Contoso 案例研究:團隊語音遷移概覽Contoso case study: Teams voice migration overview

本文將針對虛構的多國企業(Contoso)如何針對其組織實施小組語音方案,提供案例研究。This article introduces a case study for how a fictional multi-national corporation, Contoso, implemented a Teams voice solution for their organization.

Contoso 已部署 Microsoft 365 企業版並解決主要的設計決策及實現詳細資料:網路、身分識別、Windows 10 企業版、Office 365 專業增強版、行動裝置管理、資訊保護、安全性、從商務用 Skype 升級至團隊、手機系統和音訊會議。Contoso has deployed Microsoft 365 Enterprise and addressed major design decisions and implementation details for the following: networking, identity, Windows 10 Enterprise, Office 365 ProPlus, mobile device management, information protection, security, upgrade from Skype for Business to Teams, Phone System, and Audio Conferencing.

本文重點說明 Contoso 如何將內部部署使用者遷移至小組,以進行整合溝通、共同作業及語音。This article focuses on how Contoso migrated their on-premises users to Teams for unified communication, collaboration, and voice. 如需 Contoso 如何使用 Microsoft 的雲端服務加速其數位轉換的背景資訊,請參閱從 Contoso 案例研究概覽開始的所有核心文章。For background information about how Contoso accelerated their digital transformation by using Microsoft's cloud services, see all the core articles starting with the Contoso case study overview.

在核心文章中,您會發現下列資訊:In the core articles, you'll find information on the following:

  • Contoso 的 IT 基礎結構需求Contoso's IT infrastructure needs
  • Networking
  • IdentityIdentity
  • Windows 10 企業版Windows 10 Enterprise
  • Office 365 專業增強版Office 365 Pro Plus
  • 行動裝置管理Mobile device management
  • 資訊保護Information protection
  • Microsoft 365 企業安全性摘要Summary of Microsoft 365 Enterprise security
  • 小組中的主要專案Team for a top-secret project
  • 高機密數位資產的 SharePoint Online 網站SharePoint Online site for highly confidential digital assets

如需規劃升級的相關資訊,您必須先開始進行 Microsoft 團隊升級For information about planning an upgrade, you'll want to start with Getting started with your Microsoft Teams upgrade.

Contoso 企業團隊的商務目標Contoso business goals for Teams

若要將內部部署使用者遷移至小組,以進行整合溝通、共同作業及語音作業,Contoso 決定下列業務目標:To migrate their on-premises users to Teams for unified communication, collaboration, and voice, Contoso decided on the following business goals:

  • 團隊啟用Teams enablement

    Contoso 的整合通訊與共同作業小組已啟用正確的原則來管理及啟用安全的內部與外部共同作業。Contoso's unified communication and collaboration team enabled Teams with the correct policies to govern and enable secure internal and external collaboration.

  • 從商務用 Skype 升級至 TeamsSkype for Business to Teams upgrade

    商務用 Skype 是在 Contoso 中廣泛部署。Skype for Business was widely deployed within Contoso. 如果您需要移出舊版系統,Contoso 決定將商務用 Skype 使用者升級至團隊。With the need to move off legacy systems, Contoso decided to upgrade their Skype for Business users to Teams. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 Contoso 案例研究:團隊升級方案For more information, see Contoso case study: Teams upgrade plan.

  • 電話系統Phone System

    使用企業語音的商務用 Skype 已在 Contoso 中廣泛部署。Skype for Business with enterprise voice was widely deployed within Contoso. 如果您需要移離其中繼伺服器下一個躍點的舊版系統,Contoso 已將商務用 Skype 企業語音使用者遷移至 [電話系統]。With the need to move off legacy systems that were the next hop for their mediation servers, Contoso migrated their Skype for Business enterprise voice users to Phone System. Contoso 網站使用 Microsoft 通話方案、電話系統直傳送或兩者的組合。Contoso sites used Microsoft Calling Plan, Phone System Direct Routing, or a combination of both. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 [Contoso 案例研究: 電話系統]。For more information, see Contoso case study: Phone System.

  • 依位置路由Location-Based Routing

    在電話管控國家/地區的 office 位置,Contoso 需要在手機系統部署中,重新建立在商務用 Skype 中所提供的 Location-Based 路由。With office locations in telephony-regulated countries, Contoso needed to recreate the Location-Based Routing that was present in Skype for Business in their Phone System deployment. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 Contoso 案例研究: Location-Based 路由For more information, see Contoso case study: Location-Based Routing.

  • 緊急電話Emergency Calling

    在直接佈線已實施的位置,Contoso 利用核准的協力廠商設定緊急通話。Where Direct Routing was implemented, Contoso set up emergency calling with approved third parties. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 Contoso 案例研究:緊急通話For more information, see Contoso case study: Emergency Calling.

  • 音訊會議Audio Conferencing

    Contoso 將其 SIP 主幹上託管的音訊會議服務號碼設定為 PSTN 提供者。Contoso set up Audio Conferencing service numbers that were hosted on their SIP trunk to their PSTN provider. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 Contoso 案例研究:音訊會議For more information, see Contoso case study: Audio Conferencing.

  • 本機媒體優化Local Media Optimization

    Contoso 利用本機媒體優化功能,可讓他們將一個直接路由主幹移至遠端網站所利用的 Microsoft Phone 系統。Contoso took advantage of Local Media Optimization in locations where they had one direct route trunk to Microsoft Phone System that was leveraged by remote sites. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 規劃本機媒體優化設定本機媒體優化For more information, see Plan for Local Media Optimization and Configure Local Media Optimization.

  • 自動語音應答及呼叫佇列Auto Attendants and Call Queues

    Covid-19 之後,Contoso 想要在員工進行遠端作業時提供接待員支援。As a result of Covid-19, Contoso wanted to provide receptionist support while their staff was working remotely. Contoso 使用自動語音應答及呼叫佇列,管理來電的電話號碼。Contoso used auto attendants and call queues to manage incoming calls to their receptionist's phone number. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 Contoso 案例研究:自動語音應答及呼叫佇列For more information, see Contoso case study: Auto Attendants and Call Queues.