使用 Exchange 內部部署來部署 Microsoft 團隊聊天室Deploy Microsoft Teams Rooms with Exchange on premises

請閱讀本主題,瞭解如何使用 Exchange 內部部署、Microsoft 團隊或商務用 Skype Online,在混合式環境中部署 Microsoft 團隊聊天室。Read this topic for information on how to deploy Microsoft Teams Rooms in a hybrid environment with Exchange on premises and Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business Online.

如果您的組織有混合服務、部分裝載于內部部署和部分託管的網路,則您的設定將取決於託管每個服務的位置。If your organization has a mix of services, with some hosted on premises and some hosted online, then your configuration will depend on where each service is hosted. 本主題涵蓋 Microsoft 團隊聊天室的混合式部署,Exchange 託管于內部部署。This topic covers hybrid deployments for Microsoft Teams Rooms with Exchange hosted on premises. 因為這種類型的部署有這麼多不同的變化,所以不可能提供所有專案的詳細指示。Because there are so many different variations in this type of deployment, it's not possible to provide detailed instructions for all of them. 下列處理常式適用于許多設定。The following process will work for many configurations. 如果程式不適合您的設定,建議您使用 Windows PowerShell 來取得與其他部署選項相同的最終結果。If the process isn't right for your setup, we recommend that you use Windows PowerShell to achieve the same end result as documented here, and for other deployment options.

Microsoft 提供 SkypeRoomProvisioningScript.ps1、可協助您建立新使用者帳戶的腳本,或驗證現有的資源帳戶,以協助您將它們轉換成相容的 Microsoft 團隊聊天室使用者帳戶。Microsoft provides SkypeRoomProvisioningScript.ps1, a script that will help create new user accounts, or validate existing resource accounts you have in order to help you turn them into compatible Microsoft Teams Rooms user accounts. 如果您想要的話,您可以依照下列步驟來設定您的 Microsoft 團隊聊天室裝置將會使用的帳戶。If you prefer, you can follow the steps below to configure accounts your Microsoft Teams Rooms device will use.


在使用 Exchange 內部部署部署 Microsoft 團隊聊天室之前,請確定您已滿足需求。Before you deploy Microsoft Teams Rooms with Exchange on premises, be sure you have met the requirements. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 Microsoft 團隊會議室需求For more information, see Microsoft Teams Rooms requirements.

如果您是使用 Exchange 內部部署來部署 Microsoft 團隊聊天室,您將會使用 Active Directory 系統管理工具來為您的內部部署網域帳戶新增電子郵件地址。If you are deploying Microsoft Teams Rooms with Exchange on premises, you will be using Active Directory administrative tools to add an email address for your on-premises domain account. 此帳戶將會同步處理至 Microsoft 365 或 Office 365。This account will be synced to Microsoft 365 or Office 365. 您將需要:You will need to:

  • 建立帳戶並將帳戶與 Active Directory 同步處理。Create an account and synchronize the account with Active Directory.

  • 啟用遠端信箱並設定屬性。Enable the remote mailbox and set properties.

  • 指派 Microsoft 365 或 Office 365 授權。Assign an Microsoft 365 or Office 365 license.

  • 在商務用 Skype Server 上啟用裝置帳戶。Enable the device account with Skype for Business Server. 若要啟用裝置帳戶,您的環境必須符合下列先決條件:To enable the device account your environment will need to meet the following prerequisites:

    • 您必須在 Microsoft 365 或 Office 365 方案中,將商務用 Skype Online (方案 2) 或更新版本。You'll need to have Skype for Business Online (Plan 2) or higher in your Microsoft 365 or Office 365 plan. 方案需要支援會議功能。The plan needs to support conferencing capability.

    • 如果您需要企業語音 (PSTN 電話) 使用 windows 版商務用 Skype Online 的電話服務提供者,請 (方案 3) 。If you need Enterprise Voice (PSTN telephony) using telephony service providers for Microsoft Teams Rooms you need Skype for Business Online (Plan 3).

    • 您的租使用者必須有 Exchange 信箱。Your tenant users must have Exchange mailboxes.

    • 您的 Microsoft 團隊會議室帳戶需要商務用 Skype Online (方案 2) 或商務用 Skype Online (方案 3) 授權,但不需要 Exchange Online 授權。Your Microsoft Teams Rooms account does require a Skype for Business Online (Plan 2) or Skype for Business Online (Plan 3) license, but it does not require an Exchange Online license.

  • 將商務用 Skype Server 授權指派給您的 Microsoft 團隊聊天室帳戶。Assign a Skype for Business Server license to your Microsoft Teams Rooms account.

建立帳戶並與 Active Directory 同步處理Create an account and synchronize with Active Directory

  1. 在 [ Active Directory 使用者和電腦 ] 工具中,以滑鼠右鍵按一下您要在其中建立 Microsoft 團隊房間帳戶的資料夾或組織單位,按一下 [ 新增],然後按一下 [ 使用者]。In the Active Directory Users and Computers tool, right-click on the folder or Organizational Unit that your Microsoft Teams Rooms accounts will be created in, click New, and then click User.

