MailMerge.MailSubject 屬性 (Word)MailMerge.MailSubject property (Word)

會傳回或設定合併列印目的為電子郵件訊息時所使用的主旨列。Returns or sets the subject line used when the mail merge destination is electronic mail. 可讀寫的 StringRead/write String.


expressionexpression. MailSubject

_運算式_會傳回 'MailMerge' 物件的運算式。expression An expression that returns a 'MailMerge' object.


本範例會將名為 "Offer.doc" 的文件合併至其貼附的資料文件。This example merges the document named "Offer.doc" with its attached data document. 將結果傳送至儲存在 emailnames 合併,電子郵件地址和主旨的電子郵件訊息是"Amazing Offer"。The results are sent to the email addresses stored in the EmailNames merge field, and the subject of the mail message is "Amazing Offer."

With Documents("Offer.doc").MailMerge 
 .MailAddressFieldName = "EmailNames" 
 .MailSubject = "Amazing Offer" 
 .Destination = wdSendToEmail 
End With

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