Microsoft 受管理的桌面應用程式需求Microsoft Managed Desktop app requirements

Microsoft 受管理的桌面要求我們使用特定的方法來管理裝置,以保證裝置的效能、可靠性及可維修性。Microsoft Managed Desktop requires that we manage devices using a specific approach to guarantee the performance, reliability, and serviceability of devices.

管理區域Management area Microsoft 受管理的桌面方法Microsoft Managed Desktop approach
裝置設定或原則管理Device configuration or policy management Microsoft IntuneMicrosoft Intune
應用程式管理Application management Microsoft Intune 和公司入口網站Microsoft Intune and Company Portal
驅動程式部署Driver deployment 裝置、Windows Update 或 Intune 隨附的驅動程式Drivers included with the device, Windows Update, or Intune
裝置安全性Device security 請參閱 裝置安全性See Device security
身分識別和存取管理Identity and access management 請參閱身分 識別和存取管理See Identity and access management
網路安全性Network security 請參閱 網路安全性See Network security
資訊安全性Information security 請參閱 資訊安全性See Information security
資料恢復Data recovery 商務用 OneDriveOneDrive for Business
核心生產力Core productivity Microsoft 365 Apps 企業版Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise
瀏覽器Browser Microsoft EdgeMicrosoft Edge

Microsoft 受管理的桌面可能會監視受管理裝置上執行的其他軟體。Microsoft Managed Desktop might monitor other software running on managed devices. 如果對裝置管理、裝置安全性、效能或可靠性產生負面影響,您可能需要要求 服務方案例外If it negatively impacts device management, device security, performance, or reliability, you might be required to request an exception to the service plan.