籌畫指導委員會Steering committee

籌畫指導委員會概覽Steering committee overview

「指導委員會」是一組主要的專案關係人,也就是專案領導人,我們已將專案或計畫導向其定義的商業成果。A steering committee is a governing group of key stakeholders and project leaders who have been brought together to guide a project or program toward its defined business outcomes. 指導委員會不會直接負責專案的交付 方式而是將 專案傳達給業務。The steering committee isn't directly responsible for how the project is delivered, but rather what the project delivers to the business.

每個專案都需要商定的願景與章程。Every project requires an agreed-on vision and charter. 若要傳送專案的預期結果,遠景必須明確定義,它必須受到監視及維護。To deliver the projects' desired outcomes the vision must be clearly defined, it needs to be monitored and maintained. 這會成為籌畫指導委員會的責任:若要推動決策、建議、提供戰略監管,以充當專案計劃的組織,以及在必要時,請移除封鎖器。This becomes the responsibility of the steering committee: to drive decisions, advise, provide strategic oversight, to serve as advocates to the organization for the project's initiatives, and—when necessary—remove blockers.

貴組織應該將重要的想法放入籌畫指導委員會。Your organization should put significant thought into the formation of the steering committee. 該委員會必須確保專案達到您在整個組織中所定義的業務目標,並定期開會以討論專案目前的脈衝,並協助您移除在旅程期間遇到的任何障礙。The committee must ensure that the project achieves the business objectives you've defined for driving change throughout the organization, meet periodically to discuss the current pulse of the project, and help remove any obstacles that are encountered during the journey.

委員會應該定義其宗旨,以包括一些主要目標:The committee should define its charter to include some key objectives:

  • 在專案小組與主管主管或高層領導之間保持緊密的關聯性。Keep a strong alignment between the project team and the executive sponsor or executive leadership.

  • 深入瞭解專案對於主管主管或主管領導的狀態。Provide insight into the status of the project to the executive sponsor or executive leadership.

  • 可讓主管主管或高層主管小組針對專案提供方向與輸入,並確保其符合商業目標,只要調整專案方案、目的金鑰結果 (OKRs) 及其他專案活動。Allow the executive sponsor or executive leadership team to provide direction and input to the project and ensure that it aligns with overarching business goals, by adjusting project plans, objective key results (OKRs), and other project activities.

籌畫指導委員會在專案的整個生命週期中都符合週期性間隔,以確保組織領導與專案小組之間的關聯。The steering committee meets at a recurring interval throughout the lifetime of a project to ensure alignment between the organizational leadership and the project team. 這項重要的會議可確保專案的方向具有領導能力的完整支援,並將由領導提供的任何意見反應納入專案中,以促進成功。This critical meeting ensures that the direction of the project has leadership's full support and incorporates any feedback provided by leadership into the project to drive success. 該委員會會使用這些會議,深入瞭解專案狀態,也可以執行下列動作:The committee uses these meetings to gain insight into project status, and also to:

  • 同意與業務案例相符的商業結果,並確保專案能夠傳送這些結果。Agree on business outcomes that align to the business case, and to ensure the project is driving towards delivery of these outcomes.

  • 檢查並核准專案,以保證其準確性並符合商業案例的規範。Check and approve the project for accuracy and compliance with the business case.

  • 審查並驗證對業務案例所做的變更,可能會影響任何已定義的結果。Review and verify changes made to the business case that could affect any defined outcomes.

  • 針對專案交付優先順序進行戰略決策,以及核准暫時交付專案。Make strategic decisions regarding the prioritization of project deliverables, and approve interim deliverables.

  • 找出、管理及減輕從委員會所需要的其他影響力所需的缺口、風險及問題。Identify, manage, and mitigate gaps, risks, and issues where additional influence is required from the committee.

  • 從管理層主管或主管領導小組收集客戶支援,以解決需要上報的問題、排定風險承擔者企業單位之間的任何衝突並加以解決。Gather support from the executive sponsor or executive leadership team for issues that require escalation, prioritizing and resolving any conflicts between stakeholder business units.

  • 提供正式的意見反應和建議給高層領導、變更建議委員會,或其他業務和 IT 干係人(如果適用的話)。Provide formal feedback and recommendations to executive leadership, the change advisory board, or other business and IT stakeholders, as applicable.

