ListObject.Unlist 方法 (Excel)ListObject.Unlist method (Excel)

會從 ListObject 物件中移除清單功能。Removes the list functionality from a ListObject object. 您使用此方法之後,組成清單的儲存格範圍將會是一般的資料範圍。After you use this method, the range of cells that made up the list will be a regular range of data.



_運算式_代表**ListObject** 物件的變數。expression A variable that represents a ListObject object.


執行此方法時會產生工作表上留下儲存格的資料、 格式和公式。Running this method leaves the cell data, formatting, and formulas on the worksheet. 同時還會保留完整 [合計列]。The Total row is also left intact. 此方法會移除任何到 Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 網站的連結。This method removes any link to a Microsoft SharePoint Foundation site. 同時也會從清單中移除 [自動篩選]AutoFilter is also removed from the list.


下列範例會從工作表上的清單中移除清單功能。The following example removes the list features from a list on a worksheet.

Sub DeList() 
 Dim wrksht As Worksheet 
 Dim objListObj As ListObject 
 Set wrksht = ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("Sheet1") 
 Set objListObj = wrksht.ListObjects(1) 
End Sub

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