Teams 教育版中的作業Assignments in Teams for Education

在教育版團隊中的 [作業及成績] 功能可讓教師指派工作、工作或測驗給學生。The Assignments and Grades features in Teams for Education allow educators to assign tasks, work, or quizzes to their students. 教育者可以管理作業時間軸、指示、新增資源以供使用,以及量表的成績及其他功能。Educators can manage assignment timelines, instructions, add resources to turn in, grade with rubrics, and more. 他們也可以在 [成績] 索引標籤中追蹤班級與個別學生的進度。They can also track class and individual student progress in the Grades tab.

深入瞭解團隊中的作業與成績教育Learn more about Assignments and Grades in Teams for Education.


如需不同平臺上團隊作業的詳細資料,請參閱 依平臺的團隊功能For details about Teams assignments on different platforms, see Teams features by platform.

Microsoft 團隊系統管理中心的作業整合Assignments integrations in the Microsoft Teams admin center

使用 Microsoft [團隊管理中心] 的 [管理員設定],您可以開啟或關閉貴組織內部或其學生的相關功能。Using the admin settings in the Microsoft Teams admin center, you can turn features on or off for educators within your organization and their students. 以下是與作業相關的設定:The following are settings related to Assignments:

每週監護人電子郵件摘要Weekly guardian email digest

監護人電子郵件會在每個週末傳送給家長或監護人。Guardian emails are sent each weekend to parents or guardians. 電子郵件包含上一周的作業相關資訊,以及即將到來的周。The email contains information about assignments from the previous week and for the upcoming week. 您可以使用 學校資料同步處理來設定家長和監護人同步處理。The Parent and Guardian Sync can be setup using School Data Sync.

  1. 透過父母和監護人同步處理 SDS 中的家長連絡人資訊。Import parent contact information via Parent and Guardian Sync in SDS. 如需如何啟用家長和監護人同步處理的指示,請參閱 啟用家長和監護人同步處理。For instructions on how to enable Parent and Guardian Sync, see Enabling Parent and Guardian Sync.

  2. 在 Microsoft 團隊系統管理中心開啟監護人設定,因為預設會關閉設定。Turn on the Guardian Setting in the Microsoft Teams admin center, as the setting is turned off by default. 這可讓教師傳送每週摘要。This will enable teachers to send out a weekly digest.


    教師可以選擇不使用摘要,方法是在自己的個人班級小組中取消選擇該設定, ([ 作業設定] > 家長/監護人電子郵件) 。Teachers can opt-out of the digest by deselecting the setting inside their own personal class team (Assignment Settings > Parent/Guardian Emails).

若要確認家長會收到電子郵件,必須成立下列三個專案:To verify that Parents will get the email the following three items must be true:

  • 附加至 SDS 中的學生個人檔案並將其標記為 家長監護人 的電子郵件地址。Email address attached to the student profile in SDS and tagged as Parent or Guardian. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 家長和監護人同步處理檔案格式For details, see Parent and Guardian Sync File Format.

  • 學生至少屬於一個課程,該課程中的電子郵件未由教師在 作業設定中停用。Students belong to at least one class in which e-mail is not disabled by the teacher in assignment settings.

  • 該電子郵件將會包含前一周或下周的到期日作業的相關資訊。The emails will contain information about assignments that had a due date in the previous week or in the upcoming week.

此功能的預設設定為 [ 關閉]。Default setting for this feature is - Off.


Microsoft MakeCode 是一種區塊式編碼平臺,可讓所有學生都能使用電腦科學。Microsoft MakeCode is a block-based coding platform that brings computer science to life for all students.

MakeCode 是一種受 Microsoft 使用條款隱私權 原則制約的 microsoft 產品。MakeCode is a Microsoft product that is subject to the Microsoft terms of use and privacy policies.

此功能的預設設定為 [ 關閉]。Default setting for this feature is - Off.

若要在 [團隊] 中啟用 MakeCode 作業,請移至 [ 團隊系統管理中心],流覽至 [ 作業 ] 區段,然後將 [MakeCode 切換] 選項開啟為 [ 開啟]。To enable MakeCode assignments in Teams, go to the Teams Admin Center, navigate to the Assignments section, and turn the MakeCode toggle option to On. 按一下 [儲存]。Click Save. 等待幾個小時,這些設定才會生效。Allow a few hours for these settings to take effect.

如需此功能的運作方式的詳細資訊,請參閱此 視頻示範For more information on how this feature works, see this video demonstration.

深入瞭解 MakeCodeLearn more about MakeCode.


Turnitin 是一種學術的完整性服務。Turnitin is an academic integrity service. 這是協力廠商產品或服務,受限於它本身的條款與隱私權原則。This is a third-party product or service that is subject to its own terms and privacy policy. 您負責使用任何協力廠商產品和服務。You are responsible for your use of any third-party products and services.

此功能的預設設定為 [ 關閉]。Default setting for this feature is - Off..

若要為您的組織啟用 Turnitin,您將需要 Turnitin 訂閱。To enable Turnitin for your organization, you will need a Turnitin subscription. 接著,您可以輸入下列資訊,這些資訊可在您的 Turnitin 系統管理主控台中找到:Then you can input the following information, which can be found in your Turnitin admin console:

  • TurnitinApiKey:這是在系統管理主控台中的 [整合] 下找到的32字元 GUID。TurnitinApiKey: This is a 32-character GUID found in the admin console under Integrations.
  • TurnitinApiUrl:這是您 Turnitin 系統管理主控台的 HTTPS URL。TurnitinApiUrl: This is the HTTPS URL of your Turnitin admin console.

以下是協助您取得此資訊的一些指示。Here are some instructions to help you obtain this information.

TurnitinApiUrl 是系統管理員主控台的主機位址。The TurnitinApiUrl is the host address of your admin console. 範例 https://your-tenant-name.turnitin.comExample:

系統管理主控台是您可以在其中建立整合與整合相關聯的 API 金鑰。The admin console is where you can create an integration and an API key associated with the integration.

從側邊功能表選取 [整合], 然後選取 [ 新增整合 ] 並提供名稱的整合。Select Integrations from the side menu, then select Add Integration and give the integration a name.


在您遵循提示之後,系統會為您提供 TurnitinApiKeyThe TurnitinApiKey will be given to you after you follow the prompts. 複製 API 金鑰並貼到 Microsoft 團隊系統管理中心。Copy the API key and paste it into the Microsoft Teams admin center. 這只是您可以查看金鑰的唯一時機。This is the only time you can view the key.

螢幕擷取畫面顯示覆制 API 金鑰

按一下系統管理中心的 [ 儲存 ] 按鈕時,設定才會生效數小時。Upon clicking the Save button in the admin center for this setting, allow a few hours for these settings to take effect.