FormatCondition 物件 (Access)FormatCondition object (Access)

FormatCondition物件代表下拉式方塊或文字方塊控制項的條件化格式和**FormatConditions** 集合的成員。The FormatCondition object represents a conditional format of a combo box or text box control and is a member of the FormatConditions collection.


您可以使用FormatConditions (index),其中_index_是條件化格式的索引編號,可以傳回FormatCondition物件。You can use the FormatConditions (index), where index is the index number of the conditional format, to return a FormatCondition object.

使用**Add** 方法建立新的條件化格式。Use the Add method to create a new conditional format. 您可以使用 Modify 若要變更的格式,或 刪除 其中一個方法 若要刪除格式的方法。You can use the Modify method to change one of the formats, or the Delete method to delete a format.

使用 BackColor已啟用FontBoldFontItalicFontUnderlineForeColor 若要控制格式化的下拉式方塊和文字方塊控制項的外觀 FormatCondition 物件的屬性。Use the BackColor, Enabled, FontBold, FontItalic, FontUnderline, and ForeColor properties of the FormatCondition object to control the appearance of formatted combo box and text box controls.



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