使用 [快速入門精靈] 設定商務語音Use the Getting Started wizard to set up Business Voice


本文中的資訊僅適用於 通話方案的商務語音。The information in this article is applicable to Business Voice with Calling Plan only. 含通話方案的商務語音只有在選取的國家和地區才能使用。Business Voice with Calling Plan is available only in select countries and regions. 閱讀本文之前,請參閱商務語音的適用國家與地區,以查看您的國家或地區是否支援含通話方案的商務語音。Before reading this article, check Country and region availability for Business Voice to see whether your country or region supports Business Voice with Calling Plan.

如果您的租用戶所在國家或地區不支援含通話方案的商務語音,請參閱從 Microsoft 轉銷商或合作夥伴取得協助If your tenant is located in a country or region that doesn't support Business Voice with Calling Plan, check out Get help from a Microsoft reseller or partner.

Microsoft 365 商務語音快速入門精靈可讓您在 Microsoft Teams 中快速設定,以撥打及接聽電話。The Getting Started wizard for Microsoft 365 Business Voice gets you set up quickly to make and receive phone calls in Microsoft Teams. 如果您是剛起步的小型企業,精靈可在幾分鐘內幫助您啟動並運作電話號碼、通話功能表、問候以及更多。If you're a small business just starting out, the wizard can get you up and running in a few minutes with phone numbers, call menus, greetings, and more. 如果您是已建立電話語音解決方案的較大型企業,精靈可幫助您設定試驗,因此在推行到所有人之前,可先讓少數使用者嘗試商務語音。If you're a larger business with an established telephony solution, the wizard can help you set up a pilot so a few users can try Business Voice before you roll it out for everyone. 無論是哪一種方式,精靈完成後,您就可以開始使用商務語音!Either way, you can start using Business Voice as soon as the wizard is finished!

建議您在開始使用精靈之前,先閱讀本文。It's a good idea to read this article before you start the wizard. 當您準備好執行精靈時,請在 開始使用 Microsoft 365 商務語音頁面選取 [開始使用]When you're ready to run the wizard, select Get started on the Get started with Microsoft 365 Business Voice page. 請使用建立訂閱所用的帳戶登入,或其他全域系統管理員的帳戶登入。Sign in by using the account you used to create your subscription or another account that's a Global Administrator.


只有當您的使用者信箱位於 Microsoft 365 中時,才能使用 Microsoft Teams 和商務語音。Microsoft Teams and Business Voice only work when your users' mailboxes are located in Microsoft 365. 不支援內部部署 Exchange Server 上的信箱。They don't support mailboxes on on-premises Exchange Server.

[快速入門] 精靈不支援商務用 Skype 混合式部署。The Getting Started Wizard doesn't support Skype for Business hybrid deployments. 如果您擁有商務用 Skype 混合式部署,且想要設定 Business Voice,請參閱在組織中設定電話系統If you have a Skype for Business hybrid deployment and want to set up Business Voice, check out Set up Phone System in your organization.

如果不想立即自訂任何內容,就大功告成了!If you don't want to customize anything immediately, you're done! 您可以立即開始使用商務語音。You can start using Business Voice right away.

緊急服務位置Emergency services location

如果需要變更緊急地址,請按一下 [編輯],然後輸入新地址。If you want to change the emergency address, click Edit, and then enter a new address. 您提供的地址需經過驗證,以確認其合法性且格式正確,可供緊急回應服務時使用。The address that you provide is validated to make sure that it's legitimate and correctly formatted for emergency response services. 然後,此地址會指派給在下一個步驟中指派號碼的所有使用者。This address is then assigned to all users that you assign a number to in the next step. 如果您有位於超過單一位置的員工,請參閱商務語音設計自訂,了解如何在準備 [快速入門精靈] 後,新增並指派更多緊急地址。If you have employees in more than one location, see Business Voice design customization to add and assign more emergency addresses after you prepare the Getting Started wizard.

如需詳細資訊,請參閱什麼是緊急位置、地址和通話路由For more information, see What are emergency locations, addresses, and call routing?

公司電話號碼Company phone number

除了新的當地電話號碼以外,您還可以購買免付費電話號碼,或將現有的號碼移轉到 Microsoft 365。In addition to a new local phone number, you can purchase a toll-free number or port an existing number to Microsoft 365. 若要設定免付費電話號碼,您必須購買通訊點數。To set up a toll-free number, you need to purchase Communications Credits. 若要將一或多個號碼移轉至 Microsoft 365,請在精靈完成後,前往 Teams 系統管理中心To port one or more numbers to Microsoft 365, go to the Teams admin center after the wizard finishes.


