Microsoft 團隊系統管理功能的版本資訊Release notes for Microsoft Teams admin features

這些版本資訊提供 Microsoft 團隊新系統管理功能的相關資訊。These release notes provide information about new admin features for Microsoft Teams.

2020年12月21日December 21, 2020

支援的費率中心與通話方案的覆蓋範圍Supported rate centers and coverage for Calling Plans

[費率中心] 是一個地理區域的行業期限,傳統上會針對公開交換電話網絡 (PSTN) ,為其定義邊界以進行當地通話、帳單比率及電話號碼指派。A rate center is the industry term for a geographical area that traditionally defines boundaries for local calling, billing rates, and phone number assignment for the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). 深入了解Learn more.

2020年12月18日December 18, 2020

針對專題討論會議室更新會議設定原則Updated meeting settings policies for Breakout rooms

小組中的 [專題討論] 是用來將會議分割成個別、較小的會議會議室。Breakout Rooms in Teams are used to split meetings into separate, smaller meeting rooms. 此設定可控制會議召集人是否有在排程或開始的會議中建立和管理 [專題討論] 會議室的選項。This setting controls whether meeting organizers have the option to create and manage Breakout Rooms in meetings they schedule or start. 此原則設定會影響所有會議,包括 [立即開會] 會議。This policy setting affects all meetings, including Meet Now meetings. 深入了解Learn more.

2020年12月9日December 9, 2020

使用 Microsoft 365 學習路徑的小組顧問Advisor for Teams with Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways

Microsoft 365 學習路徑 是隨選學習解決方案,您可以自訂以訓練您的使用者,並提高您組織中對於 Teams 的使用及採用。Microsoft 365 learning pathways is an on-demand learning solution that you can customize to train your users, and increase usage and adoption of Teams in your organization. 將學習路徑與 Advisor for Teams 搭配使用,以讓您的使用者快速設定並執行和推動採用。Use learning pathways together with Advisor for Teams to get your users up and running quickly and drive adoption.

學習路徑可提供您 SharePoint Online 網站範本,以及為使用者輕鬆建立學習網站的能力。Learning pathways gives you a SharePoint Online site template and the ability to easily build a learning site for your users. 您可以自訂學習路徑訓練入口網站,以包含特定於使用者需求的訓練與支援內容。You can customize the learning pathways training portal to include training and support content specific to your users' needs. 從 Microsoft online 目錄使用 Teams 播放清單,並新增您自己的播放清單。Use the Teams playlists from the Microsoft online catalog and add your own. 深入了解Learn more.

2020年10月28日October 28, 2020

在醫療保健中開始使用團隊Get started with Teams in healthcare

Microsoft 團隊針對醫院和其他醫療保健組織提供許多有用的功能,包括:Microsoft Teams offers a number of features useful for hospitals and other healthcare organizations, including:

  • 虛擬走訪與電子醫療保健記錄 (EHR) 整合Virtual visits and Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) integration
  • 團隊原則套件Teams policy packages
  • 安全訊息Secure messaging
  • 團隊範本Teams templates
  • 護理協調與共同作業Care coordination and collaboration

此功能是適用于醫療保健版 Microsoft 雲端的一部分。This functionality is part of the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare. 深入了解Learn more.

2020年10月27日October 27, 2020

團隊顯示Teams displays

Microsoft 團隊顯示的是一種由一體式專用團隊裝置組成的類別,可提供功能環境觸控式螢幕,以及由 Cortana 提供的免提體驗。Microsoft Teams displays are a category of all-in-one dedicated Teams devices that feature an ambient touchscreen and a hands-free experience powered by Cortana. 深入了解Learn more.

2020年10月22日October 22, 2020

管理使用者的商務用 Skype 設定Manage Skype for Business settings for your users

您可以在 Microsoft 團隊系統管理中心為貴組織中的商務用 Skype 使用者管理商務用 Skype 設定。You can manage Skype for Business settings for Skype for Business users in your organization in the Microsoft Teams admin center. 移至 [使用者詳細資料] 頁面上的 [商務用 Skype] 索引標籤。Go to the Skype for Business tab on the user details page. 您可以從這裡管理個別使用者的外部存取與會議設定。From here, you can manage external access and meeting settings for individual users. 深入了解Learn more.

