ComboBox.ListItemsEditForm 屬性 (Access)ComboBox.ListItemsEditForm property (Access)

取得或設定當使用者選擇 [編輯清單項目時顯示表單的名稱。Gets or sets the name of the form that is displayed when the user chooses Edit List Items. 可讀寫的 StringRead/write String.



_運算式_代表**ComboBox** 物件的變數。expression A variable that represents a ComboBox object.


AllowValueEditLists屬性會決定是否編輯清單項目] 命令時才能使用使用者以滑鼠右鍵按一下結合查閱欄位的下拉式方塊。The AllowValueEditLists property determines whether the Edit List Items command is available when the user right-clicks a combo box that's bound to a Lookup field.

如果查閱欄位繫結至資料表或查詢,當使用者選擇 [編輯清單項目時,會顯示ListItemsEditForm屬性所指定的表單。If the Lookup field is bound to a table or query, the form specified by the ListItemsEditForm property is displayed when the user chooses Edit List Items. 使用者可用於新增、 刪除或編輯的項目下拉式方塊中顯示的表單。The user can use the form to add, delete, or edit the items to be displayed in the combo box.

ListItemsEditForm 屬性不適用於報表上的下拉式方塊。The ListItemsEditForm property is not available for combo boxes on a report.

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