UDP packet loss measured in a 10 second test audio call from the client to the Microsoft Teams service front door. 這應低於 1.00% 的傳遞。This should be lower than 1.00% for a pass.


顯示測定的 UDP 延遲,它應低於 100msShows the measured UDP latency, which should be lower than 100ms.


顯示測定的 UDP 抖動,它應低於 30msShows the measured UDP jitter, which should be lower than 30ms.


我們會將使用者辦公室位置的 HTTP 連線測試至所有必要的 Microsoft 365 網路端點。We test for HTTP connectivity from the user office location to all of the required Microsoft 365 network endpoints. 這些是發佈于 are published at 對於任何無法連線的必要網路端點,都會顯示網路洞察力。A network insight is shown for any required network endpoints which cannot be connected to.

在商業網路周邊的 proxy 伺服器、防火牆或其他網路安全裝置可能會封鎖連線能力。Connectivity may be blocked by a proxy server, a firewall, or another network security device on the enterprise network perimeter. 以 HTTP 要求來測試與 TCP 埠80的連線,並使用 HTTPS 要求來測試 TCP 埠443的連線。Connectivity to TCP port 80 is tested with an HTTP request and connectivity to TCP port 443 is tested with an HTTPS request. 如果沒有任何回應,FQDN 會標示為失敗。If there is no response the FQDN is marked as a failure. 如果有 HTTP 回應碼407,FQDN 會標示為失敗。If there is an HTTP response code 407 the FQDN is marked as a failure. 如果有 HTTP 回應碼403,我們會檢查回應的 Server 屬性,如果它似乎是 proxy 伺服器,我們會將其標記為失敗。If there is an HTTP response code 403 then we check the Server attribute of the response and if it appears to be a proxy server we mark this as a failure. 您可以使用 Windows 命令列工具 curl.exe 來模擬我們所執行的測試。You can simulate the tests we perform with the Windows command line tool curl.exe.

我們會在每個必要的 Microsoft 365 網路端點(已于所定義的 [優化] 或 [允許] 類別中)測試 SSL 憑證 test the SSL certificate at each required Microsoft 365 network endpoint that is in the optimize or allow category as defined at 如果任何測試未找到 Microsoft SSL 憑證,則所連接的加密網路必須已被仲介網路裝置截獲。If any tests do not find a Microsoft SSL certificate, then the encrypted network connected must have been intercepted by an intermediary network device. 網路洞察力會顯示在任何截獲的加密網路端點上。A network insight is shown on any intercepted encrypted network endpoints.

如果 Microsoft 未提供 SSL 憑證,我們會顯示測試的 FQDN 和使用中的 SSL 憑證擁有者。Where an SSL certificate is found that isn't provided by Microsoft, we show the FQDN for the test and the in-use SSL certificate owner. 這個 SSL 憑證擁有者可能是 proxy 伺服器廠商,也可能是企業自我簽署憑證。This SSL certificate owner may be a proxy server vendor, or it may be an enterprise self-signed certificate.

網路路徑Network path

本節顯示 ICMP traceroute 至 Exchange Online 服務前門、SharePoint Online 服務前門和 Microsoft 團隊服務前門的結果。This section shows the results of an ICMP traceroute to the Exchange Online service front door, the SharePoint Online service front door, and the Microsoft Teams service front door. 只提供此資訊,而且沒有相關聯的網路洞察力。It is provided for information only and there is no associated network insight. 提供三種 traceroutes。There are three traceroutes provided. Traceroute 至、traceroute 至客戶 SharePoint 前端或 (如果未提供),以及 traceroute 到 traceroute to, a traceroute to the customers SharePoint front end or to if one was not provided, and a traceroute to

連線性報告Connectivity reports

登入後,您可以查看先前所執行的報告。When you are signed in you can review previous reports that you have run. 您也可以將其共用或從清單中刪除。You can also share them or delete them from the list.


網路健康狀態Network health status

這會顯示 Microsoft 全球網路的任何重大健康情況問題,可能會影響 Microsoft 365 客戶。This shows any significant health issues with Microsoft's global network which might impact Microsoft 365 customers.



以下是一些常見問題的解答。Here are answers to some of our frequently asked questions.

