Range.End 屬性 (Excel)Range.End property (Excel)

傳回 Range 物件,該物件代表包含來源範圍之區域結尾處的儲存格。Returns a Range object that represents the cell at the end of the region that contains the source range. 相當於按下 END + 向上鍵、END + 向下鍵、END + 向左鍵或 END + 向右鍵。Equivalent to pressing END+UP ARROW, END+DOWN ARROW, END+LEFT ARROW, or END+RIGHT ARROW. 唯讀 Range 物件。Read-only Range object.


expression.End (Direction)expression.End (Direction)

expression 代表 Range 物件的變數。expression A variable that represents a Range object.


名稱Name 必要/選用Required/Optional 資料類型Data type 描述Description
DirectionDirection 必要Required XlDirectionXlDirection 要移動的方向。The direction in which to move.


本範例會在包含儲存格 B4 的區域中,選取 B 欄頂端的儲存格。This example selects the cell at the top of column B in the region that contains cell B4.


本範例會在包含儲存格 B4 的區域中,選取位於第 4 列末端的儲存格。This example selects the cell at the end of row 4 in the region that contains cell B4.


本範例會將選取範圍從儲存格 B4 延伸到第四列最後一個包含資料的儲存格。This example extends the selection from cell B4 to the last cell in row four that contains data.

Range("B4", Range("B4").End(xlToRight)).Select

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