Page 物件(Visio)Page object (Visio)

代表繪圖頁面,可為前景頁面或背景頁面。Represents a drawing page, which can be either a foreground page or a background page.


Page 物件的預設屬性為 NameThe default property of a Page object is Name.

若要在實例中取得現用頁面,請使用Application物件的**ActivePage** 屬性。To retrieve the active page in an instance, use the ActivePage property of an Application object.

Document物件的**pages** 集合的成員代表該檔中的頁面。The members of a Document object's Pages collection represent the pages in that document. 若要擷取頁面的圖形,請使用 Page 物件的 Shapes 屬性。To retrieve a page's shapes, use the Shapes property of a Page object.




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