管理貴組織的商務用 Skype 設定Manage Skype for Business settings for your organization

您可以在 Microsoft 團隊系統管理中心為貴組織中的商務用 skype 使用者管理商務用 Skype 功能。You can manage Skype for Business features for Skype for Business users in your organization in the Microsoft Teams admin center. 移至 全組織的設定 > 商務用 SkypeGo to Org-wide settings > Skype for Business. 您可以從這裡管理 Skype 會議廣播、目前狀態及行動通知。From here, you can manage Skype Meeting Broadcast, presence, and mobile notifications. 深入了解Learn more.

2020年10月16日October 16, 2020

管理第一線員工工作者的倒班式存取Manage shift-based access for Firstline Workers

身為系統管理員,您可以將團隊設定為顯示您組織中的第一線員工工作人員的一組班次的目前狀態,以指出他們是在何時開啟和關閉班次。As an admin, you can configure Teams to show a set of shift-based presence states for the Firstline Workers in your organization to indicate when they are on and off shift. 使用值班式存取時,您可以在第一線員工工作人員離開班次時管理團隊的存取權。With shift-based access, you can manage access to Teams when Firstline Workers are off shift. 例如,您可以將團隊設定為顯示一則訊息,讓第一線員工工人必須承認,才能使用小組,而不是排定的班次。For example, you can set Teams to display a message that Firstline Workers must acknowledge before they can use Teams when they're not on a scheduled shift. 深入了解Learn more.

2020年10月15日October 15, 2020

自訂原則套件Custom policy packages

這項功能在私人預覽中This feature is in private preview

自訂原則套件可讓您將自己的一組原則與組織中相似角色的使用者捆綁。Custom policy packages let you bundle your own set of policies for users with similar roles in you organization. 新增您所需的原則類型和原則,建立您自己的原則套件。Create your own policy packages by adding the policy types and policies that you need. 深入了解Learn more.

在 Microsoft 團隊系統管理中心將應用程式新增至團隊Add an app to a team in the Microsoft Teams admin center

在 Microsoft 團隊系統管理中心的 [管理應用程式] 頁面上,您可以使用 [ 新增至小組 ] 按鈕,將應用程式安裝至團隊。On the Manage apps page of the Microsoft Teams admin center, you can use the Add to team button to install an app to a team. 深入了解Learn more.

2020年10月1日October 1, 2020

使用商務用 OneDrive 和 SharePoint 進行會議錄製Use OneDrive for Business and SharePoint for meeting recordings

Microsoft 團隊有一個儲存會議錄製的新方法。Microsoft Teams has a new method for saving meeting recordings. 作為從傳統 Microsoft Stream 轉換到新串流的第一個階段,此方法會將錄製儲存在 microsoft 365 的商務用 OneDrive 和 SharePoint 中,並提供許多好處。As the first phase of a transition from classic Microsoft Stream to the new Stream, this method stores recordings on Microsoft OneDrive for Business and SharePoint in Microsoft 365 and offers many benefits. 深入了解Learn more.

適用于中小型企業的免費音訊會議Free audio conferencing for small to medium businesses

如果您是最多300個使用者的中小型企業或中型企業,而且您目前沒有任何音訊會議授權,您可以在一年免費取得語音會議。If you're a small or medium-sized business with up to 300 users and you currently don’t have any Audio Conferencing licenses, you can get Audio Conferencing free for one year. 此免費優惠于2020年10月1日起提供。This free offer is available starting October 1, 2020. 深入了解Learn more.

現在,在團隊系統管理中心全域管理員將能在 Azure Active Directory 中審查並授與已註冊的圖形 API 許可權,代表整個租使用者所要求的許可權,例如讀取儲存在團隊中的資訊,或代表使用者傳送電子郵件。Now in Teams admin center global admins will be able to review and grant consent to Graph API permissions registered in Azure Active Directory, on behalf of the entire tenant for the permissions an app is requesting such as reading information stored in a team or sending an email on behalf of users. 現在,IT 系統管理員將能夠在團隊系統管理中心中查看應用程式的資源特定同意 (RSC) 許可權。Now IT admins will be able to review resource-specific consent (RSC) permissions for the apps within Teams admin center. 有了該系統管理員就能解除封鎖他們的使用者,以取得他們已在組織中已審閱及已核准使用的協力廠商應用程式。With that admins will be able to unblock their users for the third-party apps they have already reviewed and approved to use in their organization. 深入了解Learn more.

