Microsoft 安全分數What's coming to Microsoft Secure Score


改良的 Microsoft 365 安全性中心現在可用。The improved Microsoft 365 security center is now available. 這個新的體驗會將適用於端點的 Defender、適用於 Office 365 的 Defender、Microsoft 365 Defender 和更多功能帶到 Microsoft 365 安全性中心。This new experience brings Defender for Endpoint, Defender for Office 365, Microsoft 365 Defender, and more into the Microsoft 365 security center. 了解新功能Learn what's new.

您可以 在「 Microsoft 365 安全性中心」找到 Microsoft Secure 得分。Microsoft Secure Score can be found at in the Microsoft 365 security center.

建議變更Proposed changes

我們在近期進行一些變更,讓 Microsoft 安全評分 成為安全狀況的更好代表,並提高可用性。We're making some changes in the near future to make Microsoft Secure Score a better representative of your security posture and improve usability. 您的分數和可能的最大分數可能會有所變更。Your score and the maximum possible score may change.

2021年6月June 2021

  • 使用雲端 App 安全性偵測反常行為Use Cloud App Security to detect anomalous behavior