Microsoft 團隊採納階段 2-實驗Microsoft Teams adoption phase 2 - Experiment

您現在已掌握好的專案小組,以及貴組織的重要資訊,而且您已準備好向團隊進行實驗。You are now armed with a great project team and critical information about your organization, and you are ready to experiment with Teams. 我們建議您嘗試在群組中使用2到3個真實世界專案,由您擁有正面關聯性的專案關係人,在其組織中有足夠數量的早期消費者來提供有意義的意見反應。We recommend experimenting with 2 to 3 real world projects within a group that is led by a stakeholder with whom you have a positive relationship and in whose organization there are a sufficient number of early adopters to provide meaningful feedback. 無論貴組織是大型或小型組織,我們都建議您完成此階段,深入瞭解團隊如何改善您的共同作業,而不僅僅是使用其聊天和檔案儲存功能。Whether your organization is large or small, we recommend completing this phase to gain insight into how Teams can improve your collaboration beyond using its chat and file storage features.

您將會在此階段完成下列步驟:You will complete the following steps in this phase:

  1. 建立您的擁護程式Create your champions program.
  2. 完成您的管理快速入門Complete your governance quick start.
  3. 定義您的使用案例Define your use cases.
  4. 完成早期的先期者程式參與者Finalize early adopter program participants.
  5. 設定您的意見反應頻道Set up your feedback channels.
  6. 讓您的支援人員在面板上Bring your support staff on board.

代表下一個步驟的圖示 [建立您的擁護程式] 計畫An icon representing the next step Next: Create your champions program