針對奧地利、丹麥、義大利、葡萄牙、瑞典及瑞士的通話方案支援Calling Plans support for Austria, Denmark, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, and Switzerland

我們最近新增了對奧地利、丹麥、義大利、葡萄牙、瑞典及瑞士的通話方案支援。We've recently added calling plan support for Austria, Denmark, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, and Switzerland. 深入了解Learn more.

2020年9月29日September 29, 2020

會議原則設定Meeting policy settings

在團隊會議原則中新增兩個策略設定以取得 IP 音訊和 IP 影片: ip 音訊的模式和 IP 影片的模式。Adding two policy settings for IP audio and IP video in Teams meetings policies: Mode for IP audio and Mode for IP video. 您現在可以在 [團隊會議原則] 中設定內送和外寄 IP 音訊與 IP 影片。You can now set incoming and outgoing IP audio and IP video in Teams meeting policies. 深入了解Learn more.

2020年9月27日September 27, 2020

簡化的通知設定Simplified notification setting

使用者現在可以使用增強的功能,以更簡單的方式管理他們的通知設定。Users can now manage their notifications settings in a more simplified manner with enhanced functionalities.

2020年9月24日September 24, 2020

團隊與 Android 連絡人整合Teams integration with Android contacts

透過您的 Android 電話簿直接呼叫使用團隊。Call using Teams directly through your Android Phonebook.

2020年9月21日September 21, 2020

在 Microsoft [團隊管理中心] 中管理 Microsoft Power Platform 應用程式Manage Microsoft Power Platform apps in the Microsoft Teams admin center

以管理員身分,您可以控制使用者是否能在小組中的 [應用程式] 頁面上,查看和安裝您同事所建的 Microsoft Power Platform app。As an admin, you can control whether users can see and install Microsoft Power Platform apps in Built by your colleagues on the Apps page in Teams. 您可以在 [ 管理應用程式 ] 頁面上的 [管理 app] 頁面上,或針對特定使用者使用 app 許可權原則,綜合封鎖或允許在 power Virtual agent 中建立的所有 app。You can collectively block or allow all apps created in Power Apps or all apps created in Power Virtual Agents at the org level on the Manage apps page or for specific users using app permission policies. 深入了解Learn more.

2020年9月19日September 19, 2020

在 Microsoft 團隊中共用檔案Sharing files in Microsoft Teams

在 Microsoft 團隊中,使用者可以與組織內部和外部的其他團隊使用者共用內容。In Microsoft Teams, users can share content with other Teams users within and outside their organization. [在小組中共用] 是以 SharePoint 和 OneDrive 中所設定的設定為基礎,因此您針對 SharePoint 和 OneDrive 設定的任何內容,都會同時控制小組中的共用功能。Sharing in Teams is based on the settings configured in SharePoint and OneDrive, so whatever you set up for SharePoint and OneDrive will control sharing in Teams as well. 深入了解Learn more.

2020年9月16日September 16, 2020

新的協力廠商影片提供者 RiverbedNew third-party video provider Riverbed

使用 [團隊即時事件] 設定來設定貴組織中的即時事件設定。Use Teams live events settings to configure settings for live events that are held in your organization. 您可以設定支援 URL,並設定協力廠商的影片發佈提供者。You can set up a support URL and configure a third-party video distribution provider. 這些設定適用于您組織中建立的所有即時事件。These settings apply to all live events that are created in your organization. Riverbed 是新的協力廠商提供者。Riverbed is a new third-party provider. 深入了解Learn more.

2020年9月15日September 15, 2020

整合至團隊 PowerShell 模組的商務用 Skype Online 連接器Skype for Business Online Connector integrated to Teams PowerShell module

最新的團隊 PowerShell 公開發行與商務用 Skype Online 連接器整合,提供單一模組供團隊 PowerShell 管理使用。The latest Teams PowerShell public release is integrated with Skype for Business Online Connector, providing a single module for Teams PowerShell management. 深入了解Learn more.

