ComboBox.SpecialEffect 屬性 (Access)ComboBox.SpecialEffect property (Access)

您可以使用 SpecialEffect 屬性來指定是否特殊格式設定會套用至指定的物件。You can use the SpecialEffect property to specify whether special formatting will apply to the specified object. 可讀寫的 ByteRead/write Byte.



_運算式_代表**ComboBox** 物件的變數。expression A variable that represents a ComboBox object.


SpecialEffect 屬性會使用下列設定。The SpecialEffect property uses the following settings.

設定Setting Visual BasicVisual Basic 描述Description
平的Flat 00 物件會以平面顯示,且以系統預設色彩或設計檢視中設定的自訂色彩來顯示。The object appears flat and has the system's default colors or custom colors that were set in Design view.
凸起的Raised 11 物件是左上強調和右下陰影。The object has a highlight on the top and left and a shadow on the bottom and right.
下陷的Sunken 22 物件是左上陰影和右下強調。The object has a shadow on the top and left and a highlight on the bottom and right.
微凹的Etched 33 物件在控制項旁有下陷的線條圍繞。The object has a sunken line surrounding the control.
陰影的Shadowed 44 物件在控制項的下面往右方向有陰影。The object has a shadow below and to the right of the control.
深凹的Chiseled 55 物件在控制項下面有下陷的線條。The object has a sunken line below the control.

SpecialEffect 屬性設定會影響相關屬性設定為 BorderStyleBorderColor 、 和 BorderWidth 屬性。The SpecialEffect property setting affects related property settings for the BorderStyle, BorderColor, and BorderWidth properties. 例如,如果 SpecialEffect 屬性會設為凸起,會略過 BorderStyleBorderColor 、 及 BorderWidth 屬性的設定。For example, if the SpecialEffect property is set to Raised, the settings for the BorderStyle, BorderColor, and BorderWidth properties are ignored. 此外,變更或將 BorderStyleBorderColor 、 及 BorderWidth 屬性設定可能會導致 Microsoft Access SpecialEffect 屬性設定變更為平面。In addition, changing or setting the BorderStyle, BorderColor, and BorderWidth properties may cause Microsoft Access to change the SpecialEffect property setting to Flat.


下列範例會設定為凸起Mailing List表單的 [文字] 方塊OrganizationName1外觀。The following example sets the appearance of the text box OrganizationName1 on the Mailing List form to Raised.

Forms("Mailing List").Controls("OrganizationName1").SpecialEffect = 1

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