ComboBox.IMESentenceMode 屬性 (Access)ComboBox.IMESentenceMode property (Access)



_運算式_代表**ComboBox** 物件的變數。expression A variable that represents a ComboBox object.


IMESentenceMode 屬性使用下列設定值。The IMESentenceMode property uses the following settings.

設定Setting 描述Description Visual BasicVisual Basic
一般Normal (預設值)將 「 輸入法句型模式設定為標準模式。(Default) Sets IME Sentence Mode to Normal mode.

在建立書面日文文件時使用該模式。Use this mode when creating a literary Japanese document.
複數Plural 將 「 輸入法句型模式設定為複數模式。Sets IME Sentence Mode to Plural mode.

輸入名稱或地址的資料時,請使用此模式。Use this mode when entering name or address data. 在此模式中,兩個額外的字典可使用。In this mode, two additional dictionaries are available. 詞典/地理字典包含未深入涵蓋在標準字典的名稱和郵遞區號程式碼字典可用於建立地址 (原廠設定)。The Biographical/Geographical Dictionary contains names not covered in the normal dictionary, and the Postal Code Dictionary is useful in creating addresses (factory setting).
說話Speaking 將 「 輸入法句型模式設定為說話模式。Sets IME Sentence Mode to Speaking mode.

在輸入包含有交談語言的資料時使用本模式。Use this mode when entering data that contains conversational language.
沒有對話No Conversion 不設定 「 輸入法句型模式。Doesn't set IME Sentence Mode.

在本模式中,不需要轉換便完成輸入的字元。In this mode, inputted characters are settled without conversion.

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