2020年9月8日September 8, 2020

移植 PINPorting PIN

我們新增了設定及管理用於移植或轉移電話號碼的 PIN 的功能。We added the ability to set up and manage a PIN used for porting or transferring phone numbers. 當您想要將數位從 Microsoft 移植到服務提供者時,您會將此 PIN 提供給 PSTN 服務台。You will provide this PIN to the PSTN service desk when you want to port numbers out to a service provider from Microsoft. 深入了解Learn more.

2020年9月3日September 3, 2020

Microsoft 團隊中的自訂應用程式商店Custom apps store in Microsoft Teams

現在,您可以新增您的標誌、自訂背景及自訂文字色彩,自訂 [小組 App] 商店與組織品牌,以讓使用者更容易受到使用者的邀請。Now you can customize the Teams Apps store with your organizational branding by adding your logo, custom backgrounds, and custom text colors to make it more inviting to end users. 深入了解Learn more.

2020年9月1日September 1, 2020

Android 中的需求翻譯On-demand translation in Android

內嵌郵件翻譯是 Microsoft 團隊的功能,可讓使用者將小組訊息轉換成其個人語言設定所指定的語言。Inline message translation is a Microsoft Teams feature that lets users translate Teams messages into the language specified by their personal language settings. [翻譯] 設定預設為 [ 開啟 ]。The translation setting is On by default. 深入了解Learn more.

2020年8月17日August 17, 2020

群組聊天大小增加Group chat size increase

我們新增了在群組聊天中有250參與者的功能。We added the ability to now have 250 participants in a group chat. 深入了解Learn more.

管理稱讚應用程式Manage the Praise app

Microsoft 團隊中的稱讚應用程式可協助使用者向組織或教室的成員顯示感謝。The Praise app in Microsoft Teams helps users show appreciation to members of their organization or classroom. 稱讚應用程式會選取供您選擇的徽章集,並提供建立您自己徽章的選項。The Praise app has a selection of badge sets to choose from and provides the option to create your own badges. 稱讚的設計目的是協助您認識到小組使用者在團隊使用者所做的大量工作(從教育者到第一線員工員工)所做的努力。Praise is designed to help recognize the effort that goes into the wide range of work that Teams users do, from educators to Firstline Workers. 深入了解Learn more.

使用 Microsoft 團隊聊天室和 Surface Hub 來設定協同會議Set up Coordinated Meetings with Microsoft Teams Rooms and Surface Hub

如果您在會議室中有一個或多個 Microsoft 團隊聊天室裝置或 Surface Hub,您可以設定協同會議。If you have one or more Microsoft Teams Rooms devices or Surface Hubs in a meeting room, you can set up Coordinated Meetings. [協調式會議] 可讓您設定小組室裝置和 Surface Hub,這樣當您在一部裝置上加入會議時,會議室中的其他裝置也會加入相同的會議。Coordinated Meetings lets you set up your Teams Rooms devices and Surface Hubs so that when you join a meeting on one device, the other devices in the room are also joined to the same meeting. 深入了解Learn more.

使用 shift 進行標記Tagging by shift

使用此功能時,系統會在團隊中的 [倒班] 應用程式中,自動指派符合其排程和班次群組名稱的標記。With this feature, people are automatically assigned tags that match their schedule and shift group name in the Shifts app in Teams. 深入了解Learn more.

2020年8月14日August 14, 2020

小組中的 Cortana 語音技能Cortana voice skills in Teams

在團隊行動應用程式中使用 Cortana 語音技能,可協助使用者執行會議、通訊及共同作業工作,只需使用語音的自然語言即可。Cortana voice skills in Teams mobile app help users perform meeting, communication, and collaboration tasks simply using spoken natural language. 使用者可以按一下 [小組] 應用程式中的 [麥克風] 按鈕,併發出「呼叫 Megan」或「傳送訊息至我的下一次會議」等要求,如果他們需要與某人進行連線,而不需要與其他人聯繫,或是想在旅途中進行。Users can speak to Cortana by clicking on the microphone button in Teams app and make requests like “Call Megan” or “Send a message to my next meeting” if they need to connect with someone while juggling household chores or walking the dog or generally on the go. 使用者只需說「加入我的下一筆會議」就能加入會議,或詢問「我現在該怎麼辦」。Users can join meetings simply by saying “Join my next meeting” or check their calendar by asking “what do I have this morning”. 在會議或通話中,他們可以從會議階段中的 [溢位] 功能表呼叫 Cortana,並執行一般的會議工作,例如依名稱或編號新增人員 ( 「新增 Megan 至通話」 ) 、投影片簡報 ( 「顯示季度回顧投影片」 ) 或流覽投影片 ( 「移至附錄投影片」 ) 。Once in a meeting or a call, they can invoke Cortana from the overflow menu in the meeting stage and perform typical in-meeting tasks like adding people by name or number (“Add Megan to the call”), deck presentation (“present the quarterly review deck”) or navigating slides (“Go to the appendix slide”). 此功能支援的其他專案包括在 [小組] app 中尋找及共用檔案、搜尋及流覽 ( [與 John 開啟我的聊天],移至我的提及活動,請移至我的提示等。 ) 。Other things that the feature supports are finding and sharing files, search, and navigating within the Teams app (“Open my chat with John, Go to my unread activity, Go to my mentions etc.).

小組中的 cortana 符合對 Cortana enterprise 服務的企業層級隱私權、安全性和合規性承諾,如 線上服務條款 (OST) 所示。Cortana in Teams meets the same enterprise-level privacy, security, and compliance promises for Cortana enterprise services, as reflected in the Online Services Terms (OST). 深入了解Learn more.

團隊裝置管理員Teams Devices Administrator

擁有此角色的使用者可以從團隊系統管理中心管理小組認證的裝置。Users with this role can manage Teams certified devices from the Teams admin center. 他們可以查看每個裝置的詳細資料,包括已登入的帳戶,以及裝置的品牌與型號。They can check details of each device including the account that is signed in, and the make and model of the device. 他們可以變更裝置上的設定、更新軟體,以及遠端重新開機裝置。They can change the settings on the device, update the software, and restart devices remotely. 深入了解Learn more.

2020年8月12日August 12, 2020

小組中的 [清單] 應用程式Lists app in Teams

團隊使用者現在可以使用 [清單] 應用程式索引標籤,直接管理、建立和維護他們的清單。[清單] 應用程式可在所有團隊用戶端上運作,並能在清單專案周圍共同作業及通訊。Teams users can now directly manage, create, and maintain their lists using the Lists app tab. The Lists app works on all Teams clients and enables collaboration and communication around list items. 深入了解Learn more.

2020年8月6日August 6, 2020

核准自訂應用程式Approve custom apps

核准透過團隊 App 提交 API 提交的自訂應用程式。Approve custom apps submitted through the Teams App Submission API. 深入了解Learn more.

2020年8月3日August 3, 2020

Microsoft 團隊系統管理中心的團隊協力廠商應用程式購買服務Purchase services for Teams third-party apps in the Microsoft Teams admin center

團隊應用程式可以免費安裝,有些可能需要購買服務訂閱才能體驗 app 的完整功能與範圍。Teams apps are free to install and some may require purchasing service subscriptions to experience the app's full functionality and scope. 這些服務訂閱稱為服務 (SaaS) 優惠,可透過 AppSource 購買,並透過 Microsoft 團隊系統管理中心立即購買。These service subscriptions are called Software as a Service (SaaS) offers, which are available for purchase through AppSource and now through the Microsoft Teams admin center. 深入了解Learn more.

發佈透過團隊 App 提交 API 提交的自訂應用程式Publish a custom app submitted through the Teams App Submission API

開發人員可以使用小組 App 提交 API,將自訂應用程式直接提交至 Microsoft 團隊系統管理中心供管理員審閱及核准。Developers can use the Teams App Submission API to submit custom apps directly to the Microsoft Teams admin center for admins to review and approve. 深入了解Learn more.

