Cell 物件(Visio)Cell object (Visio)

含有可計算出某值的公式。Holds a formula that evaluates to some value.


Cell 物件的預設屬性是 ResultIUThe default property of a Cell object is ResultIU.

您可以取得或設定儲存格的公式或值。You can get or set a cell's formula or value. 儲存格是屬於 ShapeStyleRow 物件,代表圖形、樣式或列的屬性。A cell belongs to a Shape, Style, or Row object and represents a property of the shape, style, or row. 例如,圖形的高度會等於圖形之高度儲存格的值。For example, the height of a shape equals the value of the shape's Height cell.

一個程式可以使用圖形之儲存格中的公式,來控制圖形的外觀與表現方式。A program can control a shape's appearance and behavior by working with the formulas in the shape's cells. 只要您開啟圖形的 ShapeSheet 視窗,就可用目視的方式檢查圖形的大多數儲存格。You can visually inspect most of a shape's cells by opening the shape's ShapeSheet window.

使用Shape物件的**Cells** 或**CellsSRC** 屬性可取得Cell物件。Use the Cells or CellsSRC property of a Shape object to retrieve a Cell object. 若要取得樣式中的儲存格,請使用style物件的**Cells** 屬性。To retrieve a cell in a style, use the Cells property of a Style object.




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