SmartArtNode.ReorderDown 方法 (Office)SmartArtNode.ReorderDown method (Office)

會與項目符號清單中的下一個節點交換節點。Swaps a node with the next node in the bulleted list. 此方法會重新排列節點的整個系列。This method reorders the node's entire family.



_運算式_會傳回**SmartArtNode** 物件的運算式。expression An expression that returns a SmartArtNode object.

傳回值Return value



此方法會模擬選擇在 Microsoft Office Fluent 功能區使用者介面中,位於 [ SmartArt 工具] 索引標籤的 [設計] 群組上的 [向下重新排列] 按鈕。This method simulates choosing the Reorder Down button on the Microsoft Office Fluent Ribbon user interface, which is located on the SmartArt Tools tab, on the Design group on Reorder Down.


下列程式碼會使下一個節點與第一個節點交換,並重新排列其所有子代。The following code swaps the first node with the next node and reorders all of its descendants.


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