EmailOptions.AutoFormatAsYouTypeReplaceQuotes 屬性(Word)EmailOptions.AutoFormatAsYouTypeReplaceQuotes property (Word)

True 是表示 如果一般引號將會自動變更為智慧 (捲曲) 引號依照您的輸入。True if straight quotation marks are automatically changed to smart (curly) quotation marks as you type. 可讀寫的 BooleanRead/write Boolean.


expressionexpression. AutoFormatAsYouTypeReplaceQuotes

_運算式_代表 'EmailOptions' 集合的變數。expression A variable that represents an 'EmailOptions' collection.


本範例會在您輸入資料時自動以智慧 (捲曲) 引號取代一般引號。This example turns on the automatic replacement of straight quotation marks with smart (curly) quotation marks as you type.

Options.AutoFormatAsYouTypeReplaceQuotes = True

本範例會傳回 [自動校正] 對話方塊 ([工具] 功能表) 中 [輸入時自動套用格式] 索引標籤上 [將「一般引號」取代為「智慧引號」] 選項的狀態。This example returns the status of the Straight quotes with smart quotes option on the AutoFormat As You Type tab in the AutoCorrect dialog box (Tools menu).

Dim blnAutoFormat as Boolean 
blnAutoFormat = Options.AutoFormatReplaceQuotes

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