Microsoft 365 架構圖標與範本Microsoft 365 architecture icons and templates

協助我們的合作夥伴及客戶設計及設計新的解決方案很重要。Helping our partners and customers design and architect new solutions is important. 類似于我們指導中所包含的架構圖表可協助交流設計決策,以及環境中元件之間的關係。Architecture diagrams like those included in our guidance can help communicate design decisions and the relationships between components in an environment. 我們使用一組符號和圖示及 Visio 範本,建立我們產品的架構圖,並在這裡提供這些工具,以協助您建立下一個解決方案的自訂架構圖表。We use a set of symbols and icons along with Visio templates to create the architecture diagrams we product and are providing these tools here to help you build a custom architecture diagram for your next solution.

您可以在下列頁面上看到可下載檔案的動作圖示、符號和範本:You can see these icons, symbols, and templates in action in downloadable files available on the following pages:

條款和下載Terms and download

Microsoft 允許在架構圖表、訓練材料或檔中使用這些圖示。Microsoft permits the use of these icons in architectural diagrams, training materials, or documentation. 除非 Microsoft 授與 Microsoft 的明確許可權,否則您只會針對允許的使用來複製、發佈和顯示圖示。You may copy, distribute, and display the icons only for the permitted use unless granted explicit permission by Microsoft. Microsoft reserves all other rights.Microsoft reserves all other rights.

架構範例圖表Example architecture diagrams

您可以使用這些圖示及範本,建立圖表(如下列範例所示):You can use these icons and templates to create diagrams like the following examples:

  1. SharePoint 的搜尋架構圖表範例:Example search architecture diagram for SharePoint:

    SharePoint 的範例搜尋架構

  2. 小組保留週期架構圖表:Teams retention lifecycle architecture diagram: