VisScrollbarStates 列舉 (Visio)VisScrollbarStates enumeration (Visio)

常數會傳遞至並傳回Window.ShowScrollBars屬性並由。Constants passed to and returned by the Window.ShowScrollBars property.

常數Constant Value 描述Description
visScrollBarBothvisScrollBarBoth &H5&H5 顯示兩個捲軸。Show both scrollbars.
visScrollBarHorizvisScrollBarHoriz &H1&H1 顯示水平捲軸。Show the horizontal scrollbar.
visScrollBarNeithervisScrollBarNeither &H0&H0 兩個捲軸都不顯示。Show neither scrollbar.
visScrollBarVertvisScrollBarVert &H4&H4 顯示垂直捲軸。Show the vertical scrollbar.

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