ComboBox.Left 屬性 (Access)ComboBox.Left property (Access)

您可以使用 Left 屬性在表單或報表指定物件的位置。You can use the Left property to specify an object's location on a form or report. 可讀寫的 IntegerRead/write Integer.



_運算式_代表**ComboBox** 物件的變數。expression A variable that represents a ComboBox object.


在 Visual Basic 中,使用數值運算式來設定這個屬性的值。In Visual Basic, use a numeric expression to set the value of this property. 值是以twip表示。Values are expressed in twips.

對於報表,當報表是在預覽列印或在列印時,您僅能使用巨集或在 Visual Basic 中的事件程序來設定這些屬性。For reports, you can set these properties only by using a macro or event procedure in Visual Basic while the report is in Print Preview or being printed.

對於報表, Left屬性設定值是量,從頁面的左位移目前章節。For reports, the Left property setting is the amount that the current section is offset from the left of the page. 此屬性是以 twip 來表示。This property is expressed in twips.

您可以使用這個屬性來指定最 down] 頁面上您想要列印區段的 Format 事件程序中的區段。You can use this property to specify how far down the page you want a section to print in the section's Format event procedure.


下列範例會檢查目前的報告的 Left 屬性設定。The following example checks the Left property setting for the current report. 如果值小於最小的邊界設定、 下一筆記錄PrintSection 屬性設 為 False (0)。If the value is less than the minimum margin setting, the NextRecord and PrintSection properties are set to False (0). 區段不前進到下一筆記錄,並不在具有列印下一節。The section doesn't advance to the next record, and the next section isn't printed.

Sub Detail1_Format(Cancel As Integer, FormatCount As Integer) 
 Const conLeftMargin = 1880 
 ' Don't advance to next record or print next section 
 ' if Left property setting is less than 1880 twips. 
 If Me.Left < conLeftMargin Then 
 Me.NextRecord = False 
 Me.PrintSection = False 
 End If 
End Sub

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