找出籌畫指導委員會的成員Identify members of the steering committee

委員會只與參與者有影響的人一樣有效。A committee is only as effective as its participants are influential. 籌畫指導委員會必須維持來自業務與技術決策者的代表,以及參與方案的任何核心專案小組領導和合作夥伴小組。The steering committee needs to maintain representation from both business and technical decision makers, along with any of the core project team leadership and partner teams who contribute to the solution.

每個指導委員會都需要強大的領導能力和明確定義的角色和職責。Every steering committee needs strong leadership and clearly defined roles and responsibilities. 若要設定委員會效能及其成員參與的實際預期,您必須對指派的角色和職責進行記錄並同意。To set realistic expectations for the committee's performance and the participation of its members, you must document and agree on assigned roles and responsibilities. 您絕對必須在這個委員會上具備回應性的主管及業務領導能力,才能為整個組織提供有效的影響力,並確保不同的觀點。You absolutely must have a responsive executive sponsor and business leadership on this committee to provide effective influence across the organization and ensure a diverse perspective.


根據您的組織和專案小組設計調整角色和職責。Adjust roles and responsibility based on your organization and project team design. 在小型組織中,這些角色可以重迭。In smaller organizations, these roles can overlap.

標題Title 角色Role 資訊Contact 電子郵件Email
主管主管Executive Sponsor 對專案的提倡,請確保其方向與組織的願景保持一致。Advocate for the project, ensure its direction stays in alignment with the vision of the organization. 可作為取得委員會不同意之決策的最終機構。Serve as ultimate authority to make decisions the committee can't agree on.
(s) 的商務決策人Business Decision Maker(s) 針對專案的提倡者,確保其方向與組織的願景保持一致Advocate for the project, ensure its direction stays in alignment with the vision of the organization
設計Architect 確保技術決策得以實現,且與商定的商業結果相符。Ensure that technology decisions are achievable and align to agreed-on business outcomes.
核心專案小組Core Project Team 提供任何特定元件(無論是技術或非技術性 (,例如採用與變更管理)的詳細資料) Provide details about any specific component, either technical or non-technical (such as adoption and change management)
品質擁護者Quality Champion 負責將品質標準放在一起。Be accountable for putting together quality metrics.
計畫/專案經理Program/Project Manager 負責簡報和意見反應集合,以納入專案中。Take responsibility for the presentation and collection of feedback to incorporate into the project.
合作夥伴帳戶小組Partner Account Team 從更廣泛的觀點,以及其他合作夥伴活動,提供合作夥伴從合作夥伴的觀點的意見反應。Provide feedback from the partner's point of view from a broader perspective, other partner activities.
合作夥伴專案小組Partner Project Team 提供合作夥伴與交付專案相關的觀點意見反應Provide feedback from the partner's point of view regarding the delivery of the project

排程指導委員會會議Schedule steering committee meetings

雖然每個組織與每個專案小組的結構略有不同,但您永遠不應該只成為另一個 project standup 會議。Although every organization and every project team is structured in slightly different ways, the steering committee meeting should never become just another project standup meeting. 考慮指導委員會會議的目標:您可以透過從總經理主管或主管領導層,收集客戶支援和方向,協助您保持專案順利進行。Consider the objectives of the steering committee meeting: it's your opportunity to keep the project on track by gathering support and direction from the executive sponsor or executive leadership. 請確認每個人都出席此會議,讓整個專案小組與主管或主管領導之間有直接訊息,而且郵件是在中繼郵件時沒有 miscommunication。Make sure that everyone attends this meeting so there's direct messaging between the entire project team and executive sponsor or executive leadership and there is no miscommunication when the message is relayed.

排程委員會會議時,請考慮專案與組織節奏。When scheduling a committee meeting, take into consideration the project and organizational cadence. 根據您的主管的喜好設定和組織節奏,嘗試每週或每隔一周排程一次。Try to schedule it either weekly or every other week, based on your executive sponsors' preference and the pace of your organization.


