IBlogExtensibility.RepublishPost 方法 (Office)IBlogExtensibility.RepublishPost method (Office)

送出目前文章使其能由提供者重新發佈。Hands off the current post so it can be republished by the provider.


運算式RepublishPost(帳戶ParentWindow文件使用者名稱密碼PostIDxHTML標題DateTimeCategories()草稿PublishMessage)expression.RepublishPost (Account, ParentWindow, Document, userName, Password, PostID, xHTML, Title, DateTime, Categories(), Draft, PublishMessage)

_運算式_會傳回**IBlogExtensibility** 物件的運算式。expression An expression that returns an IBlogExtensibility object.


名稱Name 必要/選用Required/Optional 資料類型Data type 描述Description
AccountAccount 必要Required StringString 代表帳戶登錄機碼的 GUID。Represents the GUID of the account registry key. 部落格帳戶設定會儲存在登錄的 \HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\Common\Blog\Account。Blog account settings are stored in the registry at \HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\Common\Blog\Account.
ParentWindowParentWindow 必要Required LongLong 包含 Microsoft Word 呼叫的視窗的 HWND。Contains the HWND for the window that Microsoft Word is calling from.
DocumentDocument 必要Required ObjectObject 目前文件。The current document.
使用者名稱userName 必要Required StringString 代表儲存在登錄帳戶設定中的使用者名稱。Represents the username stored in the registry account settings.
PasswordPassword 必要Required StringString 代表儲存在登錄帳戶設定中的使用者的密碼。Represents the user's password stored in the registry account settings.
PostIDPostID 必要Required StringString 原始文章的識別碼The ID of the original post.
xHTMLxHTML 必要Required StringString 代表目前文件的 xHTML。Represents the xHTML of the current document.
TitleTitle 必要Required StringString 文章的標題。The title of the post.
DateTimeDateTime 必要Required StringString 張貼項目的日期。The date the entry was posted.
Categories()Categories() 必要Required StringString 提供者支援的類別清單。A list of categories supported by the provider.
DraftDraft 必要Required BooleanBoolean 指定這是否為文章的草稿版本。Specifies whether this is a draft version of the post.
PublishMessagePublishMessage 必要Required StringString 指定發行列中顯示的內容。Specifies what is displayed in the publish bar.

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