  2. 在 [ 完整名稱 ] 方塊中輸入上一個 Cmdlet 的顯示名稱,然後在 [ 使用者登入名稱 ] 方塊中輸入別名。Type the display name from the previous cmdlet into the Full name box, and the alias into the User logon name box. 按一下 [下一步]Click Next.

  3. 輸入此帳戶的密碼。Type the password for this account. 您必須重新輸入,才能進行驗證。You'll need to retype it for verification. 確認 [ 密碼永不過期 ] 核取方塊是唯一選取的選項。Make sure the Password never expires checkbox is the only option selected.


    選取 [ 密碼永不過期 ] 是 Microsoft 團隊聊天室的商務用 Skype 伺服器需求。Selecting Password never expires is a requirement for Skype for Business Server on Microsoft Teams Rooms. 您的網域規則可能會禁止沒有過期的密碼。Your domain rules may prohibit passwords that don't expire. 如果是這樣,您將需要針對每個 Microsoft 團隊聊天室裝置帳戶建立例外狀況。If so, you'll need to create an exception for each Microsoft Teams Rooms device account.

  4. 建立帳戶之後,請執行目錄同步處理。After you've created the account, run a directory synchronization. 完成後,請移至 Microsoft 365 系統管理中心的 [使用者] 頁面,確認在先前步驟中建立的帳戶已合併至 [線上]。When it's complete, go to the users page in your Microsoft 365 admin center and verify that the account created in the previous steps has merged to online.

啟用遠端信箱並設定屬性Enable the remote mailbox and set properties

  1. 開啟 Exchange 管理命令 介面或 使用遠端 PowerShell 連線至您的 Exchange 伺服器Open the Exchange Management Shell or connect to your Exchange server using remote PowerShell.

  2. 在 Exchange PowerShell 中, (信箱建立信箱,方法是執行下列命令以啟用帳戶) :In Exchange PowerShell, create a mailbox for the account (mailbox-enable the account) by running the following command:

    Enable-Mailbox PROJECTRIGEL01@contoso.com -Room

    如需詳細的語法與參數資訊,請參閱 啟用-信箱For detailed syntax and parameter information, see Enable-Mailbox.

  3. 在 Exchange PowerShell 中,設定會議室信箱上的下列設定,以改善會議體驗:In Exchange PowerShell, configure the following settings on the room mailbox to improve the meeting experience:

    • AutomateProcessing: AutoAccept (會議召集人直接在沒有人工干預的情況下收到會議室保留決策:閑 = 接受;忙碌 = 拒絕. ) AutomateProcessing: AutoAccept (Meeting organizers receive the room reservation decision directly without human intervention: free = accept; busy = decline.)

    • AddOrganizerToSubject: $false (會議召集人不會新增至會議邀請的主旨。 ) AddOrganizerToSubject: $false (The meeting organizer is not added to the subject of the meeting request.)

    • DeleteComments: $false (保留傳入會議邀請郵件內文中的任何文字。 ) DeleteComments: $false (Keep any text in the message body of incoming meeting requests.)

    • DeleteSubject: $false (保持收到的會議邀請主題。 ) DeleteSubject: $false (Keep the subject of incoming meeting requests.)

    • RemovePrivateProperty: $false (可確保在原始會議邀請中由會議召集人所傳送的私人標誌保持為已指定。 ) RemovePrivateProperty: $false (Ensures the private flag that was sent by the meeting organizer in the original meeting request remains as specified.)

    • AddAdditionalResponse: $true (會將 AdditionalResponse 參數指定的文字新增至會議邀請。 ) AddAdditionalResponse: $true (The text specified by the AdditionalResponse parameter is added to meeting requests.)

    • AdditionalResponse:「這是 Skype 會議室!」AdditionalResponse: "This is a Skype Meeting room!" (要新增至會議邀請的其他文字。 ) (The additional text to add to the meeting request.)

    這個範例會在名為 Project-Rigel-01 的聊天室信箱上設定這些設定。This example configures these settings on the room mailbox named Project-Rigel-01.

    Set-CalendarProcessing -Identity "Project-Rigel-01" -AutomateProcessing AutoAccept -AddOrganizerToSubject $false -DeleteComments $false -DeleteSubject $false -RemovePrivateProperty $false -AddAdditionalResponse $true -AdditionalResponse "This is a Skype Meeting room!"

    如需詳細的語法與參數資訊,請參閱 設定 CalendarProcessingFor detailed syntax and parameter information, see Set-CalendarProcessing.

指派 Microsoft 365 或 Office 365 授權Assign a Microsoft 365 or Office 365 license

  1. 連線至 Azure Active Directory。Connect to Azure Active Directory. 如需 Active Directory 的詳細資料,請參閱 Azure ActiveDirectory (import-module msonline) 1.0For details about Active Directory, see Azure ActiveDirectory (MSOnline) 1.0.