2020年7月29日July 29, 2020

使用裝置標記功能增強的易管理性Enhanced Manageability using Device Tagging functionality

在增強的易管理性中,我們會放開裝置標記功能。As part of enhanced manageability, we are releasing Device Tagging functionality. 它可讓 IT 系統管理員使用使用者產生的標籤,並在一組特定的裝置上執行,並在相同的裝置上執行動作。It will enable IT admins to group-specific set of devices with user-generated Tags and perform actions on the same. 深入了解Learn more.

在會議中僅供查看View-only in meetings

[查看]-僅允許最多20000個偵聽參與者加入會議,其中召集人擁有高級通訊附加元件 SKU 的授權。1這是預覽或較早的版本功能。View-only allows for up to 20,000 listen-only participants to join a meeting in which the organizer has a license for the Advanced Communications add-on SKU.1 This is a preview or early release feature. 深入了解Learn more.

2020年7月28日July 28, 2020

建立您自己的團隊範本Create your own Teams template

您現在可以從管理主控台使用範本來建立您自己的團隊範本,或從現有的範本建立團隊範本。You can now use templates from the Admin console to create your own Teams template or create a Teams template from existing templates. 深入了解Learn more.

2020年7月20日July 20, 2020

系統管理員可以在使用者層級控制外寄 webhooksAdmins can control outgoing webhooks at the user level

系統管理員可以在 app 許可權原則中允許或封鎖外寄 Webhooks 應用程式,以控制使用者層級的傳出 webhooks。Admins can control outgoing webhooks at the user level by allowing or blocking the Outgoing Webhooks app in app permission policies. 深入了解Learn more.

2020年7月17日July 17, 2020

團隊會議的 NDINDI-out for Teams meetings

我們新增了啟用團隊會議 NDI-Out 的功能。We added the ability to enable NDI-Out to a Teams meeting. NDI-Out 可讓影片製作工具使用會議的音訊和影片。NDI-Out allows for the audio and video of a meeting to be utilized by video production tools. 深入了解Learn more.

2020年7月15日July 15, 2020

啟用建議的回復Enable suggested replies

開啟此設定以啟用聊天訊息的建議回復。Turn this setting on to enable suggested replies for chat messages. 深入了解Learn more.

2020年7月9日July 9, 2020

通話佇列中的語音信箱支援Voicemail support in call queues

我們新增了呼叫佇列的支援以使用共用的語音信箱方塊。We added support for call queues to use a shared voicemail box. 深入了解Learn more.

2020年7月8日July 8, 2020

原則封裝批次指派Policy packaging batch assignment

我們讓您可以使用 PowerShell 來成批指派使用者和群組的原則套件。We made it possible to use PowerShell to batch assign a Policy Package for user and groups. 深入了解Learn more.

2020年7月7日July 7, 2020

適用於 Teams 的敏感度標籤Sensitivity labels for Teams

敏感度標籤可讓團隊管理員控制在團隊中共同作業期間建立的機密組織內容的存取權。Sensitivity labels allow Teams admins to regulate access to sensitive organizational content created during collaboration within teams. 深入了解Learn more.

2020年7月2日July 2, 2020

建議的回復Suggested replies

我們新增了小組使用者對他們交談的建議回復的功能。We added the ability for Teams users to have a suggested reply to their conversations. 如果啟用,這些建議會出現在聊天訊息的底部。These suggestions will appear at the bottom of a chat message if they are enabled. 他們能快速且輕鬆地回復訊息!They make replying to messages quick and easy! 深入了解Learn more.

轉接來電Transferring incoming calls

我們新增了自動語音應答的功能,以及呼叫佇列的來電將轉接至外部 PSTN 電話號碼。We added the ability for auto attendants and call queue incoming calls to be transferred to an external PSTN phone number. 深入了解Learn more.

2020年6月30日June 30, 2020

代表其他人安裝應用程式Install apps on behalf of others

您可以選擇在使用者開始團隊時預設會為使用者安裝哪些 app。You choose which apps are installed by default for users when they start Teams. 深入了解Learn more.

