Report.ScaleMode 屬性 (Access)Report.ScaleMode property (Access)

您可以在 Visual Basic 中使用ScaleMode屬性**圓形線條PsetPrint** 方法使用時預覽或列印報表時的頁面或其輸出指定座標的度量單位就儲存至檔案。You can use the ScaleMode property in Visual Basic to specify the unit of measurement for coordinates on a page when the Circle, Line, Pset, or Print method is used while a report is previewed or printed, or its output is saved to a file. 可讀寫的 IntegerRead/write Integer.



_運算式_代表**Report** 物件的變數。expression A variable that represents a Report object.


ScaleMode 屬性使用下列設定值。The ScaleMode property uses the following settings.

設定Setting 描述Description
00 一或多個ScaleHeightScaleWidthScaleLeftScaleTop屬性所使用的自訂值。Custom values used by one or more of the ScaleHeight, ScaleWidth, ScaleLeft, and ScaleTop properties.
11 (預設值)Twip 為單位(Default) Twips
22 Points
33 PixelsPixels
44 字元 (水平 = 120 twip; 垂直 = 每單位 240 twip 為單位)。Characters (horizontal = 120 twips per unit; vertical = 240 twips per unit).
55 英吋Inches
66 公釐Millimeters
77 公分為單位Centimeters

您可以使用巨集或Visual Basic事件程序指定區段的OnPrint屬性設定來設定ScaleMode屬性。You can set the ScaleMode property by using a macro or a Visual Basic event procedure specified by a section's OnPrint property setting.

使用這些屬性和相關 ScaleHeightScaleWidthScaleLeftScaleTop 屬性,您可以建立一個有正負座標的自訂座標系統。By using the related ScaleHeight, ScaleWidth, ScaleLeft, and ScaleTop properties, you can create a custom coordinate system with both positive and negative coordinates. 所有四個屬性會用下列方法與 ScaleMode 屬性互動:All four properties interact with the ScaleMode property in the following ways:

  • 任何其他 Scale 屬性設定為任何值會自動將 ScaleMode 屬性設定為 0。Setting any other Scale property to any value automatically sets the ScaleMode property to 0.

  • ScaleMode 屬性設定為數大於 0 變更 ScaleHeightScaleWidth 屬性設定為新的度量單位並將 ScaleLeftScaleTop 屬性設定為 0。Setting the ScaleMode property to a number greater than 0 changes the ScaleHeight and ScaleWidth property settings to the new unit of measurement and sets the ScaleLeft and ScaleTop properties to 0. 此外, CurrentXCurrentY 屬性設定變更以反映新的目前的點座標。Also, the CurrentX and CurrentY property settings change to reflect the new coordinates of the current point.

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