如果您是一種快速移動的環境,請不要在會議之間花費太多的時間進行,這可能會導致會議更加頻繁地避免問題。If yours is a fast-moving environment, don't let too much time pass between meetings—that can lead to problems that could have been avoided by meeting more frequently. 不過,在進度較慢的環境中,召開會議的每週都可能導致會議 fatigue,這可能會降低指導委員會的效能。However, in a slower-paced environment, holding a meeting every week can lead to meeting fatigue, which might decrease the effectiveness of the steering committee. 使用您的經驗與 judgement 來判斷適當的節奏,並隨時記住您可以變更排程。Use your experience and judgement to determine the appropriate cadence, and always remember that you can change the schedule. 不要僅僅為了進行會議而要開會。Don't meet just for the sake of meeting.

準備會議Prepare for the meeting

若要充分利用每個人的時間,您必須準備好進行會議。To make the most of everyone's time, you need to prepare for the meeting. 核心小組可以開始準備用於籌畫指導委員會會議的內容。The core team can start to prepare the material for the steering committee meeting. 您可以建立 PowerPoint 簡報,協助準備會議。You can create a PowerPoint presentation to help prepare for the meeting.

下列資產應該已完成,且包含在簡報投影片的會議中:The following assets should be completed and included in the presentation deck for the meeting:

  • 前一本指導委員會行動專案的後續追蹤Follow-up on prior steering committee action items

  • 籌畫指導委員會 PowerPoint,專案高層次狀態報表Steering committee PowerPoint, project high-level status report

    • 從每月/每季/每年類型的審閱中查看專案。Look at the project all up from a monthly/quarterly/yearly–type review.

    • 找出主要專案里程碑:Identify key project milestones:

      • 討論里程碑 (應該在風險登記) 中捕獲這些里程碑的重要性與影響。Discuss the importance and impact of milestones (these should be captured in the risks register).

      • 根據準備,決定是否要使用 [移至]/[不執行] 遷移,特別是在企業決策者中。Decide on go/no-go for upcoming migrations based on preparation, particularly with business decision makers.

    • 撥出項目執行日期和高影響力的活動。Call out project execution dates and high-impact activities.

    • 針對委員會所識別為重要的 OKRs 報告;請務必包含用法、使用者觀點、品質與可靠性指標。Report on the OKRs that were identified as important to the committee; be sure to include usage, user sentiment, quality and reliability metrics.

  • 籌畫指導委員會 PowerPoint,project 的每週狀態報表Steering Committee PowerPoint, project weekly status report

    • 包含醒目提示與 lowlights、主要問題、動作專案,以及後續步驟。Contains highlight and lowlights, key issues, and action items, and next steps.

    • 包含更多針對日常問題的技術詳細資料,並不會降低整個專案的狀態。Contains more technical detail focused on day to day issues and less on overall project status.

  • 問題記錄和 風險登記簿Issues log and risks register

    • 共用該委員會所追蹤之任何問題的狀態。Share the status of any issues that the committee is tracking.

      • 準備好提供任何及所有錯誤的更新。Be prepared to provide an update on any and all bugs.
    • 找出可能會影響取得業務結果成功的任何新專案。Identify any new items that could affect the success of achieving business outcomes.

      • 找出其對專案的影響。Identify their impact on the project.

      • 找出受影響的個人或公司單位。Identify the affected individuals or business units.

      • 識別後續步驟,以及委員會成員可能需要的協助。Identify next steps and what assistance might be required from committee members.

  • 品質概覽:使用指導方針 為小組準備您的網路Quality overview: Use guidance from Prepare your network for Teams.

    • 準備深入說明這些品質報告的結果,並加入修正任何所述問題的建議。Be prepared to explain the results of those quality reports in-depth, and include recommendations to remediate any issues noted.

