Microsoft 團隊 PowerShell 版本資訊Microsoft Teams PowerShell Release Notes

此頁面提供一般可用性和公開預覽版發行的最新團隊 PowerShell 變更記錄。This page provides the latest Teams PowerShell change log for both General Availability and Public Preview releases.

版本資訊Release Notes


- [版本] 資料行中的預覽代表 [團隊 PowerShell 公用預覽] 的更新。-preview in the version column below represents updates to Teams PowerShell public preview.

為止Date 版本Version 更新Updates
2020年11月November 2020 1.1.7-預覽1.1.7-preview
  • 使用 MSAL 進行驗證 & 授權Uses MSAL for authentication & authorization
  • 重構原則套件 Cmdlet 並新增群組套件指派Refactored Policy Package cmdlets and adds group package assignment
  • 已重構的目標階層 [上傳] 命令以使用非同步模型Refactored targeting hierarchy upload commands to use an asynchronous model
  • 當使用者不使用-credential 參數時,會在初始驗證期間收到兩次。User will be prompted twice during initial authentication when they do not use the -credential parameter. 使用者可以使用-credential 參數來傳送認證,以避免重複的提示。Users can pass credentials using the -credential parameter to avoid a duplicate prompt. 此行為將在下一個版本中修正。This behavior will be fixed in the next release.
  • 2020年9月September 2020
  • 商務用 Skype Online 連接器整合Skype for Business Online Connector integration
  • 2020年9月September 2020 1.1.5-預覽1.1.5-preview
  • 商務用 Skype Online 連接器整合Skype for Business Online Connector integration
  • 2020年7月July 2020 類庫1.1.4
  • 已新增 群組原則指派 CmdletAdded group policy assignment cmdlets
  • 2020年6月June 2020 1.1.3-預覽1.1.3-preview
  • 商務用 Skype Online 連接器整合Skype for Business Online Connector integration
  • Get-Team 優化Get-Team optimizations
  • 增強的可靠性Enhanced reliability
  • 2020年6月June 2020
  • 已新增 Cmdlet 預載入Added Cmdlet preloading
  • .Net Framework 優化.Net Framework optimizations
  • 2020年4月April 2020
  • 驗證碼與程式集簽名Authenticode and assembly signing
  • 已新增 Get-CsPolicyPackageAdded Get-CsPolicyPackage
  • 已新增 Get-CsUserPolicyPackageAdded Get-CsUserPolicyPackage
  • 已新增 Get-CsUserPolicyPackageRecommendationAdded Get-CsUserPolicyPackageRecommendation
  • 已新增 Grant-CsUserPolicyPackageAdded Grant-CsUserPolicyPackage
  • 已新增 New-CsBatchPolicyPackageAssignmentOperationAdded New-CsBatchPolicyPackageAssignmentOperation
  • 已新增 Set-TeamArchivedStateAdded Set-TeamArchivedState
  • 已新增 Set-TeamPictureAdded Set-TeamPicture
  • 已移除 Get-TeamHelpRemoved Get-TeamHelp
  • 2020年3月March 2020
  • 已新增 New-CsBatchPolicyAssignmentOperationAdded New-CsBatchPolicyAssignmentOperation
  • 2020年2月Feb 2020
  • Get-Team 優化Get-Team optimizations
  • Cmdlet 可用性Cmdlet availability


    下表中的清單只包含本身屬於團隊 PowerShell 模組的 Cmdlet。The list in the table below only includes cmdlets that are natively part of the Teams PowerShell module. [商務用 kype For Business Online 連接器] 模組 中的團隊 Cmdlet 不會顯示。The Teams cmdlets in the Skype for Business Online Connector module are not displayed. 不過,因為這些 Cmdlet 會以本機方式遷移到團隊 PowerShell 中,所以我們會將它們新增到此資料表中。However, as those cmdlets are migrated natively into Teams PowerShell, we'll add them to this table.

    CmdletCmdlet 可在公用預覽中使用Available in Public Preview 正式推出Available in GA
    附加 TeamChannelUserAdd-TeamChannelUser Yes No
    附加 TeamUserAdd-TeamUser Yes Yes
    附加 TeamsAppInstallationAdd-TeamsAppInstallation Yes No
    連接-MicrosoftTeamsConnect-MicrosoftTeams Yes Yes
    中斷連線-MicrosoftTeamsDisconnect-MicrosoftTeams Yes Yes
    CsBatchPolicyAssignmentOperationGet-CsBatchPolicyAssignmentOperation Yes Yes
    CsGroupPolicyAssignmentOperationGet-CsGroupPolicyAssignmentOperation Yes No
    CsOnlinePowerShellEndpointGet-CsOnlinePowerShellEndpoint Yes Yes
    CsPolicyPackageGet-CsPolicyPackage Yes Yes
    CsUserPolicyAssignmentGet-CsUserPolicyAssignment Yes Yes
    CsUserPolicyPackageGet-CsUserPolicyPackage Yes Yes
    CsUserPolicyPackageRecommendationGet-CsUserPolicyPackageRecommendation Yes Yes
    取得團隊Get-Team Yes Yes
    TeamChannelGet-TeamChannel Yes Yes
    TeamChannelUserGet-TeamChannelUser Yes No
    TeamUserGet-TeamUser Yes Yes
    TeamsAppGet-TeamsApp Yes Yes
    TeamsAppInstallationGet-TeamsAppInstallation Yes No
    授與 CsUserPolicyPackageGrant-CsUserPolicyPackage Yes Yes
    新-CsBatchPolicyAssignmentOperationNew-CsBatchPolicyAssignmentOperation Yes Yes
    新-CsGroupPolicyAssignmentNew-CsGroupPolicyAssignment Yes Yes
    新-CsBatchPolicyPackageAssignmentOperationNew-CsBatchPolicyPackageAssignmentOperation Yes Yes
    新-CsOnlineSessionNew-CsOnlineSession Yes Yes
    新團隊New-Team Yes Yes
    新-TeamChannelNew-TeamChannel Yes Yes
    新-TeamsAppNew-TeamsApp Yes Yes
    移除-CsGroupPolicyAssignmentRemove-CsGroupPolicyAssignment Yes Yes
    移除團隊Remove-Team Yes Yes
    移除-TeamChannelRemove-TeamChannel Yes Yes
    移除-TeamChannelUserRemove-TeamChannelUser Yes No
    移除-TeamsAppRemove-TeamsApp Yes Yes
    移除-TeamsAppInstallationRemove-TeamsAppInstallation Yes No
    移除-TeamTargetingHierarchyRemove-TeamTargetingHierarchy Yes No
    移除-TeamUserRemove-TeamUser Yes Yes
    Set-CsGroupPolicyAssignmentSet-CsGroupPolicyAssignment Yes No
    集-小組Set-Team Yes Yes
    Set-TeamArchivedStateSet-TeamArchivedState Yes Yes
    Set-TeamChannelSet-TeamChannel Yes Yes
    Set-TeamPictureSet-TeamPicture Yes Yes
    Set-TeamsAppSet-TeamsApp Yes Yes
    Set-TeamTargetingHierarchySet-TeamTargetingHierarchy Yes No
    更新-TeamsAppInstallationUpdate-TeamsAppInstallation Yes No

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    安裝團隊 PowerShellInstalling Teams PowerShell

    使用團隊 PowerShell 管理團隊Managing Teams with Teams PowerShell

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