Microsoft Defender 資訊安全中心概觀Overview of Microsoft Defender Security Center

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Microsoft Defender 安全中心是可讓您存取 Microsoft Defender for Endpoint 功能的入口網站。Microsoft Defender Security Center is the portal where you can access Microsoft Defender for Endpoint capabilities.

使用 [ 安全性作業 ] 儀表板深入瞭解網路中裝置和使用者的各種警示。Use the Security operations dashboard to gain insight on the various alerts on devices and users in your network.

使用 [ 威脅 & 弱點] 管理 儀表板,展開組織整體安全性狀況的可見度。Use the Threat & Vulnerability Management dashboard to expand your visibility on the overall security posture of your organization. 您會看到需要注意的裝置,以及可協助您減少組織中攻擊面的建議。You'll see devices that require attention and recommendations that can help you reduce the attack surface in your organization.

使用 威脅分析 儀表板,以不斷評估和控制 Spectre 及 Meltdown 的風險危險性。Use the Threat analytics dashboard to continually assess and control risk exposure to Spectre and Meltdown.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint 互動指南Microsoft Defender for Endpoint interactive guide

在此互動式指南中,您將瞭解如何使用 Microsoft Defender for Endpoint 來調查組織的威脅。In this interactive guide, you'll learn how to investigate threats to your organization with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. 您將會看到 Microsoft Defender for Endpoint 如何協助您識別可疑的活動、調查組織面臨的風險,以及修正威脅。You'll see how Microsoft Defender for Endpoint can help you identify suspicious activities, investigate risks to your organization, and remediate threats.

查看互動式輔助線Check out the interactive guide

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入口網站概觀Portal overview 瞭解入口網站版面配置與區域描述。Understand the portal layout and area descriptions.
View the Security operations 儀表板View the Security operations dashboard Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Security operations 儀表板 提供您網路的快照。The Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Security operations dashboard provides a snapshot of your network. 您可以查看警示的合計、網路上裝置的整體狀態、調查裝置、檔案及 URLs,以及查看裝置上看到之威脅的快照。You can view aggregates of alerts, the overall status of the service of the devices on your network, investigate devices, files, and URLs, and see snapshots of threats seen on devices.
查看威脅 & 漏洞管理儀表板View the Threat & Vulnerability Management dashboard 威脅 & 弱點管理儀表板 可讓您透過最高安全性建議、軟體弱點、修復活動和公開的裝置,並排查看裝置的公開和 Microsoft 安全評分。The Threat & Vulnerability Management dashboard lets you view exposure and Microsoft Secure Score for Devices side-by-side with top security recommendations, software vulnerability, remediation activities, and exposed devices.
查看威脅分析儀表板並採取建議的緩解動作View the Threat analytics dashboard and take recommended mitigation actions 威脅分析 儀表板可協助您不斷評估和控制威脅面臨的風險。The Threat analytics dashboard helps you continually assess and control risk exposure to threats. 使用圖表快速識別裝置是否已存在或沒有緩解。Use the charts to quickly identify devices for the presence or absence of mitigations.