  2. 裝置帳戶必須具備有效的 Microsoft 365 或 Office 365 授權,否則 Exchange 與 Microsoft 團隊將無法運作。The device account needs to have a valid Microsoft 365 or Office 365 license, or Exchange and Microsoft Teams will not work. 如果您有授權,您必須將使用位置指派給您的裝置帳戶,這會決定您的帳戶可使用哪些授權 Sku。If you have the license, you need to assign a usage location to your device account—this determines what license SKUs are available for your account. 您可以使用 Get-MsolAccountSkuYou can use Get-MsolAccountSku 以取得可用的 Sku 清單。to retrieve a list of available SKUs.

  1. 接下來,您可以使用 Set-MsolUserLicenseNext, you can add a license using the Set-MsolUserLicense Cmdlet.cmdlet. 在此案例中,$strLicense 是您所看到的 SKU 程式碼 (例如 contoso: STANDARDPACK) 。In this case, $strLicense is the SKU code that you see (for example, contoso:STANDARDPACK).
Set-MsolUser -UserPrincipalName 'PROJECTRIGEL01@contoso.com' -UsageLocation 'US'
Set-MsolUserLicense -UserPrincipalName 'PROJECTRIGEL01@contoso.com' -AddLicenses $strLicense

如需詳細指示,請參閱 使用 Office 365 PowerShell 指派授權給使用者帳戶For detailed instructions, see Assign licenses to user accounts with Office 365 PowerShell.

啟用裝置帳戶Enable the device account

商務用 skype Online PowerShell 是用來管理 Microsoft 團隊和商務用 Skype Online 的服務。Skype for Business Online PowerShell is used to manage services for both Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business Online.

  1. 從電腦建立遠端 Windows PowerShell 會話,如下所示:Create a remote Windows PowerShell session from a PC as follows:


商務用 Skype Online 連接器目前是最新團隊 PowerShell 模組的一部分。Skype for Business Online Connector is currently part of the latest Teams PowerShell module.

如果您使用的是最新的 團隊 PowerShell 公開發行,就不需要安裝商務用 Skype Online 連接器。If you're using the latest Teams PowerShell public release, you don't need to install the Skype for Business Online Connector.

Import-Module -Name MicrosoftTeams  
$cssess=New-CsOnlineSession -Credential $cred  
Import-PSSession $cssess -AllowClobber
  1. 取得帳戶的 SIP 位址:Obtain SIP address of the account:

     $rm = Get-Csonlineuser -identity <insert SIP address> | select -expandproperty sipaddress
  2. 若要啟用您的 Microsoft 團隊聊天室帳戶,請執行此命令:To enable your Microsoft Teams Rooms account, run this command:

    Enable-CsMeetingRoom -Identity $rm -RegistrarPool'sippoolbl20a04.infra.lync.com' -SipAddressType EmailAddress

    如果您不確定要在您的環境中使用 RegistrarPool 參數的值,您可以使用此命令從現有的使用者取得值:If you aren't sure what value to use for the RegistrarPool parameter in your environment, you can get the value from an existing user using this command:

    Get-CsOnlineUser -Identity 'alice@contoso.com'| fl *registrarpool*

將授權指派給您的 Microsoft 團隊聊天室帳戶Assign a license to your Microsoft Teams Rooms account

  1. 以租使用者管理員身分登入,開啟 Microsoft 365 系統管理中心,然後按一下 [管理] 應用程式。Log in as a tenant administrator, open the Microsoft 365 admin center, and click on the Admin app.
  2. 按一下 [ 使用者和群組 ],然後按一下 [ 新增使用者、重設密碼等等]。Click on Users and Groups and then click Add users, reset passwords, and more.
  3. 按一下 [Microsoft 團隊聊天室] 帳戶,然後按一下手寫筆圖示,即可編輯帳戶資訊。Click the Microsoft Teams Rooms account, and then click the pen icon to edit the account information.
  4. 按一下 [ 授權]。Click Licenses.
  5. 在 [ 指派授權] 中,選取 [商務用 Skype (方案 2]) 或 [商務用 skype] (方案 3) ,視您的授權和企業語音需求而定。In Assign licenses, select Skype for Business (Plan 2) or Skype for Business (Plan 3), depending on your licensing and Enterprise Voice requirements. 如果您想要在 Microsoft 團隊聊天室使用企業語音,您必須使用 [方案3授權]。You'll have to use a Plan 3 license if you want to use Enterprise Voice on your Microsoft Teams Rooms.
  6. 按一下 [儲存]。Click Save.

針對驗證,您應該可以使用任何用戶端登入此帳戶。For validation, you should be able to use any client to log in to this account.

設定 Microsoft 團隊聊天室的帳戶Configure accounts for Microsoft Teams Rooms

規劃 Microsoft Teams 會議室Plan for Microsoft Teams Rooms

部署 Microsoft Teams 會議室Deploy Microsoft Teams Rooms

設定 Microsoft Teams 會議室主控台Configure a Microsoft Teams Rooms console

管理 Microsoft Teams 會議室Manage Microsoft Teams Rooms