Microsoft 是否已發行及支援此工具?Is this tool released and supported by Microsoft?

這是一種預覽方式,我們計畫定期提供更新,直到我們達到一般可用性發行狀態時,才會從 Microsoft 取得支援。It is currently a preview and we plan to provide updates regularly until we reach general availability release status with support from Microsoft. 請提供意見反應以協助我們改進。Please provide feedback to help us improve. 我們打算將更詳細的 Office 365 網路上架指南發佈為此工具的一部分,此工具是由其測試結果自訂為組織的一部分。We are planning to publish a more detailed Office 365 Network Onboarding guide as part of this tool which is customized for the organization by its test results.

執行高級測試用戶端的必要條件為何?What is required to run the advanced test client?

高級測試用戶端需要 .NET Core 3.1 Desktop Runtime。The advanced test client requires .NET Core 3.1 Desktop Runtime. 如果您執行的是未安裝的高級測試用戶端,將會定向至 .Net Core 3.1 installer 頁面If you run the advanced test client without that installed you will be directed to the .NET Core 3.1 installer page. 請務必安裝桌面執行時間,而不是 SDK,或頁面上較高的 ASP.NET 核心執行時間。Be sure to install the Desktop Runtime and not the SDK, or the ASP.NET Core Runtime which are higher up on the page. 需要有機器的系統管理員許可權,才能安裝 .NET Core。Administrator permissions on the machine is required to install .NET Core.

何謂 Microsoft 365 服務的前門?What is Microsoft 365 service front door?

Microsoft 365 服務前端是 Microsoft 全球網路的進入點,Office 用戶端和服務會在此位置中斷其網路連線。The Microsoft 365 service front door is an entry point on Microsoft's global network where Office clients and services terminate their network connection. 為了獲得最佳網路連接至 Microsoft 365,建議您的網路連線在您的城市或地鐵的最接近的 Microsoft 365 前端。For an optimal network connection to Microsoft 365, it is recommended that your network connection is terminated into the closest Microsoft 365 front door in your city or metro.

附注: Microsoft 365 服務前端沒有 azure marketplace 中可用的 Azure 前端服務 產品的直接關聯。Note: Microsoft 365 service front door has no direct relationship to the Azure Front Door Service product available in the Azure marketplace.

最佳的 Microsoft 365 服務前門是什麼?What is the best Microsoft 365 service front door?

最佳的 Microsoft 365 服務前門 ((先前稱為最佳服務前門) 是最接近網路出口的最佳服務,通常是在您的城市或大都市區內。A best Microsoft 365 service front door (formerly known as an optimal service front door) is one that is closest to your network egress, generally in your city or metro area. 使用 Microsoft 365 網路效能工具判斷您使用中的 Microsoft 365 服務前門和最佳的服務前門 (s) 。Use the Microsoft 365 network performance tool to determine location of your in-use Microsoft 365 service front door and the best service front door(s). 如果工具判斷您的使用中的前門是其中一個是最佳的,則您應該會指望 Microsoft 的全球網路的連線能力很好。If the tool determines your in-use front door is one of the best ones, then you should expect great connectivity into Microsoft's global network.

何謂網際網路出口的位置?What is an internet egress location?

網際網路出局位置是網路流量結束商業網路並連接到網際網路的位置。The internet egress Location is the location where your network traffic exits your enterprise network and connects to the Internet. 此位置也會識別為您具有網路位址轉譯 (NAT) 裝置的位置,通常是您與網際網路服務提供者 (ISP) 的位置。This is also identified as the location where you have a Network Address Translation (NAT) device and usually where you connect with an Internet Service Provider (ISP). 如果您看到位置和網際網路出局位置之間有長距離的距離,則這可能會識別重要的 WAN backhaul。If you see a long distance between your location and your internet egress location, then this may identify a significant WAN backhaul.

Microsoft 365 系統管理中心的網路連線 (預覽) Network connectivity in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center (preview)

Microsoft 365 網路效能深入 (預覽) Microsoft 365 network performance insights (preview)

Microsoft 365 網路評估 (預覽) Microsoft 365 network assessment (preview)

Microsoft 365 Network Connectivity Location 服務 (預覽) Microsoft 365 Network Connectivity Location Services (preview)