ImportExportSpecification 物件 (Access)ImportExportSpecification object (Access)

代表已儲存的匯入或匯出作業。Represents a saved import or export operation.


ImportExportSpecification物件會包含 Microsoft Access 需要重複匯入或匯出作業而不需要提供的任何輸入的所有資訊。An ImportExportSpecification object contains all the information that Microsoft Access needs to repeat an import or export operation without your having to provide any input.

例如,匯入資料從 Microsoft Office Excel 2007 活頁簿匯入規格儲存名稱來源的 Excel 檔案]、 [目的地資料庫和其他詳細資料,例如您是附加至或建立新的表格、 主索引鍵資訊、 欄位名稱的名稱,依此類推。For example, an import specification that imports data from a Microsoft Office Excel 2007 workbook stores the name of the source Excel file, the name of the destination database, and other details, such as whether you appended to or created a new table, primary key information, field names, and so on.

使用 ImportExportSpecifications 集合的 Add 方法來建立新的 ImportExportSpecification 物件。Use the Add method of the ImportExportSpecifications collection to create a new ImportExportSpecification object.

若要執行的已儲存的匯入或匯出作業使用Execute方法。Use the Execute method to run a saved import or export operation.



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