    • 每週調整品質報告,以將焦點集中在下欄區域:Adjust the quality reports each week to focus on the following areas:

      • 組織的整體品質趨勢Overall quality trends for the organization

      • 已知問題網站或發生問題的網站的狀態,以顯示該網站的標題方向,也就是 [理想]-從修正工作報告正面結果The status of known problem sites or sites experiencing issues, to show the direction the site is heading and—ideally—report positive results from remediation work

      • 以專案進度為基礎的最近啟用網站品質狀態The quality status of recently enabled sites based on project progress

接下來,排程通話以準備進行籌畫指導委員會會議。Next, schedule a call to prepare for the steering committee meeting. 這個通話應只包含核心專案小組所不重要的小組成員,這可能包含來自網路、桌面、作業或其他團隊的資源,這些專案在委員會會議期間將會解決這些問題。This call should only include the team members who are critical from the core project team, this could include resources from networking, desktop, operations, or other teams that have items that will be addressed during the committee meeting. 核心專案小組成員永遠不應受到任何您打算在籌畫指導委員會通話時所涵蓋的任何內容的防護。The core project team members should never be caught off-guard by any material you plan to cover during the steering committee call.

這個準備通話是在籌畫指導委員會進行同步處理的絕佳方式。This preparatory call is a great way to sync before the steering committee meets. 這也是確保專案小組中任何開啟的專案、disagreements 或 grievances 的時間,都是一種小的時機。It's also the time to ensure that any open items, disagreements, or grievances among the project team are brought to light. 這是協助鼓勵開啟的通訊,並防止任何人在會議期間 unpleasantly 驚訝。This is meant to help foster open communication and prevent anyone from being unpleasantly surprised during the meeting.

複習該周的報表與核心小組與合作夥伴的專案關係人,並解決任何擔心或問題。Review that week's reports with the core team and partner stakeholders and address any concerns or questions. 在小組中工作,根據您的討論來調整、新增或移除任何內容,或同意要求籌畫指導委員會進一步澄清。Work within the team to adjust, add, or remove any content based on your discussions, or agree to ask for additional clarification from the steering committee. 指派將提供每個區段的小組成員,協助確保流程與連續性。Assign the team members who will present each section, to help ensure flow and continuity.

召開會議Hold the meeting

會議本身應該是核心小組完成的 [準備] 工作的自然接續。The meeting itself should be a natural continuation of the prep work that the core team has done. 請記住,這些會議的目標是鼓勵溝通與共同作業,以達到專案的願景。Remember that the goal of these meetings is to foster an atmosphere of communication and collaboration to achieve the vision of the project. 請使用下列建議,協助確保會議成功:Use the following suggestions to help ensure the success of the meetings:

  1. 安排面對面會議。Schedule the meeting to be face to face. 找出會議室,其中的表格要足夠大,讓每個人都能坐在周圍。Identify a conference room with a table that's large enough for everyone to sit around. 確定會議室有視頻功能。Ensure the meeting room has video capabilities. 雖然您可以將所有人都放在聊天室中,但這並不是很好的做法,所以請確定會議邀請包含會議室,以及至少有音訊的線上會議資訊,但最好、音訊、影片和共用。Although it would be ideal to have everyone in the room, it's not always possible, so ensure the meeting invitation includes the conference room and the online meeting information with at least audio—but, ideally, audio, video and sharing. 鼓勵所有遠端參與者加入會議時,使用影片。Encourage all remote participants to use video when they join the meeting.

  2. 請嘗試保留議程,但不會發生任何需要解決的干擾。Try to keep to the agenda, though no doubt distractions will arise that need to be addressed. 如有可能 (視其重要性) 而定,請將這些專案新增至 [停車場] 區段,並在稍後進行處理。If possible (depending on their importance), add these items to a "parking lot" section and address them later . 如果主題太重要,無法繼續進行討論,但請注意,您需要將其他議程專案移至未來的會議。If the topic is too important to postpone, get agreement to continue discussing it, but realize that you'll need to move some other agenda items to future meetings. 同意設定一段時間 (5 到10分鐘) ,以解決任何需要委員會立即注意的按下專案。Agree to set aside some time (five to ten minutes) to address any pressing items that need the immediate attention of the committee.

  3. 準備好討論任何開啟的支援案例。Be prepared to discuss any open support cases. 嘗試將討論保持在此會議的高層次:票證數量、票證類型、主要開啟的專案。Try to keep the discussion as high-level as possible for this meeting—number of tickets, types of tickets, major open items. 您應該準備好解決所有問題,即使它們很輕微,瞭解對企業的影響,以及對專案的影響。You should be prepared to address all issues, even if they're minor, understand the impact to the business and effects on the project

  4. 委派記事。Delegate a note-taker. 在您進行簡報時,或在您對人對人較直熱的情況下,記筆記很困難。It's too difficult to take notes while you're presenting or in the middle of a heated debate. 請確定已針對在委員會中所做的任何決策記錄詳細資料。Make sure that details are documented for any decisions that are made in the committee. 準備好將這些決策和記事傳送成後續電子郵件的一部分。Be prepared to send these decisions and notes out as part of a follow-up email.