如果您將現有的電話號碼移轉到 Microsoft 365,您仍會在精靈中看到臨時的電話號碼。If you port an existing phone number to Microsoft 365, you'll still see a temporary phone number in the wizard. 這是預期行為 。This is expected. 完成精靈及移轉程序後,預先存在的號碼將取代臨時電話號碼。After you complete the wizard and the porting process, the temporary phone number will be replaced by the pre-existing number.

[使用者授權]User licenses

若要指派使用者授權,請選取組織中需要撥打或接聽 Teams 外部電話 (例如與供應商通話) 的人員。To assign user licenses, select the people in your organization who need to make or receive phone calls outside of Teams (such as calling a supplier). 您只能指派可用的商務語音授權數量。You can only assign as many Business Voices licenses as you have available. 如果需要更多,您可以在精靈完成後購買額外的授權。If you need more, you can buy additional licenses after the wizard is finished.


在精靈完成後,您可以將現有的電話號碼移轉到 Microsoft 365。You can port existing phone numbers to Microsoft 365 after the wizard is finished. 完成移轉程序後,已移轉的電話號碼將取代由精靈提供的臨時電話號碼。After you complete the porting process, the ported phone numbers will replace the temporary phone numbers that the wizard provided.

來電問候語Incoming-call greeting

您可以上傳最多 5 Mb 的音效檔 (MP3 或 WAV) 做為來電問候語,或可以輸入您的問候語,而 Microsoft 365 會使用 [文字轉換語音] 功能將其讀給來電者。You can upload a sound file (MP3 or WAV) of up to 5 Megabytes (MB) to use as a call greeting, or you can type your greeting, and Microsoft 365 will use text-to-speech to read it to the caller. 當來電者撥打貴公司的電話號碼時,來電者首先聽到的即是該問候語。The greeting will be the first thing callers hear when they call your company phone number. 若為文字轉換語音,您可能需要使用拼音來正確發音。For text-to-speech, you might need to use phonetic spellings to get the pronunciations correct.

通話功能表和來電轉接Call menu and forwarding

您可以將所有來電轉接給特定使用者,或設定來電者可選擇的功能表選項。You can forward all calls to a specific user, or you can set up a menu that the caller can choose options from. 如果建立通話功能表,您可以指定來電者透過語音或在電話鍵盤上按數字來選取選項。If you create a call menu, you specify options that the caller can select by voice or by pressing a number on a phone's keypad. 每個功能表選項皆可將通話轉接給特定使用者。Each menu option can forward calls to a specific user.

您可以上傳最多 5MB 的音效檔 (MP3 或 WAV) 以提供來電者指示,或者直接輸入指示。You can upload a sound file (MP3 or WAV) of up to 5 MB that gives instructions to the caller, or you can type the instructions. Microsoft 365 會使用 [文字轉換語音] 將指示讀給來電者。Microsoft 365 will use text-to-speech to read them to the caller. 您可能需要按照發音拼音字詞,以獲得正確發音。You might need to spell words phonetically to get the pronunciations right.


[快速入門精靈] 可協助您設定簡單的通話功能表,讓您快速上手。The Getting Started wizard helps you set up a simple call menu to get you up and running quickly. 如果要設定通話功能表中的多個電話號碼,或者要設定更複雜的通話功能表 (也稱為自動語音應答),您可以在結束精靈後,參閱設定雲端自動語音應答If you have multiple phone numbers that you want to set up call menus for or you want to set up more complex call menus (also called auto attendants), see Set up a Cloud auto attendant after you finish the wizard.

[快速入門精靈] 會使用您輸入的資訊來設定商務語音。The Getting Started wizard takes the information that you enter and sets up Business Voice. 您可以在概觀頁面看到指派給使用者的電話號碼、查看通話功能表,聆聽問候語等。On the Overview page, you can see what phone numbers are assigned to your users, look at your call menu, listen to your greeting, and more.

設定需要數分鐘的時間。Setup takes several minutes. 若您選取 [完成],我們會繼續在背景中設定商務語音。If you select Done, we'll continue to set up Business Voice in the background. 您也可以等待設定完成。Or just wait until setup is finished. 完成之後,請移至 [Teams 系統管理中心][語音],以設定更多商務語音功能。After it's finished, go to Voice in the Teams admin center to set up more Business Voice features.