PostItem GetConversation 方法(Outlook)PostItem.GetConversation method (Outlook)

會取得代表這個專案所屬交談的**交談** 物件。Obtains a Conversation object that represents the conversation to which this item belongs.


expressionexpression. GetConversation

_運算式_代表 'PostItem' 物件的變數。expression A variable that represents a 'PostItem' object.

傳回值Return value

代表這個項目所屬交談的 Conversation 物件。A Conversation object that represents the conversation to which this item belongs.


如果該項目沒有所屬交談,GetConversation 會傳回 Null (Visual Basic 中的 Nothing)。GetConversation returns Null (Nothing in Visual Basic) if no conversation exists for the item. 在下列情況下沒有該項目所屬交談:No conversation exists for an item in the following scenarios:

  • 該項目尚未儲存。The item has not been saved. 項目可經由使用者動作或自動儲存,以程式進行儲存。An item can be saved programmatically, by user action, or by auto-save.

  • 若是可傳送的項目 (例如,郵件項目、約會項目或連絡人項目),則該項目尚未傳送。For an item that can be sent (for example, a mail item, appointment item, or contact item), the item has not been sent.

  • 交談已經透過 Windows 登錄加以停用。Conversations have been disabled through the Windows registry.

  • 存放區不支援交談模式(例如,Outlook 是針對 microsoft exchange Server 2010 之前的 Microsoft Exchange 版本執行的傳統線上模式中執行)。The store does not support Conversation view (for example, Outlook is running in classic online mode against a version of Microsoft Exchange earlier than Microsoft Exchange Server 2010). 使用**Store** 物件的**IsConversationEnabled** 屬性,判斷存放區是否支援交談模式。Use the IsConversationEnabled property of the Store object to determine whether the store supports Conversation view.

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