ComboBox.TabStop 屬性 (Access)ComboBox.TabStop property (Access)

TabStop屬性可用於指定是否可以使用 Tab 鍵將焦點移至控制項。You can use the TabStop property to specify whether you can use the Tab key to move the focus to a control. 可讀寫的 BooleanRead/write Boolean.



_運算式_代表**ComboBox** 物件的變數。expression A variable that represents a ComboBox object.


此屬性不會套用至出現在選項群組中,切換按鈕控制項。This property doesn't apply to toggle button controls when they appear in an option group. 它只適用於選項群組本身。It applies only to the option group itself.

TabStop 屬性使用下列設定值。The TabStop property uses the following settings.

設定Setting Visual BasicVisual Basic 描述Description
Yes TrueTrue (預設值)您可以藉由按下 Tab 鍵,將焦點移至控制項。(Default) You can move the focus to the control by pressing the Tab key.
No FalseFalse 您無法將焦點移到控制項,藉由按下 Tab 鍵。You can't move the focus to the control by pressing the Tab key.

當您建立表單上的控制項時,Microsoft Access 會自動指派控制項表單的 tab 鍵順序中的位置。When you create a control on a form, Microsoft Access automatically assigns the control a position in the form's tab order. 每個新控制項所在 tab 鍵順序中的上一次。Each new control is placed last in the tab order. 若要防止控制項到表單中的控制項] 索引標籤上時所使用,將控制項的 TabStop 屬性設定為 [否]。If you want to prevent a control from being available when you tab through the controls in a form, set the control's TabStop property to No.

在表單檢視中,隱藏或停用的控制項會保留在 tab 鍵順序,但是當您在控制項之間移動按索引標籤上,即使它們的TabStop屬性設定為 [是] 將它們略過。In Form view, hidden or disabled controls remain in the tab order but are skipped when you move through the controls by pressing Tab, even if their TabStop properties are set to Yes.

只要控制項的 Enabled 屬性設為 [是],您可以按一下控制項或使用便捷鍵以選取它, TabStop 屬性的設定為何。As long as a control's Enabled property is set to Yes, you can click the control or use an access key to select it, regardless of its TabStop property setting. 例如,您可以設定命令按鈕TabStop屬性為 [否] 以防止使用者按 Tab 鍵來選取] 按鈕。不過,他們仍然可以按一下命令按鈕來選擇它。For example, you can set the TabStop property of a command button to No to prevent users from selecting the button by pressing Tab. However, they can still click the command button to choose it.


下列範例會停用能夠使用 Tab 鍵供應商] 表單上將焦點移到 [縣/市] 文字方塊中。The following example disables the ability to move the focus to the City text box on the Suppliers form by using the Tab key.

Forms("Suppliers").Controls("City").TabStop = False

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