代表其他人共用畫面Screen sharing on behalf of others

許多 IT 管理員都有 complained 在停用 AllowPrivateCalling 原則時,他們無法讓員工從聊天中共用螢幕。Many IT Admins have complained that they can't have their employees screen share from chat when they disable the AllowPrivateCalling policy. 這項功能可讓您從 AllowPrivateCalling 原則開始從聊天啟動畫面 hare 的功能,但如果已停用其 AllowPrivateCalling 原則,仍會封鎖使用者將音訊/影片新增至螢幕共用會話。This feature work has decoupled the ability to start a screens hare from chat from the AllowPrivateCalling policy, but it still blocks users from adding audio/video to the screen share session if their AllowPrivateCalling policy is disabled.

2020年6月29日June 29, 2020

Microsoft 團隊中的 Walkie Talkie 應用程式Walkie Talkie app in Microsoft Teams

使用推入式交談立即語音通訊。Instant voice communication using push-to-talk. 深入了解Learn more.

2020年6月25日June 25, 2020

團隊篩選選項Teams filter option

我們已在命令列中新增篩選選項,讓您可以在搜尋特定團隊時設定特定參數。We added a new filter option in the command bar so you can set specific parameters when searching for specific teams.

使用者小工具Users widgets

我們新增了新的使用者摘要小工具,可在您新增團隊和頻道時使用。We added a new User summary widget that's available when you're adding teams and channels.

2020年6月21日June 21, 2020

Android 和 iOS 使用者的登入限制Sign in restrictions for Android and iOS users

如果使用者未在任何位置登入其 Microsoft 365 帳戶,系統會根據貴組織針對行動裝置登入原則設定的內容,要求他們提供單一因素或多重因素驗證 (SFA 或 MFA) 。If user isn't signed in to their Microsoft 365 account anywhere else, they'll be asked to provide single-factor or multi-factor authentication (SFA or MFA), depending on what your organization has configured for mobile sign-in policies. 深入了解Learn more.

2020年6月15日June 15, 2020

使用審核記錄監視班次Monitor shifts with audit logs

您可以搜尋 [審核記錄],在您的組織中查看倒班活動。You can search the audit log to view Shifts activity in your organization. 深入了解Learn more.

2020年6月11日June 11, 2020

通話佇列-在目前狀態為基礎的路由Call queues - Presence-based routing

關閉時,通話會傳送給已加入宣告接聽電話的代理程式(無論其目前狀態為何)。When turned off, calls will be routed to agents who have opted in to receive calls, regardless of their presence state. 在開啟時,選擇的代理程式將只會在其目前狀態為「接聽」時接收來電。When turned on, opted-in agents will receive calls only when their presence state is Available. 深入了解Learn more.

2020年6月10日June 10, 2020

通話佇列-最長閒置路由Call queues - Longest-idle routing

當您選擇此設定時,來電會傳送給未在最長時間內接聽來電的通話代理程式。When you choose this, incoming calls will be routed to call agents who haven't answered an incoming call for the longest period of time. 深入了解Learn more.

2020年6月1日June 1, 2020

在會議中舉手Raise hand in meetings

使用者現在可以在會議中提出虛擬手!Users can now raise a virtual hand in a meeting! 其他參與者會在會議階段中的您名稱旁邊,在名單中您的名稱旁看到您的手勢。Other participants will see your raised hand next to your name in the meeting stage and next to your name in the roster. 深入了解Learn more.

2020年5月15日May 15, 2020

新增更多人員至聊天Add more people to a chat

我們現在可以將最多350人新增到單一聊天線程。We made it possible to now add up to 350 people to a single chat thread.

2020年5月5日May 5, 2020

在進行中的團隊會議中輕鬆存取會議選項Easily access meeting options from within a Teams meeting in progress

我們讓會議召集人能更輕鬆地快速輕鬆地變更其簡報者和大廳設定,只要在參與者窗格中直接提供輕鬆存取連結即可。We're making it easier for meeting organizers to quickly and easily change their presenter and lobby settings once a Teams meeting starts by providing an easy to access link directly in the participants pane. 這項新功能將會提供給排程和「立即開會」會議。This new functionality will be present for both scheduled and “Meet now” meetings.