  5. 如果有) 的話,請務必先宣傳與人員的工作成果和使用者意見反應 (的積極消息。Always try to promote the positive news about people's work effort and user feedback (if available). 講述並銷售該故事。Tell and sell the story. 如果意見反應完全是否定的,請準備好進行討論,並說明已完成的動作,以解決消極的使用者經驗問題。If feedback is wholly negative, be prepared to discuss it and explain what's being done to address the negative user experience issues.

    a.a. 您可以利用商機,將 kudos 給個別小組成員,以取得他們所做的工作。Take the opportunity to give kudos to individual team members for the good work they're doing. 我們必須認識的是,在小組成員(尤其是領導團隊成員)完成時,請務必辨識。It's important to recognize when excellent, hard work is being accomplished by team members, especially in front of their leadership team.

  6. 永遠都要儲存會議的結束,以同意任何後續步驟,並識別會議期間已商定之動作專案的擁有者。Always save the end of the meeting to agree on any next steps and identify the owner of those action items that were agreed on during the meeting.

  7. 傳送包含您所建立之簡報的出席者後續電子郵件,並附加所拍攝的任何筆記。Send attendees follow-up email that includes the presentation you created, and append any notes that were taken. 請務必包含任何沒有參與的人員。Be sure to include anyone who didn't attend.

後續步驟Next steps

在審查指導委員會的概況之後,現在可以開始採取行動。專案小組應該開始進行工作,將籌畫指導委員會實施到專案的時程表,並準備週期性指導委員會會議節奏。After reviewing the overview of the steering committee, it's now time to act. The project team should begin their work to implement the steering committee into the project's timeline and prepare a regular steering committee meeting cadence. 理想的是,在專案開始前會形成委員會,並在整個階段提供指導方針,但如果不是這樣,請在委員會中,將專案小組指引至成功的結果。Ideally, the committee will be formed before the project begins and provide guidance throughout all its phases, but if that can't be the case, form the committee to guide the project team to a successful outcome.

  1. 識別指導委員會成員。Identify steering committee members. 自問:Ask yourselves:

    • 我們有正確的商業和領導表現方式嗎?Do we have the right representation from the business and leadership?

    • 我們認識到的成員是否能夠在其他單位中影響其營業單位或對等?Are the members we identified able to influence their business units or peers in other units?

  2. 建立通訊以傳送給籌畫指導委員會的每個成員:Create a communication to send to each member of the steering committee:

    • 包含角色資料表。Include the roles table.

    • 宣傳委員會的重要性。Sell the importance of the committee.

  3. 設定第一個會議來討論角色和職責、定義委員會的宗旨,以及驗證或定義 OKRs。Set up the first meeting to discuss roles and responsibilities, define the charter of the committee, and validate or define the OKRs. [議程] 專案也可以包含:Agenda items can also include:

    • 討論會議節奏。Discuss the meeting cadence.

    • 確認您的章程與 OKRs 都正在推動有意義的商業成果。Validate that the charter and OKRs are driving toward a meaningful business outcome.

    • 確認策略已與 OKRs 對齊。Verify that the strategy is in alignment with OKRs.

  4. 在每個交談中開始駕駛品質:Start driving quality in every conversation:

    • 闡明擁有品質擁護者的重要性。Articulate the importance of having a quality champion.

    • 找出將參與品質擁護者角色的人員或小組。Identify the people or team who will take on the Quality Champion role.

我們好運不會發生籌畫指導委員會成功的情況。Steering committee success doesn't happen by luck. 選擇正確的成員(具有最佳意圖),仍會產生不佳的結果。Choosing the right members, with the best of intentions, can still yield poor results. 為了協助推動籌畫指導委員會的成功,您必須確保您具備下列專案:To help drive the success of the steering committee, you need to ensure you have the following:

  • 已商定的專案,以及該委員會將會 advocating 之明確定義且可衡量之業務結果的專案範圍。An agreed-on vision and scope for the project with well-defined, measurable business outcomes that the committee will be advocating.

