Teams 或商務用 Skype Online 的 Proxy 伺服器Proxy servers for Teams or Skype for Business Online

本文提供有關將 proxy 伺服器與團隊或商務用 Skype 結合使用的指導方針。This article provides guidance about using a proxy server with Teams or Skype for Business.

如果是來自 proxy 的小組或商務用 Skype 流量,Microsoft 建議您回避 proxy。When it comes to Teams or Skype for Business traffic over proxies, Microsoft recommends bypassing proxies. Proxy 不會讓小組或商務用 Skype 更加安全,因為通訊已經過加密。Proxies don't make Teams or Skype for Business more secure because the traffic is already encrypted.

而且擁有 proxy 可能會造成問題。And having a proxy can cause issues. 效能相關問題可透過延遲與資料包遺失來引進環境。Performance-related problems can be introduced to the environment through latency and packet loss. 這類問題將導致在這些團隊或商務用 Skype 案例中使用音訊和影片的負面體驗,因為即時資料流非常重要。Issues such as these will result in a negative experience in such Teams or Skype for Business scenarios as audio and video, where real-time streams are essential.

如果您需要使用 proxy 伺服器If you need to use a proxy server

有些組織沒有任何選項可讓小組或商務用 Skype 流量略過。Some organizations have no option to bypass a proxy for Teams or Skype for Business traffic. 如果是這種情況,上述問題必須牢記在前面。If that's the case for you, the problems mentioned above need to be kept in mind.

Microsoft 也強烈建議:Microsoft also strongly recommends:

遵循此指導方針應該將潛在問題降至最低。Following this guidance should minimize potential problems.

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