ListBox.BorderStyle 屬性(Outlook 表單腳本)ListBox.BorderStyle Property (Outlook Forms Script)

會傳回或設定 Integer,指定控制項的框線類型。Returns or sets an Integer that specifies the type of border of the control. 可讀寫的。Read/write.



_運算式_代表ListBox物件的變數。expression A variable that represents a ListBox object.


BorderStyle的可能值為0和1。The possible values of BorderStyle are 0 and 1. 0 代表沒有可見框線,1 則代表單線框線 (預設值)。0 represents no visible border line, 1 represents a single-line border (default).

ListBox 的預設值為 0 (無)。The default value for a ListBox is 0 (None).

您可以使用BorderStyle或**SpecialEffect** 來指定控制項的框線,但不能同時指定兩者。You can use either BorderStyle or SpecialEffect to specify the border for a control, but not both. 如果您為其中一個屬性指定非零的值,則系統會將另一個屬性的值設定為零。If you specify a nonzero value for one of these properties, the system sets the value of the other property to zero. 例如,如果您將 BorderStyle 設為 1,則系統會將 SpecialEffect 設為零 (平面)。For example, if you set BorderStyle to 1, the system sets SpecialEffect to zero (Flat). 如果您為SpecialEffect指定非零的值,系統會將BorderStyle設定為零。If you specify a nonzero value for SpecialEffect, the system sets BorderStyle to zero.

BorderStyle 使用 BorderColor 來定義其框線的色彩。BorderStyle uses BorderColor to define the colors of its borders. 若要使用 BorderColor 屬性, BorderStyle 屬性必須設定為非 0 的值。To use the BorderColor property, the BorderStyle property must be set to a value other than 0.

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