  • 組織良好的議程,可促進 purposeful 會議。A well-organized agenda that drives purposeful meetings.

  • 開放式通訊的大氣。An atmosphere of open communication.

    • 開放式通訊與共同作業將可為委員會進行準備。Open communication and collaboration will empower the committee. 建立一個可聽取所有聲音並遵守意見的環境。Create an environment where all voices are heard and opinions are respected. 獨特的觀點會受到最大的影響。Unique perspectives can have the greatest impact.

    • 在領導作用是促進成員共同作業及通訊時,可以啟用開啟的環境。An open environment can be enabled when leadership acts to promote member collaboration and communication. 以下是一些指導方針:Here are some guidelines:

      • 所有的委員會成員對組織所帶來的變更而言,都應該有有力的主張。All committee members should be strong advocates for the change that's being introduced to the organization.

      • 將委員會的大小限制為絕對需要的人員,以提供正確的圖片,以及可在整個企業單元中產生或影響決策的人員。Keep the committee size limited to those who are absolutely needed to provide an accurate picture and those who can make or influence decisions across business units. 瞭解組織的階層,以及當封鎖者顯示時,每個成員的直接影響行為都是至關重要的。Understanding the organization's hierarchy and each member's direct line of influence will be crucial when blockers appear.

      • 在委員會討論與 deliberations 中,讓專案經理和小組領導參與。Engage the project managers and team leaders in committee discussions and deliberations. 準備好邀請其他核心小組成員,讓特定區域中可能需要的深入討論更清楚。Be ready to invite additional core team members to bring clarity to in-depth discussions that might be needed in specific areas.

在方案的整個週期中,委員會的角色會變更。Over the lifecycle of the solution the role of the committee will change. 隨著構想與加入將移至 [磁片磁碟機] 值階段,委員會可能需要進行數個調整:As envisioning and onboarding move into the drive value phase several adjustments may be needed to the committee:

  • 調整會議的節奏。Adjust the cadence of the meeting. 看看組織的動態,並判斷會議是否需要不太頻繁。Look at the dynamic of the organization and determine if the meeting needs to happen less frequently. 隨著組織的變更開始 dwindle,可能會降低高層通訊的頻率。As the organizational change begins to dwindle the frequency for up-level communication will likely diminish. 如果適用,請調查將會議變更為每月或每季會議節奏Investigate changing the meeting to a monthly or quarterly meeting cadence if appropriate

  • 調整會議中的代表。Adjust the representatives in the meeting. 隨著方案移至 [磁片磁碟機] 價值階段,可能會將核心專案小組重新指派給新的專案。As the solution moves into the drive value phase it is likely that the core project team will be reassigned to new projects. 需要更新報告為支援的小組,且作業將會成為解決方案狀態的潛在客戶。It will be necessary to update the team that is reporting as support and operations will become the leads on the status of the solution.

  • 針對操作 OKRs 的定義和報告。Definition and reporting against operational OKRs. 關鍵結果和成功指示會在方案的週期中變更。Key results and success indicators will change over the lifecycle of the solution. 您應該繼續追蹤並報告所需的商業結果。The desired business outcomes should continue to be tracked and reported. 在推動商業結果的內容中,繼續報告語音解決方案的品質與可靠性。Continue to report on the quality and reliability of the voice solution in the context of driving towards the business outcome. 其他衡量標準與重要的結果(例如,使用者觀點、使用者採納及支援度量)會成為成功的最佳指示器。Additional metrics and key results, such as, user sentiment, user adoption and support metrics will become the top indicators of success.

  • 使用較大型的指導委員會傘來涵蓋多個解決方案的磁片磁碟機價值階段。Use a larger steering committee umbrella to cover the drive value phases of multiple solutions. 尋找更有效率地使用籌畫指導委員會的機會。Look for opportunities to more efficiently use the steering committee. 使用委員會來提供更多較大的解決方案球體的指導方針。Use the committee to provide guidance across a larger sphere of solutions.