Office 365 音訊會議延伸到美國和加拿大的撥出分鐘數Office 365 Audio Conferencing Extended Dial-out Minutes to US and Canada

針對採用我們音訊會議服務的客戶,且需要向美國和加拿大撥打電話時,Microsoft 現在提供的附加元件優惠可讓任何音訊會議使用者使用的是以實際限制的方式使用美國和加拿大撥出時間。For customers who are adopting our Audio Conferencing service and have a high business need for dialing out to US and Canada, Microsoft now provides an add-on offer that allows virtually unlimited with fair use policy US and Canada dial-out minutes for any audio conferencing user. 使用此附加元件 SKU 的會議召集人,不需將租使用者的區域加上國家撥出使用方式池或通訊點數,就能讓美國和加拿大不受限制地使用原則撥出通話。Meeting organizers with this add-on SKU can make virtually unlimited with fair use policy dial-out calls to US and Canada without deducting their tenant’s Zone A country dial-out usage pool or Communications Credits. 11

提供名稱Offer Name 無限撥出時間給美國加拿大Unlimited dial-out minutes to US Canada
優惠中包含哪些無限制撥出的國家/地區?What are the unlimited dial-out countries included in the offer? 美國和加拿大。US and Canada.
誰需要指派授權?Who needs to have the license assigned? 會議召集人需要指派授權。The meeting organizer needs to have the license assigned. 初始化通話的使用者不需要擁有授權。The user initializing the call doesn’t need to have the license.
是否有任何先決條件?Are there any prerequisites? 需要啟用音訊會議。Audio Conferencing needs to be enabled. 它可以是訂閱或每分鐘服務。It can be either subscription or per-minute service.
誰可以購買此優惠?Who can purchase this offer? 可購買語音會議的任何國家或地區。Any country or region where Audio Conferencing can be purchased. 閱讀其他資訊Read more.
是彙集數分鐘嗎?Are the minutes pooled? 不。No. 在每個月,會議召集人的一般使用原則撥出分鐘數幾乎都不受限制。A meeting organizer will have virtually unlimited with fair use policy dial-out minutes to US/Canada per month.
這個新的附加元件 SKU 會取代音訊會議所含的60分鐘嗎?Will this new add-on SKU replace the 60 minutes included with Audio Conferencing? 不。No. 每個使用者每個月的現有音訊會議60分鐘數(在租使用者層級共用)將會繼續套用至所有區域撥出會議國家/地區。The existing Audio Conferencing 60 minutes per user per month, pooled at the tenant level, will continue to apply to all Zone A dial-out conferencing countries.
頻道的可用性為何?What is the channel availability? 它可在 EA/EAS、EES、CSP 和 Web Direct 中取得。It is available on EA/EAS, EES, CSP, and Web Direct.
區段的可用性為何?What is the segment availability? 它適用于商業 (,包括 WW 商業公用磁區) 、教育、非贏利及美國 GCCIt is available for Commercial (including WW Commercial Public Sectors), Education, Nonprofit, and US GCC
如果有延長撥出分鐘數的使用者位於美國,並在音訊會議銷售至市場以外的地方傳送到其他國家/地區,該怎麼辦?What if a user with Extended Dial-out Minutes to USA/CAN is located in the US and travels to another country outside of an Audio-Conferencing sell-to market? 他們的撥出服務是否能正常運作?Will their dial-out service work? 是的。Yes. 如果您是以美國 (為基礎的使用者 (代表其 Office 365 授權是在) 美國旅遊的公司中指派,而不是目前不在音訊會議) 的銷售目標位置中,那麼無論撥打電話發生的位置為何,美國或加拿大的撥出時間都將持續套用至美國/她的延長撥出時間。If a user based in the US (meaning their Office 365 license is assigned in the US) traveled to Zimbabwe (a market currently not in a sell-to location for Audio Conferencing), all dial-out minutes made to the US or Canada would continue to apply to their Extended Dial-out Minutes to USA/CAN add-on regardless of where the call takes place.

1 Microsoft 保留限制或終止使用此功能的權利,以讓您在使用中或因應欺騙性的情況下使用。1 Microsoft reserves the right to limit or terminate use of the capability in the event of abnormal usage or suspicion of use for fraudulent purposes.