在團隊會議中下載參與者報表Download a participant report in a Teams meeting

會議召集人(尤其是教師)通常需要知道誰加入團隊會議。Meeting organizers, especially teachers, often need to know who joined their Teams meetings. 您很快就可以下載在名單視圖中找到的參與者報表,包括加入會議,以及參與者休假時間。Soon you will be able to download a participant report, found in the roster view that includes join and leave times for participants. 在 [名單] 視圖中提供,會議召集人可以下載包含在召集人出席時加入的使用者的報告。Available in the roster view, meeting organizers can download the report that includes those users who joined while the organizer was present. 此功能只有在會議處於使用中時才可在會議中使用。This feature is only available within the meeting while the meeting is active. 在桌面 (Windows 和 Mac) 和網路上提供。Available on desktop (Windows and Mac) and the web. 深入了解Learn more.

2020年4月26日April 26, 2020

在即時事件中包含系統音訊Include system audio in live events

在即時事件期間共用桌面或視窗螢幕時,即時事件中的簡報者和發生器現在可以包含系統音訊。Presenters and producers in live events can now include system audio when sharing a desktop or window screen during the live event. 這可讓您的使用者聽到您正在共用之內容的任何音訊部分。This will allow your users to hear any audio part of the content you are sharing.

2020年4月24日April 24, 2020

小組和通道分析Team and channel analytics

除了團隊分析之外,您還可以查看頻道階層測量與深入資訊。In addition to team analytics, now you can also view channel level metrics and insights. 我們也將時間週期增加至90天,讓您可以分析資料,以延長較長的時間。We've also enhanced the time period to 90 days so you can analyze data for longer periods. 除此之外,此版本也包含小組或頻道之張貼內容、回復和會議數的新度量單位和圖表。Apart from that, this release also includes new metrics and charts around the count of posts, replies, and meetings for a team or channel. 深入了解Learn more.

2020年4月20日April 20, 2020

讓召集人能夠變更撥入參與者的大廳設定Enable organizers to change lobby settings for dial-in participants

此設定控制由手機撥入的人員是否直接加入會議,或無論是否已 自動准許 [人員 ] 設定,也會在大廳中等待。This setting controls whether people who dial in by phone join the meeting directly or wait in the lobby regardless of the Automatically admit people setting.

2020年4月8日April 8, 2020

自訂會議影片背景Customize meeting video backgrounds

當您使用影片會議時,您現在可以選擇要使用的不同靜態背景圖像。When you are meeting with video, you now have the choice of different static background images to use. 這可讓您顯示這個影像,而不是您坐在何處的實際背景。This will let you show this image and not the actual background of where you are sitting. 深入了解Learn more.

2020年4月1日April 1, 2020

RealWear 的團隊Teams for RealWear

RealWear 的 Microsoft 團隊用戶端可讓第一線員工工作者使用 RealWear 的 ruggedized head 掛載 wearables 來操作團隊100%%,並使用團隊視頻通話從專家尋求遠端協助。Microsoft Teams client for RealWear enables Firstline Workers using RealWear's ruggedized head-mounted wearables to operate Teams 100 percent hands-free and seek remote assistance from experts using Teams video calling. 深入了解Learn more.

2020年3月31日March 31, 2020

標記,您是Tag, you're it

建立標籤並將人員指派給他們,讓您可以 @mention 群組、角色、部門等。小組擁有者,請嘗試自行進行。Create tags and assign people to them so you can @mention a group, role, department, etc. Team owners, try it out for yourselves. 移至團隊,選取 [更多選項] > 管理標記Go to a team, select More options > Manage tags. 深入了解Learn more.

2020年3月30日March 30, 2020

小組通話與會議的原則錄製Policy-based recording for Teams calls and meetings

此功能可透過 Microsoft 認證軟體廠商自動錄製小組通話和會議的原則。This feature enables automatic policy-based recordings of Teams calls and meetings via Microsoft-certified software vendors.

2020年3月25日March 25, 2020

在 Microsoft 團隊中管理您的共同作業條裝置Manage your Collaboration Bar devices in Microsoft Teams

以管理員的身分,您想要從 Microsoft 團隊系統管理中心管理所有的共同作業條裝置。As an admin, you want to manage all your Collaboration Bar devices from Microsoft Teams admin center. 您可以查看裝置的庫存、在裝置上執行特定動作,以及將命令遠端提供給所有裝置。You can view inventory of devices, take specific actions on the devices and give commands remotely to all the devices.